No more wearing shorts for Tyler!

And I thought my tattoo forever branded me a deviant… without a doubt 7yler has me beat in that department with his recently Tijuana donkey show tattoo by El Kike at Pinz and Needlez in Edgewood, MD. He’s going to hell for sure, or at least should expect to one day have someone use his tattoo against him in court.


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108 thoughts on “No more wearing shorts for Tyler!

  1. Are those supposed to be donkey balls coming out of her vag, cause to me it kinda looks like a slice of pizza… gross pizza, but pizza. Maybe it’s just me….

  2. Pizza dude. totally pizza. i think its Pappa Johns cuz that shit is gross….

  3. I believe that’s a fine example of what Go Fug Yourself calls a “scrolldown”.

  4. Erm… Wow? I honestly can’t believe someone had THAT tattooed on them. Tattoos are PERMANENT. Does he not expect to have to wear a bathing suit/pair of shorts/kilt for the rest of his life? Additionally, although bestiality is kind of one of my kinks, this just pushes the limit :S Oh well, it’s his body XD

  5. It’s a really badly drawn version, based on a design from Brad Fink’s flash sheet in the Old Ghosts book Kevin LeBlanc put together a few years ago. Published by Revenant Books.

    Brad’s version is much better executed.
    If you get a comedy tattoo, at least make sure it’s well tattooed, or the joke is on you.

  6. Husband from 10ft away and looking at monitor: “Wow, that’s nice looking.”

    Me: “It’s a donkey show.”

    Him: “I can’t tell that from here. I don’t feel so cool now. Back here it looks great.”

  7. at first i was wondering why she had a combo platter between her legs.. then i realized that her and the donkey are getting mighty familiar. I approve! but can he cover it for young children?

  8. So the idea is that the donkey is fucking her in the arse, and his balls are somehow coming out of her vagina in the process? How does that work?

  9. Maybe the better question is: can he promise NOT to cover it up around small children?

    i hearts it.

  10. Never been crazy about super-explicit tattoos.. but that’s just me. I do wonder what people with kids (Shannon?) do about easily visible explicit tattoos.. and as far as explaining them to the kid if they’re seen.

  11. I think it’s humorous in a very off-color sort of way.
    That might be because I read an article that a lot of donkey show are actually tourists scams. The locals give them direction to a supposed show and they get robbed.
    Personally I’ve seen tattoos that were much more offensive in content.

  12. nice job,its Brad Fink’s flash from old ghosts, as said in comment 11, everytime i flip through that book i wonder if anyone would have the balls to actually get that done. well done, some people might not agree, but getting an image tattooed on you just because it makes you laugh is as good a reason as any. wanna see another funny tattoo?

  13. Good question Kelli. I am also wondering. And, same, I am not a fan huge fan of explicit tattoos. Though adding a slice of pizza instead of a penis makes this one at least funny;)

  14. lol why the hell is there cum in his armpit?
    the girl’s drawn pretty decent if i might say so myself


  15. well i dont wear shorts, but if i did, i would not stop wearing them in the same regularity just because of getting a tattoo

    i have a big black dick on my leg (scar in black work) but i dont cover it up if i happen to be going out in shorts, and i have CUNT on my fingers which well i cant cover up

    i dont think its the job of other people to shelter kids of things that might be offensive, they are going to see and hear WAY worse shit in school and on tv

    dont think a kid would even have a clue what this tattoo was anyway

    i think its hilarious by the way

  16. lol. i wish i could be there for the inevitable, “Mommy, what’s that on his leg?”s

  17. Pauly that’s like saying its ok to expose yourself to children because hey, they’ll see a dick eventually anyways.

    I have never heard on a show that I’d let my daughter watch the word “cunt”, nor do I let her read books with dicks all over them.

    I’m very much a fan of “it’s your body” but to act like people are over sheltering their children by not wanting them to see a donkey fucking a woman is just stupid and has no base.

  18. The only thing about the penis that ‘bothers’ me is that it doesn’t resemble a donkey’s. But then again working on a farm makes me a stickler for proportion and such, despite the fact that it’s not realistic.

  19. HA! This is so funny bcuz i was just watching clerks 2. Which, if im not mistaken shannon and rachel make a brief apperence in.

  20. As stated, we weren’t shooting for realism; it’s a joke tattoo. I don’t alter what I wear because of my tattoos, nor do I feel like I should have to. From far away it’s barely distinguishable, and I don’t walk around with little kids hugging my leg so I anticipate no problems. And for anyone who posted the natural reaction: “What was he thinking?!”, please loosen up, this world isn’t as serious as you take it.

