Geek Ass

Mr. Lobes geeky ass cheek tattoos were done by Brad at Atomic Zombie in Edmonton, Alberta. I don’t know if he’s planning on pounding more color into them, but I hope so, even though they look great as is. Click to zoom and de-crop for a better view of both the tattoos and his ass.

geek-ass-1t.jpg geek-ass-2t.jpg

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32 thoughts on “Geek Ass

  1. Gah this makes me want to start my Nintendo sleeve so badly >_< Although I still can’t imagine what healing an ass tattoo is like, must itch like crazy.

  2. oh very nice. super mario world is one of my all time favs. and i’m geek enough that i know the names of all those characters, so there!

  3. I really like the shading going on in this piece, as well as the subtle blue. It’s like.. soft. And a way cool theme of course, so high points all round! :D

  4. Also Shannon, on the side of the baddies is the good princess that the good guys are trying to save. Nice.

  5. Luigi wears a green shirt/hat and Mario wears a red shirt/hat…therefore the Blue overall outfits is correct Archtype:)

  6. god, i love, love, love this! the alternate angle of bowser in his little flying machine is SO badass!

  7. Wow. This guy has a great ass! Nice tattoos, too…haha. They seem to fit him really well…good stuff. :)

  8. everytime i see a nintendo tattoo i swoon. done in edmonton, too, way to be.. maybe i’ll get one there, hehe.

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