Hand Circles

I’m actually going to try and not fill my spare moments this weekend with ModBlog posts, but continue work on more interviews for next week. Thanks to everyone who’s helped out on them so far, and thanks to readers who’ve posted interesting commentary as well. There’s an image update uncompressing right now, and I’ll be back on Monday.

EDIT: For some reason today’s update seems to have — as Jayson put it — “usurped” the previous update. I won’t have a chance to re-insert the previous update’s pictures over the weekend, but it’s a simple fix and I’ll do it on Monday most likely.

The tattoo below is by Keegan Lam (another home artist) by the way; I quite like the simplicity of the design.


30 thoughts on “Hand Circles

  1. Geometry makes for some chic tattoos. It seems like a growing trend, too. Am I right in perceiving this?

  2. looks good, but im not a fan.

    I find hand tattoos are hit and miss, and in my mind a lot of the time its a miss.

    For me our hands are so important, they are the creators and sculptures. I personally feel that hands deserve a lot of respect and any tattoo on them should be complimentary. And i dont think the three bold circles compliments the delicate and intimate touch a hand gives.

    but like i said, the tattoo looks good.

  3. CainmosniDetalosi, I guess you could say that bold hand tattoos act as a contrast; a juxtaposition between the soft touch of a hand and the hard lines of a tattoo.
    I guess in that sense it also depends on how you view hands, as graceful creators or a destructive fist.

  4. I think they’re really beautiful. I love tatooed hands. One day, when I don’t give a shit anymore, I’m gonna get me some.

  5. it appears he had to have his hand shaved because the arm hair is also hand hair?! a picture after it grows back?

  6. Is it a diy-tattoo?
    It´s so beautiful!! I love this kind of tattoo… Few colours, simple design/lines/circles, abstract or geometric…And fitting to the shape of the body…

  7. Waha, I was at a party with this guy last night. They look waaay better in person.

  8. caspar – true, contrast can be a very refreshing change.

    I do see the aesthetic of them, but i just dont like them.
    It really does depend on how you view yourself / body parts / hands etc etc … like with most tattoos.

  9. You’re not going to fill every minute w/ new posts??? But, but, I’m so addicted to checking for new updates! What will I ever do???
    I suppose I could get a life of my own…

    I really like the circles.

  10. Fisting makes a lot of sense in regards to this tattoo imho…
    smaller circle – not very stretched
    red circle – right at the toughest and most painful part to get past
    large circle – quite dialated

    other than that, excellent tattoo!

  11. I’m not convinced.

    Perhaps it’s the way the photo has been taken, I’m not sure, but to me the circles don’t fit well.

  12. I find it hilarious to see the amount of hair that had to be shaved for the tattoo. Tattooing would be so much easier if we were all completely hairless.

  13. haha the fisting reference is great…”you are here”…hahahaha

    but i think it looks great and a part of me hopes it has no meaning what-so-ever. that would make me smile, as if it was just a “doodle”

  14. i love simple, geometric tattoos. i have a strikingly similar circular piece on my ribcage and it makes me smile.

    i love the ringworm comments!

  15. It’s been Monday for nine hours! I’m getting the DeeTees…Need…Updates…


  16. #25, me too. I like random tattoos.. and it looks random so I don’t care if it “means” something! It’s just awesome

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