Suspension Piercings to Surface Piercings

You may remember that a while back I mentioned some beautiful Czech suspensions in which the piercings were retained afterwards. My friend Stormchaser, who you may know best for his amazing deep and permanent piercings through his bicep and other intense locations, also chose to sustain his suspension piercings, which are three and four months old in these pictures. I believe the piercings are by Sharon Looy at Dare2Wear in Amsterdam, and the suspension was assisted by Chandler with Berlin Superfly in Germany.

There’s a full back shot after the break.



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19 thoughts on “Suspension Piercings to Surface Piercings

  1. Hi, some more details: the upper 2 piercigns are kept suspension holes from the last summerfly in Berlin (Chandler), into these holes I got the jewelry inserted by Sharon (after some improvisation during manufacturing time). That was about 5 months when the picture was shot (mid of August till mid of January).

    The lower 4 piercings I got done all in all by Sharon, originally I thought also suspend (next summer) and go for the next pieces of jewely, but I felt some lack of patience to finish the project. They were done beginning of January (3 weeks old on this pic)

    The older piercigns are pretty well healed, still to care for carefully, but well behaving. The newer ones are mid of healing, oozing, forming crust, and they will do so for 2 – 3 more months if they behave like the others.

    Mechanically they are extremely robust, the upper two could be used immediatly for pulling, but even the newer pieces are already surprisingly resistant. No risk for any problem if I accidentally apply some forces…

    Sleeping on the back is now again painfree.

  2. Come on, now and tell us all about that homemade glass jewelry you wore in them until the bars were ready :)

    Honestly, I didn´t think this project would be successful at first. I admire the dedication this takes and the healing abilities ob your body… Congratulations!

  3. That’s a very neat idea, actually.
    and I’m glad to read about Chandler in this context, too. I think Berlin keeps calling my name ;)

  4. so if these heal correctly, can the jewelry be taken out and the piercing be used again for suspension?

  5. this seems kinda un-necessary & un-realistic.. i’ve gotten lazy in my time with modifications.. i hate aftercare.. hence why i wont get any more non tattoo work done onmyself. i cant see taking care of a piercing, that if the area wasnt pierced would heal in a week or 2 post suspension.. throw the hooks, do the event, burp/cleanup/bandage and let the scabs form.. all done.. and i cant see waiting months on end to do my next suspension, planning my suspension around whats healed and whats not, or turning down one cause the piercings arent healed..

  6. bluntobject – I believe it seems that way because Stormchaser and you have different ideas of what is important and meaningful, and it just so happens that they overlap.. it sounds like your thing is suspensions. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, but Stormchaser’s thing is healing impossible, deep piercings. He has chains through his biceps. Healing piercings like that is right up his alley. I wouldn’t call it unnecessary or unrealistic at all… it’s exactly what he’s going for.

    Are any body mods always “necessary” by another person’s standards, anyway? :)

  7. bluntobject: You = you, but you ≠ general. What maybe useless for you maybe useful for others. So stop speaking in a general way, start to speak for exactly one person: you yourself alone.

    In also ndo not like the aftercare, it is simply a necessary thing to do. But I like the metal beeing part of my body, and I like the metal of the suspension piercigns in the back. I was ALWAYS very unhappy to remove the hooks. And how many suspensions do i do? 2, 3 a year – always wonderful events, somewhat deeply spiritual, despite the fact I do not mean to do them in that way – it is going that way by itself. I can still to that (anf if once the piercings are very stable I could do other things…) Now, despite the fact you are praising your style you have not done such a lot of suspensions (I did 5 right now), so… why don’t you use your advantage (Yes I know the answers myself, time, planning etcetera), but if you do not really use the advangage, why do you dare to complain so much about the way another guy is doing his things (a short comment that it is not interessting for YOU because YOU like another style, would have done the job)…

    This arrogant way of praising the own way of suspensions, while aggressing the other one, really makes me angry. Do you really think you do “better” suspensions (or whatever) than me, do you think that is something you should do as kind of a competition???

    Maybe you don’t mean it that way, definitely your writing sounds highly intolerant and arrogant, and is thus simply unnecessary trash.

  8. I have a question…
    if he wanted to suspend again from the same place could he just put a hook through them again?

  9. haha i just read the above comments its aleady been answered,
    lol thats mint mate you should definately do it again :)

  10. I really like this concept of preserving suspension scars.
    I want my suspension scars dermal punched into my back so they’re way more prominent.
    Makes me smile.

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