What an asshole. Seriously, what a giant asshole.

It’s one thing to marvel over someone’s big lip or big earlobe piercing, but it’s another thing altogether when someone manages to stretch their anus to enormous proportions, as my friend JC (regularly featured on both BME/HARD and in BMEvideo) has managed to do. If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a link to an interview I did back in 2002 with someone with similar modifications.

jc-giant-ass-1.jpg jc-giant-ass-2.jpg jc-giant-ass-3.jpg

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57 thoughts on “What an asshole. Seriously, what a giant asshole.

  1. Wouldnt having a butt hole that big effect your ability to poop. Or to hold it in when you need to? Wow!

  2. Woah!

    And now im gonna be the first to mention the word goatse, simply because it has to be done!

    And I read the interview too, im amazed that that kinda stretching doesn’t effect his ability to shit at all! I always thought there would be some serious anal leakage from a mod like that…

  3. That’s something else. I can’t say I ever thought of stretching an asshole before. As long as he’s happy with it, more power to him.

  4. Shannon, in the interview the subject says that it takes 5-6 hours to return to normal but then also says that a permanent effect is that his ass is bigger than ever. So, on an average day is his butt huge and gaping or does it look fairly regular? Also, is the rope around JC’s anus in the photos to support the weight of the stretch or just aesthetic?

  5. Wasn’t the guy, Pipes, from the interview the actual Goatse guy? That image at the top of the page looked to be the infamous picture in its exact.

    That is pretty crazy. The interview said he got a 37 cm ball in there. 15 inches? Are you kidding me? Thats insanity.

    And yeah, they have totally normal butt function from what I read, although the interview said it takes 5-6 hours to get back to “normal”, so there might be some issues in that time.

  6. Thats was a fun read,he was so enthusiastic about he was doing which was nice,poor winnie…

  7. Matt, I think it’s 15″ circumference, not diameter, which you were perhaps thinking? Still huge, but far less so.

  8. oh. my. word.

    that is the biggest asshole i have ever seen.. the second picture kind of looks like a vacuum pumped vagina

  9. Nah… in the goatse picture, he has a wedding ring on, and all 8 fingers in. Plus he’s less hairy than the guy in the interview.

    I had to check to make sure because they do look similar.

  10. Circumference, diameter… I never claimed to be great at math. But I guess now that I think about it, 15 inch diameter would be unimaginable. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  11. oh suck it up! what is the big deal about it being blurred or not! stop complaining!!

    i think this is amazing! really testing his limits and the interview is awsome

  12. eee… theres something about the last photo that i just cant get comfortable with. but kudos to him for doing his own thing.

  13. Does any one else think that it’s comical that the ball in the interview is a Winnie the POOH ball!! HAHA!! Sorry, my inner 8 year old was taking over for a minute…

  14. shrug… to be honest it doesn’t necessarily squick me. I just don’t want to see photos of people’s assholes or genitals without choosing to do so. However, with that said, I am well aware of what type of content gets posted on modblog and I chose to come here, so I’m not honestly feeling too hurt about it ;)

  15. not much makes me queasy…but that did…i tried to read the interview…but i just couldn’t…butt stuff makes me a bit weak…well… if i ever wanted to try anal sex, that pretty much ruined any chance of it ever happening…my boyfriend will no doubt hate you now, shannon…

    (kidding before anyone gets fiesty)

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  17. Sugarbelle: That is exactly what I thought when I read I read, it was like ‘ho hum he sticks bottles up his bum HAHA Winnie the Poooh!’ It is also a little creepy at the same time…

  18. Poor Winnie, he is just a stuffed bear with no brains after all.

    “A bear, however hard he tries / Grows tubby without exercise”

    A.A. Milne

  19. While the subject of the interview claims to not have experienced any side effects and that his practices are safe, I want to point out that whenever you experience pain and bleeding then you’ve done damage – potentially very serious damage. He may not have any complications now, but tearing your rectum can require surgery, lead to serious infection, and has even been linked to abnormal cell growth and anal or rectal cancers. Anal fissures can cause muscle spasms and sphincter weakening can lead to incontinence (this can sometimes be improved or prevented through modified kegel exercises). When he says that “there were a number of painful sessions with a lot of blood and ass-hurt for about four days after each session,” he is probably experiencing anal fissures. because the rectum doesn’t scar like skin, these cuts take alot longer to close over and are constantly irritated by bowel movements. they are vulnerable to infection, which can lead to sepsis, and are linked to abnormal cells and mutations. a perferation is a more serious tear and requires surgery. there have been numerous cases of patients hospitalized with toys that have been lost in the intestines or objects that have broken. if the object isn’t made specifically for the anus, then don’t insert it, specifically vibrators as they will travel up the intestines much faster than other objects (if they are still vibrating)- this causes what’s sometimes called “the rotating umbilicus sign” which just doesn’t sound pleasant.
    also, be sure to wash everything very carefully and with non-irritating soap – unless that’s what you’re after. the bowels have lots of bacteria, but only certain types. the walls are very spongelike and absorbent so anything you put inside that can be absorbed will be. also, be very careful (as always) with mixing certain lubricants and rubber objects, as those things will break down very quickly and lead to not so nice complications.

    i don’t mean to sounds unpleasant, i just thought the interview made it seem like this sort of anal play was perfectly safe – even he seemed a bit blase about some aspects. i just want to make sure everyone is safe and happy and know what they are getting into. everyone on here always talks about stretching earlobes safely and now i know that if i ever choose to do gauging, then i’m a little more educated and equipped. i think we should talk about stretching anuses (ani? is it latin?) safely, too. if this makes him happy, then he’s certainly free to explore however he wishes, but for others reading who might be interested, i just wanted to let you know that it certainly isn’t without risk and there are ways to make it safer. it’s definitely not my thing, but have fun kids ;)

  20. #6 so funny!

    Seriously though, I’ve never seen anything like it.

    And I think I’m now officially desensitized to things because my first thought wasn’t ouch or ew…

  21. its not goatse. goatse had a ring on his finger. and what is it with every always wondering if you could still shit properly?. i know from experience that its a really pleasurable practice and am kinda quirked by ignorance that constantly questions continence ability. the stretching involves a muscle not flaccid skin. imagine a gymnast or contortionist who can bend into unnatural positions. they dont just fall down and lose control of their muscles when they want to stand normally.

  22. Well, at least pooping must be easy for him. And i guess he can do a self-exam for colon cancer.

  23. Um first of all OW

    second off OW OW OW OW

    all i can manage is my bf and though hes pretty hung not THAT hung and if we arnt careful it hurts like dickens

    so i cant emagin what this guys behind must feel like afterward

    i guess its a personal thing because

    personally i wouldnt do it

    and the third pickture….what id that on the insideO_O

    and when i saw that the first thing that went threw my mind is “hymroids!”

  24. What a hole – its just fab!!! I’ve starte to stretch mine, and the feelin from the rosebud pump is just amazing.. Hope I’ll be as lucky!!!! xxxx

  25. BLURR IT?! WTF 4 – if your on this site, – then come on!
    It’s not really for the weak stomached now is it.
    I wonder if it hurts to sit and if he worries about his insides slipping out seriously.

  26. my butt buddy ass was begining to look like this so we stop doing it in the rear and only did oral 4 a while intil it heeled

  27. wow!!! after several years of workin my ass is now (probally) as big!! ps tiz great

  28. Awesome pics! Amazing mod! I feel inspired to stretch mine out now. I would like to be able to insert a baseball bat into my ass. Ill just start small at first with something the size of a pencil and work up from there. I’ll be usre and use plenty of lubrication.

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