  21. Yeah Rew all i could think of was that irony . . . if thats even irony . . .

    And yeah, school exposes children to far worse things and instead of just being able to passively observe it, they will be in the middle of it and swearing, sexual references, etc. will be directed right at them

  22. hahahaha

    I have the old ghost flash page with the donkey show on it hanging right next to my computer here. looking back and forth from this to that just made my day

  23. Pauly, your idea that it’s OK for kids to see such pornography because they get to see worse in school etc is flawed beyond belief.
    Having very obvious and deliberate displays of sexually explicit material on show in public does nothing to endear the general public towards body modification and simply reinforces the stereotype of pierced, tattooed people as outside of society. This in turn does nothing to aid tolerance and in fact further pushes people away.

    In your own way you are provoking the general public into intolerance towards modded people.

  24. thats not what i said at all, but you can pretend it is to feed your own comment, nowhere did i EVER say expose to children deliberately to movies or books or whatever that contains things you feel they shouldn’t see, that is YOUR right as a parent to keep from them

    however you have NO right to tell a person that they should cover their tattoo or what have you because you don’t like it or you don’t want you kid to see it

    to say i should have to cover a tattoo on MYSELF because someone else might find it offensive is ridiculous, just like we cant go around asking woman that were low but tops or short skirts to cover up cause OMG someone might be offended by it or geez a kid might see it

    you don’t have the right not to be offended, but you do have the right to chose to not look at it

    people seem to think now a days just cause they don’t agree with it, then it cant exist or has to be covered, sorry the world doesn’t work that way

    yes giles me having cunt tattooed on my fingers is the reason why society hates modified people, makes great sense

  25. >>yes giles me having cunt tattooed on my fingers is the reason why society hates modified people, makes great sense

    You are so close to the truth but quite far from understanding.

    Of course nobody has a right not to be offended, that isn’t the issue. However only somebody truly naive would believe that having deliberately offensive tattoos brings the community closer to society. You re-enforce the stereotype associated with ‘punk’ looking people. You may as well be a Marilyn Manson fan with “Jesus is a Cunt” on your T-shirt. It is both lacking any subtlety or intelligent commentary.

    Nobody has asked you to cover up. I am merely pointing out how deliberately provoking the general public will inevitably push them away from you and assist in creating intolerance towards modded people in general.

    There is nothing more boring than someone out to shock.

  26. Welp you couldn’t be any farther from the truth, and again using things that weren’t actually said to support your statements

    Having a tattoo that might be construed as offensive is not deliberately trying to shock nor bring society closer to the mod community, thats honestly a ridiculous point to even try to make

    having a bit of a sense of humor with tattooing is what makes it fun, i already know from dealings we have had in the past and seeing post you have made you see tattooing as only a magical artistic outlet and don’t see let say kiddie style tattoos as a valid form of th art because well it has no real artistic structure, which i suppose is your opinion to have but dont expect others to agree, much like i know you wont agree with what i am saying either

    if you aren’t able to laugh at yourself and make yourself laugh every once in awhile whats the point, body art isn’t so uptight and serious as you like to play it off as in your mind

    this tattoo was done as a joke, as was my tattoos on my fingers and legs, to say we are only out to shock people with our humor is a close minded way to look at it

    yes it could be offensive to come people, but again not our job to consider the meaning others will take in a tattoo

    if i was out to shock the public pretty sure i wouldn’t wear a suit everyday, i find the shock value argument for body art rather boring myself because thats not what its about at all, but the general public (and you) quick to judge others dismiss ALL body art as such, not just the provocative tattooing

    to a lot of people simply having stretched ears is offensive and shock and they don’t want there kids to see it, you cant have it all ways in this world, everything offense someone in one way or another

  27. Pauly, how many people have laughed along at your CUNT knuckles ? What do you truly believe people think when they see them ?

    Whether you consider it a joke or not other will make negative assumptions about you and that reflects badly on other modded people.

    This ‘joke’ tattoo is the equivalent of a 9 yr old drawing a cock on his text book. A petty defiant statement against convention.

    There is nothing remotely funny or intelligent about having rude words tattooed on you, it is dull and shows a huge lack of imagination.

  28. f “the children.” I say he pussied out by not making the woman a 2 year old girl. Before your arteries burst all over your keyboard….just kidding folks.

  29. actually that tattoo is one of most peoples favorites, that have seen it anyway, of course its gotten negative reactions but hey so do my horns

    i still find it laughable you think that people should stop being themselves and should think about what others might think about there tattoo or body modification before we get it down

    maybe you feel the need to think before you get tattooed what others will think about it, what society might think about it and what it might mean on a whole for the community

    but most of us just think, do i like this, does this make me smile

    simple yes, but still the truth

    if you think me having cunt tattooed on my fingers (which acutely will be covered only because of the black work planed i have for my arms in progress) will actually hurt the modified community significantly then i feel awesome you think i hold that much weight in society hahah

    this argument is funny cause its not going anywhere haha

  30. No Pauly you are in fact right, having the most explicit word in society is without doubt the most positive thing any person can do and in fact only helps seal relationships with the general public.
    You are, after all, an academic on the subject of how society works.


