My new favorite finger tattoo

Yes, it beats the fingerfucker… This amazing “scary finger” is by Noon, one of my favorite modern tattoo artists, that I look forward to featuring in an interview soon as well (the list of interviews is growing!). There’s some great new content that’ll be posted in his portfolio page on BME as well tomorrow also.


25 thoughts on “My new favorite finger tattoo

  1. haha you an’t look at it without a smile! Can anyone tell me who is the tattoed facial guy on todays modblog picture at the top ? i just LOVE those colours!!!

  2. I love it! For some reason that makes me think of Mortimer Icabod Marker that Bill Cosby used in Picture Pages. 🙂

  3. I wonder if the little guy has a name? For some reason, the title and image together remind me of Salad Fingers.

  4. aw I want one!

    Thisisnotmyrealname: Yeah but all they said about it was a guy got a pinup tattoo and thought it would look better with breast implants, and then they showed a picture.

  5. there does seem to be an emergence of talented tattoo artists straying away from “traditonal” designs coming from france.. people like noon, obviously, but also lionel and yann black. all seem to share the same simple, childlike style of design all while creating amazing pieces… maybe i should have stayed over there!

  6. I’m particularly diggin the way the eyes have been drawn and how the lines that make up the head don’t meet at the top. It seems to bring a certain kind of charm to the piece.

  7. that bert guy from the used drew summat on my jeans like that. cute but a rather frivolous tattoo for the placement,non? although on the other hand (harr harr) going by the comments at least it reminds everyone of something, a talking piece ain’t so bad.

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