26 thoughts on “That is one stretched out navel!!!

  1. Belly buttons always look strange on pregnant women. My sister is due to have her baby any day now and her stomach looks so different. She had this tiny burn above her belly button from when she was little and now it stretched out to about 20 times its origional size. Also the poor girl put cream on her stomach everyday to prevent stretchmarks and now her stomach is full of them. Even her tattoo on her lower stomach is covered with stretch marks now. IAM kittiann has no stretch marks at all. I say shes doing pretty good. Clearly some peoples skin is more forgiving than others.

    BTW pregnant bellies are so cute!

  2. great picture! the piercings look a little unhappy but i’m assuming that’s quite normal when the skin gets stretched like that. and i agree with the above posters, pregnant tummies are so awesome.

    all the best with the baby, kittiann! i’m so jealous!

  3. Awesome pic, I really appreciate it! I’m sure I’m not the only one here thinking about how pregnancy will effect certain mods… Which reminds me Shannon, could you please post a couple of pics of pregnant bellies with tattoos, or tatttoos after giving birth if you have any?


  4. Im guessing that after my sister has her baby and lets her stomach shrink back she could probably get the tattoo touched up and have it look as good as new.

    Im probably gonna wait until Im done having kids before I get a tattoo on my stomach. That way if Im left with stretch marks I can cover them all up with a pretty tattoo.

  5. I totally regret not having a photo diary of my belly tattoo during pregnancy – I have a wreath of roses around my belly button, and kept a barbell in til the 8th month. The tattoo went from rose buds to full blown roses, but shrank back down with no problems with stretching or colour. Still as good as new 2 babies later!

  6. Sooo cute! ^^ And I agree with 5 & 6, I have a tat on my lower belly as well and I wonder what it might possibly look like after having babies 🙂

  7. Nebel, I have one lower than that, so i should be fine, but have been wanting to get that covered up and higher and decided to wait till I have a baby with that one…

    How much does the area where pubic hair grows ust below where the underwear would start strech in the last few days of pregnancy? I assume gettinga tattoo there would be completely fine, it’s just the belly and lower belly area that is risky, right?

  8. Awh, baby belly!
    It does look like the lower holes migrated a bit, but i guess that happens when you get something the size of a watermelon in your uterus.

  9. hey, I always tell my customers to remove any healed piercings for this very reason – it’s easy enough to taper them back open after giving birth, and even with flexible jewellery, the pressure really ends up distorting the piercing!

    People interested in before/during/after pregnancy photos of tummies should check out this site: http://theshapeofamother.com . It’s really interesting, and most people rarely see candid photos of what most women’s bodies look like after childbirth!

  10. I was thinking, gosh, I wonder if Molly took a picture of her belly before she… waaaaait.

    Its Evan, by the way. Not a stalker.

  11. I’m surrounded by lovely pregnant women at the moment 🙁 I want a big sexy belly dammit!

  12. I took both my navel piercings out when I knew I was pregnant, and indeed, it was no biggy to get them in after childbirth.

    Lots of luck to Kittian with these last couple of weeks. I found them tough as hell…

    Lori, that site is amazing, thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks for the site, I’e actually seen it before, when I last looked around about the topc. 🙂

  14. MoonChild: not necessarily. I have two fat stretchmarks where my pubic hair is (or rather isn’t), both as wide as my index finger. *but* I have a huge tendency to get stretchmarks just from growing or gaining weight, so Results May Not Be Typical ™.

  15. Tori, thanks for sharing, thats exactly the spot I’ve been considering. No one in my family is prone to srechmarks, so I think I maybe somewhat safe… but should I take the risk?:)

  16. Love the picture, pregnancy pictures are always beautiful. the piercings look a bit pissed off but what do you expect? Hopefully they’ll heal up fine when the baby has been born.

  17. actually, you will start getting bigger in your upper pubic area first during pregnancy, as that is where your uterus is located.

  18. i took mine out before i started showing and mine are starting to terrify me, and to answer the question about lower belly tattoos… im 36 weeks now and mine has been recently riddled with stretch marks. boo, but its all worth it for my beautiful son..

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