  31. I’m glad my tattoo sparked an engaging debate. It’s a joke tattoo, and any reasonable human being will realize that, even if they don’t have tattoos or modifications. It amazes me how many people spend the time to view modblog, so they are already exposed to so many extreme modifications, yet they flip about a tattoo on my leg that is covered up 70% of the time by some tight pants. I work in a tattoo shop so I am far from dealing with children every day. I encourage everyone to get at least one joke tattoo, even if it’s on your ass or somewhere that isn’t highly visable. Just have a little fun, stop taking life so seriously. There will be more to come, and I’m hoping that me and the artist can brew up some ideas that top this one.

  32. So since this is a major part of the debate going on with this tattoo, I was wondering Tyler, if you know you’re going to be around children do you feel inclined to make sure the tattoo is covered up?

    I agree with those who are saying on the one hand it’s largely up to parents to protect their children, and that if anyone is offended then it is up to them to look away. But a child (not a 12 year old that is exposed to things in the school systems, but more like a 5 year old) who sees explicit sexual images, cartoon or otherwise, are going to be trying to wrap their brains around what they’re seeing. Even a brief glimpse can do significant damage in their own sexual development, particularly in the case of little girls. No, children do not “own the earth” as someone stated, but they do inherit it. Some people are what you’d call sexually devious and express themselves without hurting anyone else, but some people who’s sexual development was skewed in some way DO go on to hurt others and I think that that is what we should be working against whether we’re parents or not. And because I know someone is going to twist what I just said, I am not saying that there will be a surge in perverts because of Tyler’s tattoo! If that’s what you got from this then read it again and take a minute to think about what I could be saying.

  33. I am almost never around children. I have three jobs, I work from 5am to 11pm every day and none of my jobs are oriented with children of that age. As I previously mentioned, the details of this tattoo are not distinguishable unless you are up close. I am 6’7″ tall with many visible tattoos, 1 3/8″ stretched lobes, long hair, and a beard. Children don’t exactly find me a lovable character, and most keep their distance. Therefore, being around children is not a concern of mine. I wouldn’t take out my jewelry from a piercing or try to appear less tall if I was around a child just because it was going to frighten them. These kids are already growing up in a fucked up generation, and I’m sure they’ve already overheard their parents pounding eachother in one way or another, so I doubt my tattoo will affect them in any way. Not to mention, it is not a realistic tattoo, so I wouldn’t expect a young child to even be able to depict the images or portrayed action.

    & thank you to everyone who finds humor in it, for being a normal fun-loving human.

    Stitch, go through with yours!

  34. I work with children and from my experience they have no problems integrating almost EVERYTHING they see into their ever growing map of the world. The problem arises when there is noone to explain and guide them in their attempts to understand and sort the influences.

    It can’t be Tylers (or anyone elses) responsibility to cut the freedom to express oneself (or sense of humour) to shield young people so their own parents don’t have to bother to explain the variety of life to their children.

  35. That’s where good parenting comes in, and should act as a filter. But apparently some people don’t realize that and according to them I will be the cause of every kid that crosses my path becoming a sexual deviant. Right.

  36. Hey, Tyler, I’m all for you getting whatever you want tattooed on your body.

    But – honestly, I am sick of people who love “joke” tattoos dismissing everyone who doesn’t like them as “taking life too seriously”.

    I dislike joke tattoos. Personally, they don’t fit at all with the way I think about body art, I find them quite silly. Some people just don’t really like jokes in tattoo form. A separate problem altogether is that I don’t see anything funny in a picture of a donkey fucking a woman – I find it really unpleasant to look at, to be honest. And I believe I’m far from alone in either of these views.

    I object to your suggestion that I am not a “normal, fun-loving human”. You’re sounding awfully like one of those people who will dismiss anyone who doesn’t laugh at their jokes as “having no sense of humour”.

    Get whatever you want tattooed on you, seriously, I totally support your right and decision to have this tattoo done. But, for fucks sake, at least accept and understand that some people dislike your particular brand of humour – there’s a fair few of us – and that holding such an opinion is not incompatible with being normal, fun-loving, and having a sense of humour.

  37. Thats a cute tattoo!

    Why can’t anyone just be fucking happy with a tattoo these days? Some one always has to pick out one reason or another to whine about. If you are seriously that unhappy with the tattoo, don’t look at it, don’t post a comment, and move on.

