A week after getting his tongue scalpelled to 2ga by John Joyce (Scarab Body Arts, Syracuse, NY), Slalamander Steve was still experiencing quite a lot of swelling, and, as you can see here, bruising. Thankfully, other than a little bit of a skin flap at the edge of the piercing, he’s doing fine now, with the bruising and swelling mostly gone and his speech back to normal.


30 thoughts on “Yowwwwch!

  1. with all the “weird” tings that get posted on here, this is the thing that has made me go “eeeeeeeh”

  2. AHHHHHHH! I would just stand in front of the mirror all day wondering if it was going to fall off if that had been me

  3. o GOD! i know it probably hurts but it looks like his breath would hurt me. i hope he was at least popping some mints. during this time.

  4. i agree with #6…looks to tight…saw a girl come in one time where the post was WAY too tight to accomodate swelling-and her tongue, and most of the tissue under it, turned blue…she switched to a longer post and within a few days she was fine…-though this is a scalpeling procedure-so i’m unsure if brushing it a part of that or not-i just pierce…

  5. “i just dont see the point to stretching your tongue…”

    That’s like asking anyone why they stretch any other piercing on their body… because they WANT too.

    I have a stretched tongue. It can be a pain at times, especially eating an ice cream, that really sucks because you can’t lick it properly!
    Even though it can be a pain at times I still love how it looks and love how it feels, I really couldn’t imagine having a smaller bar in my tongue these days.

  6. donna, iawtc.

    I gotta say that when I’ve stretched my tongue piercing in the past it has fucking hurt, done a little at a time…with no visible signs. I cannot imagine how bad that person must have felt!

  7. He needs a serious teeth cleaning before showing that off to too many people.

  8. #11: You have to remember that stretching it different from scalpelling as well. Stretching with a taper has very different results: No blood, no intense bruising.

    Sometimes I wish I kept my tongue piercing, but I retired it back in September. It was at a 6g, and I agree with Donna, it was tough eating ice cream!

  9. I was thinking about stretching mine. Can someone give me the rundown of about how long it would take to go from gauge to gauge?

    And whats the best method? Tapers (not to be confused with the South American mammal, the Tapir)(Thats funny if you’re a nerd like me)?

  10. #6 & #14 – It was honestly as long as I could handle, approximately a full inch if I recall correctly. Any longer and it would have not even have fit in my mouth.

    #11 – In my case, it’s in preperation for a split.

    #13 – I was popping them like candy actually. Couldn’t brush my tongue for the first week or so just due to how uncomfortable it was, so I know it got a little out of control. 😛

    Not exactly the most complimentary pictures to get Mob Blogged for, but still great! Now, when is my tattoo going to make the transition from Bodytwo? 😀

  11. any images of this more healed? The bruise looks intense steve no wonder you couldn’t brush your teeth!

  12. I actually had bruising similar to the underside picture when I got my little 12ga piercing in my tongue. The top looked nothing like that, just a bit off purplish tint on the right side. No clue why it looked so bad underneath though, I’m not a heavy bleeder and I don’t bruise easily. It scared the shit out of me!

  13. its one of those things that looks far worse than it feels, although the huge bruising around the tongue web makes me wince, mine looked similar to that when I get it pierced for the second time, ow.

    Looks good though I’d imagine you’d want to lay off taking/kissing/eating for a while after.

  14. maybe he had an allergic reaction to the teflon plug. I believe it is quite rare but I have experienced it before and it can cause a whole lot of trouble very fast. My conch looked like an apple pie the first week, I couldnt figure out what was going on but when I switched to stainless steel, everything went fine in minutes.

  15. Wow. I was willing to bet my life there was no such thing as hairy tongue syndrome. Google proved me wrong yet again…

  16. Holy HELL that must hurt!
    I’m only13,and have a second piercing I did by myself with a needle tho:)

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