Poco No More!

Big thanks and massive lip-love to Rafa for sending in this awesome labret scalpelling video..

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Not to worry sunshine, BME will kiss it better!

67 thoughts on “Poco No More!

  1. Wow, I just can’t comprehend how someone could do that to themselves. Physically I mean. That’s just amaing. Nicely done Rafa :)

  2. oh god! i watched this video the other day…that was so brutal…when he keeps trying to fit the piece in and has to go back to scalpeling it more…i just cringe…he’s tougher than i!

  3. this reminds me of every single one of my bathrom surgeries. that frustration to have to go back and cut or remove something again before its good haha. this video is great. nice clean up around the edge afterwards:) <3

  4. Wow that was intense ! Good job because it looks really good, but I think that a bit of calculations and drawing before actually trying to cut through the lip would have spared a lot of pain.

  5. Everybody hurts while he’s scapeling his lip back forth…

    Rafa = insanely awesome. Nice facial tattoos as well.

  6. i thought it was said that stretched labrets did affect someones speech… well i think they were wrong cuz i couldnt understand a damn thing he said. ha! srsly tho, that was badass. much respect. when he was sqeezing his eyes shut, i just wanted to give him a hug.

    ps. he kinda reminds me of Rivers Cuomo

  7. Wow. I’m exhausted just watching the video. That must have took every ounce of will power to go back each time to cut more and more to make it fit.

  8. Hmm… Like no. 15 said: no desinfectant? And why the struggle to cut and bleed when you can stretch it slowly and without pain and blood? Or does he have to cut beacuse his lip has reached its’ limit? Or just for the good of it? I seriously can’t understand why he does that. But yet I’m really impressed that he made it through.

  9. That was intense, but I imagine it was a super rewarding feeling to have gotten it done and in for him at the end there.

    Also, I REALLY like his facial tattoos.

  10. hip hip hooray for his steady hands!! i think the fact that i had no sound on added to the sense of serenity and calm. very nice

  11. Is this the way it should be done? I’m asking not out of criticism, but out of ignorance…

    It really made me cringe…

  12. Wow, I have a hard enough time jamming a needle through my own ear, I can’t even imagine doing this to myself. Balls of steel.

  13. utterly fascinating…but i wonder why he didnt measure a bit before hand and cut out rather than make a series of small and unnecessary incisions…just curious…major props…that was cringe-worthy…

  14. I really enjoy watching diy procedures like this, but I cant help being upset by how unsterile that was. No gloves no love.

  15. I personally consider myself to be a fairly strong, tough, whatever person but I would NEVER ever be able to do that to myself.

  16. did Shannon edit the video or the R.E.M. song was Rafa’s thing?
    man, this guy make me so proud of being brazilian! XD

  17. Woah! That was amazing. But I agree with #16; he looked so pained that I wanted to give him a hug! Can’t imagine how light-headed one must feel after that procedure…

  18. That was awesome. I can somewhat understand the lack of gloves. Myself when I’m doing something with gloves on is slightly annoying since I dont have the dexterity.

  19. hey Roobot, that was such a nice work of yours! (lol) Everybody Hurts suites the video in an ironic but perfect way!

  20. #30-my scalpeling experiance was done completely different. the guy made all the measurements before hand, made his cuts within the forcep all accurately on the first try, and followed right behind with the insertion of the jewelry-that slid right in without resistance…it was pretty quick…and in a sterile enviroment with gloves…but i don’t perform scalpeling, so i woudn’t be the one to speculate on his procedural techniques. I’m just still dumbfounded by how hard it was for me to finish that video-i can eat taco bell during the lawnmower scene of dead/alive and not flinch-but that just looked so painfull…i just wanna send the guy a get well soon card and a can of soup or something…

  21. Be responsible, go and see somebody who’s got skills to do that. It’s for your own good.

    Years of body piercing practice is sometimes not enough to do this kind of work on yourself, so many complication can appears.

    Anyway nice performance, but not a good example.

  22. 60. Be responsible, go and see somebody who’s got skills to do that. It’s for your own good.

    Years of body piercing practice is sometimes not enough to do this kind of work on yourself, so many complication can appears.

    Anyway nice performance, but not a good example.

    Deulcore on March 3rd, 2008 at 8:48 am

    Deulcore, for sure, one shouldn’t do this without information, but as far as I know Rafa’s skills, he’s quite informed and experienced and, honestly, when you’re a good “moder”, DIY sometimes sounds better than askind for somebody else to do it

  23. EL puto amo el gnomo. La verdad ke el video es fascinante e impresionante.

    Algunos dicen ke deberia hacerlo mas responsablemente pero yo kreo ke él sabe de sobra lo ke hace y mientras tenga las manos y las herramientas limpias, no kreo ke se contagie nada a si mismo.

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