  38. You can dislike anything you desire to, but you’re going to have to deal with it if you’re browsing modblog, especially considering that there are many things of a humorous nature on this website. I’m glad you take body art seriously, and that shows that you have a respect for body modification. I also have many serious tattoos that hold great meaning to me, but I do not limit myself by that. My body represents me, so it will be filled with every aspect of my life, not just my serious side, even if that includes “sick” humor. Maybe it makes me sick in the head, or mentally deranged. If that is so then I wouldn’t want to live any other way. Opening your mind and finding humor in many things is an amazing thing to grasp, and leads to a more happy, stress-free life in my opinion. While I can understand where you are coming from with these views, I’m sure we lead two completely different lives. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your profession, and are you religious at all? If you aren’t comfortable with talking about this in a public place you can email me at [email protected]

  39. um, everyone please get over yourselves and your holier-than-thou authoritative comments about someone ELSES tattoo decisions.

    pauly, you’re a bad ass, and I’m not exactly sure why anyone would try to argue with you seeing as you shut people down with no more than 5 sentences.

    tyler, i think its cute that you posted your tmail for that other person to email you at, via hiptop for life!

  40. I’m pretty sure the “Jesus is a Cunt” T-shirt is actually cradle of filth…not marilyn manson. And, while the shirt is offensive, I think it can be viewed as artistic (though crude).

    The shirt also has a picture of a nun masturbating, with the text on the back. The meaning one could derive from this is that Jesus (or god or what not) has simply taken the place of typical sexual desire–or impeded it. Especially considering the numerous bans on various sexual acts perpetrated by almost all religions. While the shirt is crude and offensive, it does contain a subtext that is largely lost precisely BECAUSE people see ONLY “offensive”.

    I believe that, if we were so inclined, tyler’s tattoo could be seen as taking a similar “artistic stance”. That is: overtly offensive, with a more thoughtful subtext. Why are we so offended by this tattoo? One, public display of sex acts. Two, transgression of culturally assumed prohibited sex acts. Both of which are, arguably, harmless. Is not the subtext of the art also it’s offensiveness? In other words, the transgression is calling our assumed prohibitions into question, and by doing so in a public forum, allowing for an open discussion OF those assumptions.

    As for the children, if we take that, historically, families lived in the same room, children were probably exposed, on a regular basis, to the act of sex–at least between their parents. In contemporary, one could argue that the prohibitive nature of the act of sex that is put for before children is what CAUSES the distress that children feel when first exposed to it. Perhaps, if children were MORE exposed to the natural and positive nature of sex, they wouldn’t be so shocked by it. (and one has to wonder exactly how much children are shocked by sex.) What I’m saying is: is it the children or the parents who we are to be concerned with shocking?

    All that said, I applaud humorous tattoos. I think that serious art and humorous/absurd art are both absolutely necessary. Parody and satire are as enlightening as drama and tragedy. To have one without the other would be to darken an already murky world. If one needs further evidence, didn’t Shakespeare, arguably one of the best English dramatists and poets, compose both? Par excellence?

  41. >>While the shirt is crude and offensive, it does contain a subtext that is largely lost precisely BECAUSE people see ONLY “offensive”

    The subtext is lost because it is completely obscured by a graphic image. There is no attempt to explain or provide narrative to the viewer at all. Whilst the producers of such a text may make spurious claims to opening debate and challenging perceptions the truth remains that such blatant imagery is designed mostly for shock with the handy get-out clause of hiding behind post-modern multiple interpretation. Shakespeare never used such methods.

    Too many people believe that their freedom of expression entitles them to be as crude and lurid as possible then hide behind spurious claims that it does no harm.

  42. Any psychoanalyst or psychiatrist worth their PhD will attest to the belief that providing graphic images to youngsters can have a seriously negative impact on them. This is due in no small part to them not having had the time and life-experiences to develop an understanding of what they seeing.
    Information regarding death/sex etc is slowly filtered to children across their formative years in a very structured way to enable them to interpret what they are seeing in ways that do not cause them distress or have an adverse effect on them maturing.
    Simply exposing children to strong graphic imagery at an early age can be harmful and is often used as a way of enforcing an adults own personal belief rather than what is generally considered correct.

