27 thoughts on “Speaking of nice blackwork

  1. “What NES port? He’s playing Gamecube… Oh their talking about the tattoo!”
    It took me awhile to find the NES controller port…

  2. That’s my boyfriend! And indeed that’s a giant NES plug controllerthingie 🙂
    On the back of his arm are 5 triangle’s, also a part of this design 😀

    Great honor to be on modblog!

  3. I am proud to say I am nerdy enough to have saw the giant NES controller port before even clicking to the comments page.

    Do i get a dork prize?

    It’s very nice blackwork.
    Awesome clean lines and such good colour!
    I love it!

  4. I keep liking all this blackwork I see more and more, even though I never used to be a fan… I might even have to think about a blackwork design when I eventually start my sleeve!

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