Robot Arm

This robot arm (which would make a pretty cool full-body project — I’m not sure how far this one will be extended) is being done by Brett Barr at Built 4 Speed in Orlando, Florida. This is actually just the undercoat and it’s being gone over in gray, white, and color next. Assuming I get pictures I’ll post them here as well, because it looks great already at this stage!


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23 thoughts on “Robot Arm

  1. I really like the way that likes, i’d also like to see what the script on his side says alone with the translation….but anywaz awesome tatt…

  2. “i’m thinking of getting a robot leg. its a risky procedure, but i think its worth it.”
    (grandma’s boy)

    sorry…its what went thru my head when i saw this…very clean work!

  3. I love tattoos like this. Putting the inside on the outside makes for some interesting stuff. =]
    I’d like to see his side tattoo too.

  4. I’m usually not a fan of mechanical style work (I lean towards organic), but I will say, this is really good work. Awesome shading.

    Anyone know this fella and know what his ribcage says?

  5. I’m studying Ancient Greek in college right now. I’m seriously appreciating the rib tattoo. Beautiful.

  6. i’d say it looks more like an engine than robotic?
    you can see pistons , valves, exhaust manifold etc.

    i like it!

  7. nice tattoo…i noticed the greek tattoo on his rib…im greek but i cant see all the words cause they are hidden from his arm :\

  8. It’s really cute. I would like to see all the greek text… is it ancient or modern greek?

    The robotarm-greek combination is lovely :)

  9. awesome, but who else recons it would look best left in black and grey with only a little highlighting in colour rather than total colour satutration. just my opinion but can’t wait to see the finished work :)

  10. not to be a nerd, but that Grandmas Boy Quote was incorrect :P lol

    it’s: “I’m thinking about getting metal legs. It’s a risky operation, but it’ll be worth it.”

    hah im so lame sorry, it’s a fave movie of mine.

    this tattoo is pretty sweet i have to say; it looks wicked.

  11. I am joining those who are too distracted by the Greek background to see the featured tattoo. But I very much enjoy it all. So much beautiful steampunk in the arm!!!
    With my future metaphorical husband’s ok*, I want to get “Agapa’o” somewhere over my heart, and “Phile’o” to mirror it on the left side. Also “Panta ta Ethni”, but have no clue where yet. (All in ancient Greek, of course) :)
    *I think it is important to have whoever-he-is weigh in on it, as he will be looking at it daily as well. idea value: two cents.

  12. #16 lol…yeah…i realized it after i sent it and read my comment…don’t feel bad-i’m a total nerd too…

  13. That is a sweet tattoo, but what I am more intrigued by is the tattoo on his side. That looks totally awesome.

  14. it’s actually from “Built 4 Speed” unless there is a “Built 3 Speed” I haven’t heard from. They do all of my ink. Amazing artists.

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