Anders, The Piercing Guy – Interview

I’ve just posted the first in the series of piercing and mod-artist interviews, starting with Anders, The Piercing Guy, who I think nicely represents the “middle of the road” in terms of quality piercers, with plenty of experience without being “too extreme” or “too conservative”… Goldilocks would love him.

Click through for the interview, and, as always, return to comment.

38 thoughts on “Anders, The Piercing Guy – Interview

  1. Wow, he seems like a very genuine guy. The pictures of him and his family were gorgeous!

  2. Another great interview. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the week pans out.


  3. Penski – Don’t hold your breath for a daily interview 🙂 I have a fuller week than last so I probably can’t get as many in.

  4. The first thing I thought was “he’s gotta be a Swede” (being one myself, that is).

    Oh, does anyone know of Shannon tends to answer mails or shouldn’t I even mind trying? I suppose he’s quite busy 🙂

  5. Hurray for another interview! Anders sounds like a really nice, down to earth guy, after seeing his name time and time again around the site it’s good to finally put a face to the name.

  6. This current interview series is awesome. Anders sounds like just the right kind of person you want piercing you

  7. Woo Anders!

    Anders is an awesome guy, I couldn’t say a bad word about him.

    Great interview, I have a big interest in the histories of body piercers in Australia- that was very informative.

  8. I like how tongue splitting and scarification is middle of the road now. Not in a sarcastic way, it’s genuinely a good thing these things are becoming more popular and more available from extremely talented people

  9. @charles: “anders” means “different” not only in Dutch but also in German 🙂
    And I enjoyed reading the interview. Keep up the good work!

  10. Sounds likes he’s a pretty amazing guy, nice interview!

    Good to see that there are good people around Australia too, it’s slowly raising the awareness of the industry, which is great for anyone involved in any way.

  11. i can’t say how blessed i feel to have anders half an hour’s drive away… props to anders, he’s even more personable than the interview demonstrates! and a consummate professional to boot. thanks shannon & anders.

  12. in retrospect, i probably shouldn’t have used his name three times in one paragraph 😉 meh

  13. great to see Anders interviewed…pound for pound one of the nicest piercers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    lol jonnycore lol just alcoholics that’s extremely encouraged by tv media,etc,etc,etc lol

  14. Great interview, definitely one of the most dedicated people in the industry.

  15. Oh man, I was so excited to see an interview with content that’s local to me. It was good read too.

  16. Nice one Anders!

    I also just lost a half dome from my anchor on my arm so I may have to pop in and get one from you soon 🙂

  17. I am wondering why there hasn’t been any idiots in yet calling the swastika nazi…
    Other than that, he seems like a really cool guy, and I totally agree with him, the world needs more good piercers!

  18. Anders pierced my tongue, and I will definitely be going back to him for any future work I do, which I have a lot planned, once I am not, y’know, poor. 🙂

  19. Never mind the seven years old with navel piercings, or the lack of Nazi comments about the swastika… how the bloody hell did a bloke without enough English to get anything but a menial job get past Oz’s fascist immigration system?

    (I bet _they_ all have swastika brands under their uniforms!)

  20. Wow thats really a great Interwiev … like i say : Anders is the Best but for me tooooooooo far away 🙁

  21. Meh, I found this one fairly boring, to be honest. I don’t see anything particularly interview-worthy about this guy.

  22. #30 of course not because you are an idiot. Just because a piercer doesn’t risk somebody elses lifes with procedures which are safe and resonable he is boring??? Over 10 years of experience and about 30.000 piercings are not worth interviewing? That guy has more experience then most piercers around. You are a huge wanker.

  23. There’s really no need for that, personal insults aside please.

    No disrespect to the guy at all – clearly he’s an experienced, knowledgeable, highly competent piercer and that’s great. But I tend to think that interviews should be reserved for people whose achievements/viewpoint/approach/life stories are notorious or unusual in some way.

  24. I have been pierced by Anders many times. He is the ONLY piercer I would recommend in Queensland. His infection control procedures are spot on and he doesn’t cross contaminate. He is also extremely pleasant.

    Way to go Anders!

  25. That was an excellent article; he seems very genuine about his life, his motives and his work and that kind of attitude is definitely more of what the body-mod community needs.

  26. I’ve had a few piercings done by Anders and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Always answers any questions you have (no matter how silly) and totally puts you at ease.

    After being pierced by Anders, I would not go to any else anymore. Fantastic guy.

  27. I find the very last picture interesting, the one of “another happy descendent of convicts”. I could swear that the picture is a somewhat older shot of Lucky Diamond Rich. The nose is very similar, the same front tooth is missing, the eye color is damn near spot on, and I believe that he was born in New Zealand but lived in Australia for years. Can anybody confirm or deny that Anders is one of the piercers who helped Lucky Diamond Rich’s current plethora of mods?

  28. I’m one of Anders older clients in my sixties.. I’ve had around 20 piercings and stretched my PA up to 0 gauge all with his help and professionability, Anders you rock.. And yes, he’s one of the nicest guy’s you’ll ever meet.

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