Sheena’s Got The Music In Her

This noteworthy post about Sheena’s musical implant seemed to strike a chord with a few of you, so here’s a video of the procedure..

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22 thoughts on “Sheena’s Got The Music In Her

  1. Wow. Watching that I had sympathy pains, that looks like it wasn’t enjoyable in the least.

    Are there any pictures of the finished fully healed product?

  2. music choices are ALWAYS fantastic 🙂 It is interesting to see the way she was breathing at certain points. I know myself, when it hurts, I take a deep breath…

  3. i got all excited for a moment and thiught it was going to be a vid of an implant which played music! lol still cool though

  4. freaking ow.

    You know, I’ve thought occasionally about getting implants of some sort, but I honestly don’t think I’d be able to make it though the procedure. That looks so painful. Yeah, I guess for most of us it shouldn’t be about the pain, but holy crap, I think I’d pass out.. and I’ve never passed out before.

  5. Em,the em,hes not the artist,he’s the…the guy with the mask,has a well smart Lemmings tattoo :D…and that did look uncomfortable,specially when he was jabbin about with that pole!

  6. i wonder how bad the pain is on an implant on a scale of one to ten…. that looked a little intense!

  7. Roo: thanks for letting me know ;p
    its always nice to hear it being explained to the subject as its being done. but excellent choice of music 😀

  8. is it wrong that I want to know what it feels like to have your skin pulled away from your body to make the pocket for the implant?

  9. Wow, that looked really intense. Damn. Roo, I commend your ability to find the perfect music to match the videos you post.

  10. Wow.
    that just made me cringe.
    I think i’ll forego the implants and just stick with tattoos after seeing that.

  11. jesus tapdancing christ!! I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a procedure like that. I would cry like a prepubecent choir boy, no doubt about it.

  12. I’ve been contemplating getting the penile ribs, after seeing that, I still want them surprisingly, I have it tattooed and pierced a few times before, I think I could take it 😛

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