  43. I think that maybe we should all stop tripping over our huge balls and PhDs and let the man enjoy his tattoo

  44. Most poetry (at least lyric poetry) does not contain narrative, though it is the heart of most poetic art. (One could, in fact, argue that the lack of narrative is what defines lyric poetry.) Leaving that aside, I do wonder about there being “no attempt to explain or provide narrative to the viewer at all.” I assume by explain you don’t mean the heavy handed, didactic crap that plagues more allegory, but rather that the images/whatever are so initially shocking that the subtext is lost. With that concept of “explain” in mind, I would bring up the many cases of “proper art”–such as the chocolate jesus or the jesus in a pool of urine–to draw counter examples. The certainly IS a strong initial reaction. Deliberately so–it IS quite a bit of fun revolting and shocking people (I, personally, quite enjoy it). That said, however, is it not possible that the very shock will promote a change in thinking? Not completely analogous, but if one considers Bahktin’s concept of the carnivalesque, whereby the world is turned upside down to restore order, I think we can see an artist precedent for both vulgar and shocking imagery used to either enhance the status or revolutionize. (I must admit that the carnival in Rabelais’ works actually functions more as a stabilizing factor.) Perhaps grotesque realism better fits the role here?

    Either way, the basic point I’m trying to make is there is a legitimate precedent is the history of art to support the use of shocking art to promote discussion and change in popular assumptions. (And I do think we can find quite a bit of vulgarity in Shakespeare. Perhaps not on a level with that of today’s standards, but, for the time and up until the early 20th centuries, Shakespeare could be quite scandalous. How else does one explain the censored and sanitized versions so popular in Vaudeville and popular theater throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries?)

    As for doing harm, I have to admit, I can’t rightly argue with you. I’m no psychologist or psychiatrist, and so I can’t comment on the subject with authority. However, I do find it a bit dubious to claim that graphic images will necessarily cause irrevocable damage to children which will be mentally harmful. Within our particular social construct, I do imagine that you have a point. But, considering the modern creation of “childhood”, and the continually expanding age definition of “child”, I think we need to consider how much of the damage we assume to be happening is actually a product of social constructions. Please don’t take this to be a stance informed by cultural relativism. I’m not saying “it all depends”. But there is definitely quite a bit that does. There is the case of an aboriginal tribe (I’ve forgotten the location), where the rites of maturity include the boy-men fellatiating adult men, as sperm is believed to aid maturation. Apparently, no one in the tribe felt abused by this process. This is, of course, an extreme example, and I, personally, am not sure how to take this myself. But, I will say that it’s food for thought. What is it in graphic images that is so damaging to children? Could it be that there’s NOTHING inherently damaging? That the damage is not caused by the child, but by the way the child has been conditioned to understand the world?

    I hope these posts are getting too long…

  45. This is so stupid…
    Tyler has a silly tattoo and so what if it is graphic and gross.
    Lots of people have silly tattoo’s
    I don’t care for the content but it’s not going to make me dislike the man or think that he is harmful to society..
    If you want to bitch and moan about harmful to society then you should be focusing your energy on catching the real abuses out there, not a man that tattoo’s for a living and focuses his energy on art and being happy.

    Why is it that no matter what the post people on here so many have to be so negative.
    I don’t add pics that I submit to BME anymore because when I did one got posted and people made fun of me for being fit.. saying my back looked like a mans, and makign fun of my tattoo that was unfinished ( unfinished due to $$ but now finally has been finished)
    I worked hard to get in shape and was proud of my body.. I never deserved to be shot down for it.. Nor does Tyler or anyone else who is posting their stuff because they love it enough to share it.

    OK I’m done.

  46. Amy. Don’t take what other people say to heart. If you have worked that long and hard to get in shape then no one has the right to shoot you down. Changing your body mass is the most extreme form of body modification, and takes the most dedication.

    Truthfully, I don’t care if the pope were to come on here and diss my tattoo. None of this effects me. I still wake up every morning, see it in the shower, and laugh. That’s why I love this tattoo so much, it makes me laugh. The tattoo artist and I were laughing the whole way through it, even when it was wrapped and finished. Everywhere I go and everyone that has seen it has laughed. Even if they might be disgusted inside they still laugh because of the fact that someone actually got this tattooed on them.

  47. Phro – I totally agree that art in the right context has a duty to be shocking although it does depend on the context, therefore the metonymy of the art itself is equally important i.e. we see it as shocking in relation to the convention.
    However I truly doubt that those producing shocking and graphic tattoo art consider the messages involved and how their audience will interpret them. Equally I would argue that many of those hide behind the veil of article 19 to avoid responsibility for their art.
    Good graphic and shocking art truly challenges conventional perceptions (COUM Transmissions etc) but always has narrative to elevate it above simple shocks.
    As for the idea regarding attitudes towards children and cultural relativism you are right however I can only speak from the perspective of a westerner in an ‘advanced’ society (hate that term) so my attitudes towards exposing children to graphic images of sex and violence is born totally from this perspective. Comparing child for child across different societies never truly works due to the huge structured differences in those societies. Graphic images often show situations that for most children will be completely alien to them, perhaps also involving situations they will not have any cultural perspective on. They may involve the use of sexual organs that children simply don’t use in ways they are completely unfamiliar with. Other images may show distressing scenes for which they do not understand or have the complex emotion to deal with. For this part it is highly likely that the images will stay with them as they attempt to understand what they have seen.
    I myself saw an image at around 8 of a man lying across a train track with his head off, I can still see the image today despite the barrage of other imagery I have been subject to.

