Healing Brands on Dark Skin

One of my favorite things about scars is how they “grow” and age… the many stages they go through, from the fresh and scabbed up version the day of, through the various phases of initial healing, and then the assorted periods of aging… For at least three to five years, the piece is in a slow state of flux. Quentin from Kalima did these brands below (fresh in the first picture), and after the break you can see them at one of my favorite stages, especially on this color of skin.




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47 thoughts on “Healing Brands on Dark Skin

  1. These are my favorite stages as well. I love the way scars looks when freshly cut, too. The sharp contrast really does something for me.

  2. omg that is beautiful, i’m always interested to see more examples of stuff like this on dark skin so i kno wat my various options maybe

  3. wow! i’m really impressed with how well those are healing up, sometimes (at least from what i’ve seen) lettering that intricate can get a little mushy when it comes to branding.

  4. That is fantastic! I’m not a big fan of scarification myself, but I’ve seen some pieces that I thought were extremely beautiful, and this is one of them!

  5. It’d be nice if the scars stayed this color, but if that person’s skin is anything like mine, it’ll get darker. Either that or I just have bad luck with scars… But it’s still a nice piece

    …damn that was quite the negative nancy comment, not my intention however.

  6. WOW! I don’t think I have ever seen brands on that dark of skin before… It looks freakin’ awesome!

  7. Very nice. The “flux” over the years is an awesome phenomenon to watch. I have a 5 y/o brand that is very raised, and a 1 y/o brand that is sunken in. Watching them change over time is part of the fun! I love how this mod looks on darker skin. Sweet.

  8. That looks really really beautiful. I love the contrast of the color of the brand and the skin. Wonderful work.

  9. those are amazing. I love how well they stand out.
    i always get kinda sad when people put all that time and effort into their brandings and scarifications and they barely show up

  10. Oooh these are nice.

    I must say one of my favorite ever images I’ve seen on modblog or bme is a huge treble clef on someone’s upper arm. That guy is dark-skinned too and the clef is very raised up and smooth. Just looks really cool.

  11. So far as I know, these will get dark. But yes, fresh brands on brown skin are utterly lovely.

  12. ahh, not fresh… at this stage of healing, I meant… I blame being really tired :-/

  13. that is so beautiful…amazing work…i bet he is so damn proud of those…i would be if they were mine…wow, just wow!

  14. I think it’s swahili, something about the lion and the tribe. It may be a biblical reference actually, the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Rev. 5:5) was said to have ‘triumphed’.

  15. So much *headdesk*!!!!! I just now went to investigate the subject matter of the brands. They are about Christ and the Holy Spirit, so I definitely think they are neat. And I could even translate the Swahili without going to look it up*! Isn’t that neat?
    *Well, at least the proper nouns. The rest came through inference.

    Amelia, it is a reference to the “Lion of the tribe of Judah”, but it is unclear wheter that refers to Jesus the Christ or not. I assume that it does because of the pairing with a symbol of the Holy Spirit, (the three elements given desribe Him.)

  16. bme,.branding it’s easy ^_^ i do that at home with nothink to do :)
    use brain,brother xd

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