Lukas Zpira vs. Bettie Page

MeltBanana writes, “if only Bettie had a scar like mine…”


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31 thoughts on “Lukas Zpira vs. Bettie Page

  1. that is a very beautiful young woman, very pretty scarification, i very much enjoy this!

  2. Factorygirl,
    I do not think they were saying the pose was similar to Bettie Page, but rather her look is similar to Bettie Page.

    Either way, beautiful lady =]

  3. Eheheh it was more about my look (more similar to Battie Page than Marylin? uh?) than the pose, and it was mainly about the fact I’m more into the first fetish model than the first hollywood diva..?! :D

    Anyways, thats such a great scar….. :P

  4. help me out here – im looking and looking but all i see is the scars on her ribs… which to me look random and not that exciting.

    where is this “very pretty scarification” ???

  5. CainmosniDetalosi- the simplicity of this scaring makes it stunning, the fact that it is not a huge piece with many tiny details makes it beautiful, everything doenst have to be huge and impressive

    kissthevegetarian- umm…….. those arent Tattoo’s… thats kinda sorta VERY obvious! maybe you need glasses………….

  6. I did a compliment at my scar, hell yeah. I think its pretty cool…not modest, proud :D

    CainmosniDetalosi: I think its a nice scar, just cause I like the idea of it and where it is placed…you dont have to find it exciting, anyways… ;)

  7. i guess so, it doesnt have to be exciting to be good.

    On my first impressions of scarification i assumed it was using scars to create a design they wouldnt usually.
    I have a similar looking scar from an little accident i had when i was welding a couple of years ago – so i didnt see this use of scarring as a hugely creative manipulation of the body.

    Thats what i meant by “not exciting” it was the wrong word i know, sorry.

  8. (by “similar looking” i do mean placement, shape, and scarring)

  9. CainmosniDetalosi: I got your way of thinking and I understand what you mean! My first scarification is more artistic (three crop circles on my pubic area…modblogged a long time ago) and I love when a scar is able to reproduce a real drawing..a design that could never been made by an accident…It’s hard sometimes cause obviously you’ll never be sure of how it will heal precisely, but there are great artists out there that do awesome scarification that you could totally be amazed of! And I love when a scarification is seen as a way to create great designs.

    But I wanted my scar to look very simple and I wanted it to seem like an animal did it to me. I was searching for something that could look natural and “real” – with “real” I mean it has been made not by willing it but by an accident. I was not searching for a drawing, just for a scratch. This is what I like about scar, that is maybe the opposite of the way of seeing it that I mentioned before: scar can reproduce a design that could have been easily made by an accident, so it can look natural, kinda pure and simple?

    Also, I think that this kind of scarification could be anyways a good chance for an artist to improve himself: it may look easy to do, but I dont think a “complicated” scar has to be more “difficult” or “precious” than a very simple scarification…sometimes its harder to make something so that it will look natural than something obviously artificial.

    Sorry for my poor english, I’m italian :D

  10. Meltbanana – your english is not poor at all :)

    Yeah, i see where you are coming from, a natural marking that you have a control over. Something simple that you personally find pleasure in.

    thanks for putting up with me and my questions, i hope i didnt offend you at all, i was just interested in the scar.

  11. (P.S – a comment not focused on the scarification… it is a really funky picture, i do like it!!! )

  12. Ohhhhhhhh right… Okay, I’d just woken up, shhhh… Disappointed now, my quest to find some decent boob tats looks like it’ll never end!!

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