  48. Tyler, I’m not absolutely in love with your tattoo, but I totally agree — this argument is getting ridiculous. I’m an English professor, and even I think that when you start discussing “the metonymy of the art” in relation to a frickin’ DONKEY SHOW TATTOO, it’s time to sit down and take a deep breath — possibly from a bong.

    Giles, while you are making some interesting and valid points, the way and context in which you’re doing it is just getting bizarre. “Other images MAY” etc. — yes, but this is one image. As revolting as some may find this tattoo, this appears to be a consensual act. The woman isn’t screaming or bound; she does look a little distant, but so would I if I had to support a banner with my head. (Also note that said head is not severed.)

    In short, please stop making those of us who are both modified and overeducated look, collectively, like… it had to be said… an ass.

  49. Giles- So basically we lock up our children? That would eliminate the problem as well as the problem of free thought since they’ll never grow to think for themselves..Better yet! Lets just ram our views down their little impressionable throats, or just your views…But then wouldnt that make you as bad as the wearer of the tattoo your complaining about in the first place?

  50. This is the biggest problem I have with most people who have tattoos and piercings. They tend to be extremely self-absorbed. Who gives a shit about the fact that yes, you as an individual have a right to display porngraphic images in public on your body? Wouldn’t you want to shelter what innocence there is in the world by protecting children from it? So it’s the parents’ job to protect their kids, right? Are they supposed to walk them across the street when they see you coming at them in a pair of shorts? Can’t you guys just leave the rights of the tattooed person and the desires of the parent and who’s right and who’s wrong out of it for five seconds? There are children in the world and they have eyes and minds. Just try and get over yourself and how bitchin’ your hilarious tat is and see just how disgusting and irresponsible it is to make the world see that sort of thing. “Look away”? Don’t I have to see it first to know I wanna look away? Maybe I don’t want the split second to be seared into my retinas forever. Selfish prick.

  51. My.. goodness. o_o

    As for pornography, being on the calf of his leg makes it a rather hard one to see clearly – it’s not as though it’s all over his back like a pornographic billboard. Unless he’s standing still and someone’s pretty darn close I do think it’d be hard to see detail in (although of course the general gist of the drawing would still be clear!). Maybe like Crystal’s husband, most would see it from a distance and just note the pretty colours and pretty girl.. and not immediately the pretty horrendous donkeykong schlong!

  52. #85- “Don’t I have to see it first to know I wanna look away? Maybe I don’t want the split second to be seared into my retinas forever.”
    Well, If you didn’t want to see it in the first place, Can I please know why you took the time through to click through and then comment? If it severed your retinas as you say wouldnt you just stop reading and leave your nonsensical rant to someone who cares?

  53. Damn, I thought of getting a tattoo like this a few weeks ago. Even though the donkey looks like it’s missing a leg I still think it’s pretty awesome.
    And to the person that mentioned her holding up a banner with her head, I believe it’s supposed to be her hat.

  54. So I, like others, don’t see the humor in it…

    But people have seen my tattoos and have snubbed them off for being too “evil” or too religious. If you’re happy with it, and seeing as you’re not really around kids or anything, go for it. I’m not big on exposing kids to stuff, but it doesn’t sound like this one is on public display all too often, just like mine. As I said, mine are NOTHING like this, but for different people, anything can and will offend. I have a cross with a skull over it and the words “nothing left” around it. When people first see it, most don’t understand it. I’ve even been told it’s too masculine to ever be on a girl.

    So yeah. Enjoy the tat Tyler!

  55. Let me clarify: I like seeing this stuff. I’m allowed to be annoyed and still enjoy seeing cool tattoos. And for the record, I think this is a cool tattoo, but not to have uncovered in public. On a butt-cheek would have been better in my opinion. I visit this site because I am not offended by such images, but I still understand that not everybody agrees.What I’m talking about kids and the easily-offended. Nobody is obligated to loosen up. Also, I suppose I should have said “One would have to look first” as opposed to “I”. My point is, we’re trying to have a society here. It’s a very selfish mentality that says “I’m gonna do what I wanna do, even if it means subjecting strangers just going about their business to my idea of a joke.” People get tattoos so that other will see it and think how cool it is. Obviously one knows and desires for people to notice. It’s like a chick with gigantic breast implants wearing a t-shirt that says “don’t stare at my tits.” Children are everybody’s responsibility. If you saw a kid getting abducted in a public place, would you sit idly by and say to yourself “Not my problem, the parents should have kept a closer watch”? Clearly, this is not the same thing and I am using hyperbole, but the point is the same.

