Fabrizio Divari Tattoo Interview Posted

I have a series of tattoo interviews to post over the next while, starting with a local tattoo artist whose studio is actually just down the street from the BME offices, Farizio Divari (divariart.com). I was interested in talking to Fabrizio because his artwork was clearly from a fine art background, with many of his tattoos being evolutions of his cubist paintings. Click through for the interview, and of course come back here to comment.

BME interview with Fabrizio Divari (tattoos)

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28 thoughts on “Fabrizio Divari Tattoo Interview Posted

  1. I think the next tattoo interviews going up are DJ Minor, Dan DiMattia, and Boff who does the hand tattoos (all quite interesting). Also in the queue are Alex De Pase, Johnny Thief, Roey from Pentagram/Tel Aviv, and a number of others.

  2. I sat beside a woman in a uni class last year, who happened to have a full sleeve done by this guy (I later saw it in a magazine) and it was full-on terrible. I don’t mean to be a jerk. I don’t! But he had coloured in the negative space with a piss-yellow colour and this poor woman’s arm looked like it had jaundice. I felt pretty bad for her.

  3. Alex De Pase in Gorizia, Italy (Friuli Venezia Giulia) is just as good, if not better. :P That’s who I thought it was when I was the picture at first. Although it seems although Fabrizio has a fine arts background, and it shows in his ink, Alex specializes primarily in realism, abstract, and surrealism and the sort. Those are my two cents. Primo interview, d000d.

  4. Wow, how talented. I have never seen this artist before.
    I especially like the “Guernica” sleeve. Lovely article.

  5. rehan @ 5 – Dude. Pay attention. Shannon’s intro said: “When I first saw Italy-born and now after various international locations Toronto-based” .. and Fabrizio responded to the first question by saying, “I was born in Rome and grew up between Bologna and Milan,” …

    Uhm yeah, he’s Italian.

    Oh Shannon, post the Dan DiMattia interview soon! Please & thanks.

  6. I love reading interviews like these because, not being particularly interested in being part of the ‘scene’ (such as it is), I don’t know any names in particular. It’s nice to find out about new people :)

  7. I would love for him to tattoo me someday, gorgeous art both on skin and canvas. I think that’s the best interview posted since the post gender one. Awesome :D

  8. He speaks (or writes, not sure how you do your interviews) beautifully. I love reading that

  9. Hey Dustin @ #3: I’m terribly mortified that you din’t appreciate so much that girl sleeve, but you know sometimes we’re actually told how to proceed by the client. I wish I could do everything that is in my mind at all times but reality kicks in. This is one of these cases. She asked me to finish the piece using that color for background, perhaps I would have chosen a different way but nontheless I am not here to judge or insult what she’s wearing, not I believe should you.
    By the way, do some homework and next time you feel the urge to be a smart-ass use the words properly: that is not “negative” space but background, negative space occurs and is created when you use the natural skin color (not pigmented, thus not yellow either..) to integrate a pattern into the composition. Two different things, that’s all.

    Cheers man,


  10. Fabrizio,
    Your art is spectacular. I look at it and am whisked away into a beautiful world of incredible colour usage and imagination. I only hope that I will be able to make it up to Toronto soon to cast a shining light onto your beautifully moving work.

    La grazia ha regolato su lei attraverso un regalo e spero che lei continuerà a stenderlo attraverso il mondo.

    (p.s. if the Italian is wrong it is the translation website’s fault!)

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