No pulley? No problem!

For her first suspension, Brutal_Artist from Brazil and her co-suspendee simply walked down a step-stool instead of being lifted with a pulley system. She admits that maybe it was “not exactly professional” but says don’t knock it, as it worked quite well. It’s actually a pretty common method — the main problem as I see it is that it complicates matters if you have to lower someone who goes into shock or passes out.


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8 thoughts on “No pulley? No problem!

  1. The possibility of going into shock… yeah, go ahead and add this to the list of reaons you will never find me willingly hanging from hooks. :)

    But go for it, I’ve seen some beautifully executed scenes.

  2. shannon- how common do you think those things happen? i mean would you say that it’s from pain or someone who’s inexperienced or not ready or what?

  3. (lol) yeah, those dirty feets look terrible…

    rori, I guess it’s a bit about the person’s body, because you can’t even tell when passing out is going to happen… I just think you shouldn’t push yourself… e.g.: in this same night we did a few pullings and my blood pressure started to come down on the second back pulling… I stopped imediately and, though I’ve wanted to pull more I knew it wouldn’t be good for me to do so… but the next day I was able to do some arm pulling and it was more than fine

  4. Rori – Passing out? I don’t think it’s that common, but like Fran said, it’s often hard to predict who is going to pass out.

  5. It is possible to do it without pulley. I think it is wise when doing without pulley that the person has some suspension experience or you know that person is not easily passing out. Also a table or anything else in the neighborhood so you can move easily when someone passed out to get the person down. – I have read about passing out, but never seen it that someone is passing out while doing a suspension.

    If you prepare it well, have a good crew and you are healthy it is totally safe. So knowing about theory, experiences and gives your body the right attention like breathing exercises, some yoga, some visualization, getting rid of too much weight and play piercing experience it is well to do. (This is just my experience before doing my first suspension) At the lifting off procedure you can easily control the pain by going slower from the ground. {if they use a pulley… ;-)}

  6. I’ve only seen a couple of people in total pass out out of the few hundred suspensions I’ve seen, so it’s not that common. At least not if the people around the person are professional and the person him or herself is prepared. From what I’ve seen the greatest risk of passing out has to do with not being able to relax and let the body feel whatever it’s feeling, that you expect one thing and get another.

    It can also have to do with too much all at once, which was the case in a static rig I saw a year and a half ago. Beautiful rig, absolutely stunning (I wonder if it wasn’t featured on modblog as well, from Oslo SusCon 2006) but it was too much for the people involved after a short while.

    Not to mention if you have some sort of bug in your body, infection, the flu and so forth that may also lead to passing out.

    But no, it’s not all that common, and it’s not all that hard to get someone down from a static point if they pass out. Lift them up, cut the lines and take them down. You just have to be extra observant and ready. Although, I have to echo Lighthouse, it’s wise that the person trying the static point has experience with suspension. Most passings out that I’ve heard of and seen can be chalked up to first time suspenders.

    Personally I think stepping off and hanging from a static point is a quite different beast than being pulled up or pulling yourself up. I enjoy the whole process of getting myself up more than the actual airtime I think. Mind over matter really.

  7. i always make people walk off of something. i had to my first time and it was amazing. the minds natural desire to NOT step off. as far as passing out. if you are experienced and know what the warning signs of shock are let them hang there.

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