  56. 71: This is opening up a giant can of worms, but are you saying beastiality is harmless or are you saying the depiction of it is?

    Because some people (I’m one) believe the actual act (as opposed to the image) isn’t. I think that it can’t count as consensual enough, because a human’s consent involves understanding what one is getting into; an animal’s consent is just a momentary instinctual thing. Therefore I feel that humans should stick to fucking other humans.

    I don’t really want this to turn into an ethics related flamewar, however. I’m not aiming to convince anyone. I’m just saying that even if we’re not actually correct on this, it’s not at all *obvious* that beastiality is harmless.

    As far as the image goes: sure, make whatever images you want. Hell, have whatever fantasies you want. Plenty exists in the mind that wouldn’t even work logistically, much less morally, in the real world.

    Personally I think this should be covered around kids, but I am not sure it really would scar them for life. I was much more scarred by scary movies and books as a child, things adults around me thought I would be able to handle.

  57. This is the biggest problem I have with most people who have tattoos and piercings. They tend to be extremely self-absorbed. – not true. case in point shannon who created this website with very selfLESS intent as well as the rest of this community who puts their work on display for others to relate to.

    People get tattoos so that other will see it and think how cool it is. Obviously one knows and desires for people to notice.- Again not true, Many people get tattoos for personal value and/or effect.

    What I seem to be reading in your posts, and correct me if I’m wrong is that you feel that this “society” as you put it should censor itself to adhere to your views which by some bizarre coalation will end up saving the worlds children from curruption, and that a majority of tattooed and pierced individuals are arrogant idiots who dont understand that children can view and be affected by their work and are in effect selfish. I feel myself that you are actually the selfish individual. Tyler has the right to get what ever he wants where ever he wants on his body. It is not up to you or anyone else to take that away from him. If a child sees it and is affected by it I agree that is a problem. However, I dont think it is the result of selfishness on tyler’s or the rest of the “society’s” part.

  58. –What I’m talking about kids and the easily-offended. Nobody is obligated to loosen up.–

    But why should he be obligated to cover it? Realistically offense can be found in almost anything. You can’t censor everything in life. I agree that it’s not exactly ‘child-appropriate’ but at the same time it isn’t his job to police other people’s children. Parenting involves majorative effort from the actual parent(s).

    And to say he’s selfish? Because he has a tattoo he loves and refuses to cover? Because he’s not trying to think about every Tom, Dick and Harry that might have a problem with his tattoo? If so then doesn’t he hold that right to be selfish? This is something adorning HIS body. Something that holds meaning for him, serious or not. Why be so concerned about others if that’s the case? At what point does it stop being consideration and become appeasement?

  59. Dash: I get tattoos for myself, no one else. Many people don’t understand my other tattoos, nor would I expect them to. I didn’t get this tattoo to cause and outrage, I got it because it was hilarious to me. You probably couldn’t decode 1/4 of my tattoos if you wanted to, so don’t flatter yourself by believing that I got this for the public.

    Once again, for the record, I am RARELY around kids, let alone with shorts on. AND, I can’t see my tattoo getting into a child’s head any more then the seductive ads they might see on tv/in the mall on a daily basis.

  60. #53-hahaha…pauly you’re a funny guy!

    as a modified PARENT of two and someone who produces ‘offensive art’-i thought i might share my view on ‘offensive’ tattoos…

    first off, its not the world’s job to protect YOUR children from offensive material…whether its a tattoo of a donkey show, lyrics in an album promoting violence, or a tv show encouraging under-age sex and drug use-the harm doesn’t come from these children accidently stumbling opon this stuff, it comes from parents not being there to intercept when they find these things and let them know ‘hey, this isn’t right-don’t do it.’ if the parent is involved in their kid’s life and pay attention-when their kid’s stumble across questionable material, they’ll usually come to the parent first and ask ‘what’s this?’. its up to the PARENT to decide the next step. i’ve found honestly talking with your kids means they will come back to you for important questions. my kids have noticed images in some of my art work and asked questions-to which i replied it was merely art and not real, and that it might be too scary for them to look at-and this (the images in the painting) wasn’t acceptable bahavior to repeat-and definetly not something you should go paint in 2nd grade art class…my daughter is the most healthy, happy, intelligent child i know-and i doubt she will be hacking up anyone just cuz mommies likes to paint dead bodies in her spare time…and she certainly doesn’t seem tramatized from the situation. and her paintings are mostly of pokemon-though once she painted me a vulture and a zombie reindeer for x-mas. (which i happen to think kicks ass and have hangin on the fridge!)

