Beaming in Russia

It’s hard to make out the faces of these Russian Man Dolls, but I’m sure they were grinning from ear to ear!

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Pain Theatre Suspension Group with dA j0inT, Palma, SlivTime, tan0k and Petra.

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21 thoughts on “Beaming in Russia

  1. That’s so incredibly cool. Also, the music.. <3 <3

    Do the hooks ever just… rip out, from the suspendee being too boisterous?

  2. Kelli – Yes! Although in that case Allen straightened the hook.

    One of my hooks ripped out during a chest suspension, it was quite rubbish though as I’d only just got off the ground and wasn’t swinging at all.

  3. I got to say, that music is awesome, and this video made me really keen to try a proper spinning beam setup, it looks like so much fun when it’s done in a location where the suspendees get the full ..seasaw effect. Hey Roo, hope you’re well! :D X

  4. …I really want to try suspension now. I can’t imagine where I could around here though. Hrm.

  5. ciderspiller – That is a good service, the only problem is if ModBlog (not the mention BMEvideo) users uploaded content it’d likely be deleted within minutes. They’re a lot stricter than yousendit et cetera, it’s also totally free (which is a good thing) so they have to be a lot more careful.

  6. Крылатые качели Большой детский хор ВР и ЦТ п/у В. Попова
    (автор музыки: Евгений Крылатов)

  7. “Krilatie kachely”. music author – Evgeniy Krilatov. Detski hor pod upravleniem V.Popova.

    in English:
    “A winged swing”. Children’s chorus under direction of V.Popov

    link to song:

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