45 thoughts on “Completely and Utterly Gratuitous

  1. ahhh, very pretty girl.I wish we could see more of her back though..however…I love small boobies. and red hair…and women.

  2. I’d love to know if TracieHannah gets her red hair from a box, because if she does I want to know what she uses! It looks fantastic.

    And hooray for the itty bitty titty club!!

  3. I Love Girls With Red Hair,I Guess The Tattoo Is A Bonus…
    I Want To Be On Her…Let Me Rephrase…I Wanna To Be On Her…

  4. I Love Girls With Red Hair,I Guess The Tattoo Is A Bonus…
    I Want To Be On Her…Let Me Rephrase…I Wanna Be On Her…

  5. come on cusin, you know you’re making me hate all over some boobs…. again!
    what would mom say? that reminds me, are you coming to uncle Hanks birthday? it’s at Fudruckers this year!

  6. breasts are nice, but i guess they’re more exciting if you don’t have them yourself. i would like to see her back…

  7. SQUEALLLL!!! oh my goodness. i never send pics to shannon and i need to more often. I LOVE U SHANNON!ive got some more really good one and its on his way!

  8. I actually was like, uh where oh the heart on her breast isnt that cool, then I saw the mirrow and was impressed… very nice

  9. Ah Wifey! Love this one 🙂 Why had i never seen it before? I thought they all came through me on mah phone so’s you could twist the panties in public ;)XoXoX

  10. would’ve liked the picture more if her back was turned against the camera and one could only get a hint of the breasts in the mirror…

  11. Wow, tits and a pierced ear. Thats a new level of gratuitous for ModBlog… Oh wait, she has a crazy awesome back piece, I guess thats a little more justifiable.

  12. hey great piece. the gratuity didn’t hit me much, but the piece on her back is pretty awesome. is it me or was there something tattooed on her left breast just above the nipple slightly?

  13. WOW! Love this pic, I just watched the front and went okey, natural beauty.. and then saw the mirror and went AH MA GAAD! x) LOL!

    Didn’t see that coming, really nice!

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