    as far as what ‘society’ gathers for their judgements on the modified community…fuck them! modification is a PERSONAL choice, and you should do what feels right for YOU on YOUR body…i think poorly executed tattoos and modifications are more of a poor reflection on the modification community than choice of subject matter…

    and if my child was close enough to that guy’s leg to truly get what was going on in that picture, it would be bad parenting ON MY PART-cuz who lets their kid get that close to a stranger’s leg?

    if i touched on anything already addressed i apologize-stopped reading after comment #53-but i think the tattoo is funny, and outside of the donkey dick looking a bit wonky-its a well executed piece.

    p.s.-the shock value arguements give me flash backs of my mother’s lecturing in high school…

  61. Whatever. Tyler, you rock and your tattoo is awesome. I’m glad you don’t plan to wear shorts when you’re likely to be around kids.

    The rest of yous are missing the point entirely. Of course you CAN do what you want and nobody’s gonna stop you, but the fact that some people actually would is sad for them. I can go around town in a t-shirt covered in pornography and draw vaginas all over my legs and shout curse words from every corner if I want to, and even if I did, I wouldn’t as a courtesy to those people who woudn’t enjoy such a display and the children who wouldn’t understand. It takes a village, right? Would the world NOT be a better place if everybody started to give just a little more of a shit? The whole “I am an island and fuck off if you wanna tell me something I don’t wanna hear” mentality is why the rest of the world hates our guts.

    And yes, how can it be possible that a person who spends many years and untold amounts of money on altering his or her appearance is not self-absorbed? If it was some other kind of mod like plastic surgery you would probably agree. When you get a tattoo you want people to see it. It’s very transparent.

  62. wait, I’m confused. there’s something wrong with sick jokes, and being outside of society? I must be getting old…being kind of a pariah is part of why I love how I look.

    I never knew that public perception of modded folks was a major factor in our decisions, or should be…I always thought it was all about our own taste…and not caring what others would think of us, because of our own individual decisions. I didn’t realize things had changed so much that now the local chamber of commerce and PTA should be considered before I make any visible changes that might possibly be offensive or rude, or extreme…

  63. “And yes, how can it be possible that a person who spends many years and untold amounts of money on altering his or her appearance is not self-absorbed? If it was some other kind of mod like plastic surgery you would probably agree. When you get a tattoo you want people to see it. It’s very transparent.”

    No dash, you’re wrong, you’re totally wrong. So, so, so many reasons people get tattoos. I’ve known people who have tattoos that they hate being seen, or that they refuse to show people. Tattoos are not all about the aesthetic – for many people, that’s a minor factor, or not a factor at all.

  64. I really like it. I think the style in which it was executed, reflects the whole “trip to Tijuana to see a donkey show” feel. Perfectly. It is brash, rank, and funny as all hell. It is brilliant.

    As to the discussion about hiding it from possible view by children, I think that is a personal decision for the person who has the tattoo. It really isn’t anybody else’s business. If we want to make rules regarding what people can show on their bodies in public, where are we going to draw the line? I would prefer people not to eat steak in front of my child, as I want her to not learn how good red meat can taste. Obviously I am kidding, but I think you see my point.

  65. Holy freekin’ ridiculous, all this drama. I am modified. I teach 2nd grade. I have 4 kids, all teenagers. When I am at work, I generally wear sleeves, but not always. Children are naturally curious, and some of my students have asked questions about my tattoos. None of my “public skin” tattoos are explicit, and I answer their questions as honestly as I can within the boundaries of appropriate discussion during school. I have tattoos that are explicit also, and some of them have been intended to be seen only by my husband. My own kids have seen some of them accidentally, and we have discussed it. They are bright, well-adjusted kids who have minds of their own.

    I would rather have my kids see this donkey tattoo than view some of the gratuitous violence that TV offers for free. My kids would understand that the tattoo is a JOKE, and not something they should run out to emulate. My point is, if they didn’t understand that, it is MY JOB as a PARENT to let them know that. To expect the world to cover itself in bubble wrap to insulate kids from reality is laughable.

  66. >>To expect the world to cover itself in bubble wrap to insulate kids from reality is laughable.

    At what point did this tattoo come anywhere close to being reality?

  67. My friend’s children talk about war. They have parents in the military doing tours of Iraq and they don’t know if mom/dad are coming home. They worry about losing their parents and being alone. If their parents aren’t in the military then some of their friends parents are.

    I don’t think a joke porn donkey show tattoo is going to make a dent right now to the kids I know.

    And yeah, I live close to Mexico and the donkey show isn’t as common as the whorehouses in Boys Town…but it’s definately NOT an urban myth.

  68. Hahahaha. This turned way too serious. It’s a tattoo on my body, not yours, and I couldn’t be more happy with it. Chill the hell out people.

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