Doesn’t that make walking awkward?

I’ve been doing a lot of interview work and I think there must be about a dozen great interviews done and waiting to be posted right now, so I wanted to get readers’ feedback on what they’d like to see in terms of my efforts and hours — would you like to see a priority put on in-depth coverage and detailed interviews, or would you like to see more “eye candy” and short entries? Obviously there’s space for both, but I’m interested in hearing how the ratio should lie.

Anyway, in the eye candy department, this fun little upper thigh corset was self-done by Sarah at Tribal Rites in Boulder, Colorado… Even though I haven’t moved over any of the thousands of older pictures, the corset piercing gallery on BME grows so quickly!


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42 thoughts on “Doesn’t that make walking awkward?

  1. I think more interviews would be good, I find them really interesting…but of course eye candy is always welcomed :)

  2. I totally have those legwarmers. kickass. love the bedding-as-backdrop living room photo shoot.

  3. I totally have those legwarmers. kickass. love the bedding-as-backdrop living room photo shoot.

  4. I totally have those legwarmers. kickass. love the bedding-as-backdrop living room photo shoot.

  5. Both would be great, how about, one eye candy, one interview another eye candy, then another interview and so on…

  6. More interviews! I can look at pretty pictures of wonderful bodymods on BME, but it´s the interviews that make me come here! Seriously, it´s really interesting to hear people describe the reasons behind and the effect of their bodymodifications (especially for me as a psychologist… ;)).

  7. Since you expressed interest in getting a ratio I’m going to say 50/50 would be just fine by me. I enjoy reading the interviews and learning things, but I really enjoy getting a peek at the photos posted here… I see them as a “best of” collection. There’s a lot of great artistry that I would miss out on when I don’t have time to peruse the galleries.

  8. I say 50/50. and keep up the gender balance with the eye candy, it’s been pretty balanced lately… throw in some trannies, too, that part of the queer community is huge on body mods, as you well know.

  9. Strangely enough, I barely scan long descriptions attached to the photo posts, but the mere thought of more interviews makes me start drooling all over my keyboard. Bring on the interviews, please!

  10. Yeah, 50-50 sounds good. The interviews tend to provoke the most interesting discussions (although not always) but I also like the best-of kind of thing a lot.

  11. i enjoy both the interviews and the eye candy posts, so for me it’s like 1:1, meaning like 5-10 short entries/picture posts. could be cool to take turns.

  12. It’s nice to be able to just browse eye candy when I don’t have time or I’m waiting on something and can’t really get into an interview, but I LOVE the interviews, that’s most of what draws me to BME as well. I’d say 50/50 considering there’s an amazing amount of people in the world who must be interview material maybe one interview per 3-4 or so posts? :)

  13. Eye candy! I always read the interviews on the front page, but I love nothing more than scanning through loads of gorgeous photos of gorgeous people with gorgeous mods.

  14. Wooo sarah!!!! <3 I wish I could’ve seen yours and tullia’s corsets from the sex show in person! but I guess seeing the marks from tullias and yours on modblog is good enough ;)

  15. honestly more eye candy. I think it should be a 70/30 ratio of eye candy to interviews. That just being because the interviews end up taking more time to get through anyways so one would last a lot longer

  16. I suggest trying to post maybe 5 articles a day, 1 of each type of genre. ie 1 interview, 1 eye candy, 1 bme girl, 1 bmeboy and 1 unlikely but true style post. After that just whatever the hell is on the conveyor belt to go out.

    those legs are sexy as fuck :O

  17. i’m interested in the scarification on her right leg…it looks like a tree?

    Lovely photo, corset piercings are always nice!

  18. More eye-candy please :), female especially. Although i do quite enjoy the interviews, i would honestly be fine with 90% eye-candy and the rest interview/in-depth stuff lol. I think a more healthy ratio though would probably be like 1:1. Of course, i don’t mean 1 post to 1 article/interview though, i mean 1:1 on total content.

  19. I prefer eye candy but the interviews are a great occasional thing.


    all the work you do is much appreciated!


  20. this is a bit fun :D
    im guessing since it was self done,theyre not permanent?
    either way,sure takes a nice pic!

  21. #30/T – I thought the scars looked like they were either from self-injury or from blood play or something, but it’s kind of hard to tell in the picture. Either way, I like this photo :)

  22. Very nice corset, I’ve never seen that placing before. Though I’m mainly thinking of how much that would hurt getting ripped out if you tripped and fell. I absolutely love the in-depth interviews. I love hearing the individual stories of people and how varied the motivations are. Modification is so personal that I think every interview is worthwhile because everyone has a reason that’s particularly individually relevant.

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