You’re gonna be OK.

Ack! I must quickly post something to keep the tijuana donkey show from being the topmost entry on ModBlog!

Um, something innocent…

Jen‘s new tattoo is quite sweet — it’s an elephant on stilts, carrying a flower for a giraffe. Every day is Valentine’s day… Tattoo by Stelios at Eternal Tattoos in Howell, Michigan.


66 thoughts on “You’re gonna be OK.

  1. adorable!
    am I mistaken or has a similar tattoo been modblogged before?

  2. Oh I’ve seen the original artwork for this, I wish I could dig it up.

  3. the little scorpion below the giraffe looks like a “when i was young and stupid”-story…

  4. It would be neat if it was a Dali elephant. But still this is incredibly cute.

  5. Honestly, does everyone always have to appreciate everything on this site? That’s your chest right there, and you stuck some cartoon zoo animals on it… as cute as that may look on a Hallmark card or something, I think it’s a terrible place for it, although that tribal scorpion fits in with your regret-themed chest peice, do a whole collage!

  6. Weird that the same, quite weird, motive was tattooed on someone else too (Bandersnatch link)… Is it some kind of famous picture or pop-cultural American reference I´m not following?

  7. i think this is so cute but could be expanded on.. like little hearts and their surroundings filled it so its more like a chest piece. I would go for cutesty cute animals over tribal any day.

  8. I’m not one for cartoons as tattoos, but the giraffe and elephant are cute. I am not crazy about the placement at all, though.

  9. Ah!
    I am a romantic gangly lady enamoured with a fun-size romantic gentleman and I endorse this tattoo.

  10. Perhaps she will get a similar tattoo on her arm or leg as suggested. I picture the following elements:

    – Elephant in mid-fall, flower flung into the air above it

    – Giraffe on the ground with Xs over its eyes

    – Scorpion skittering off in the opposite direction

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a multi-panel tattoo, or one that has the same characters in different situations. I’d like to think someone somewhere has done this…

  11. R- that’s awesome.

    and although i think the tattoo is absolutely fabulous. . .does that other person own your soul for the rest of eternity or is that a popular image?

  12. er, I thought the one that was posted on BodyTwo was in a different placement… I thought it was on the persons lower back.

    could be just me though :/

  13. But that’s not Jen’s. That’s the one that inspired hers. She changed hes up a bit (so as to not outright steal the design from another)…

  14. AAAAAWWWW thats so cuteness!!!!
    but somehaw i feel the urge to shake those stilts near the base?
    …..with my hand
    on her….stitls

    kay biyeee!!!


  15. I like how the original says –

    ‘Commissioned work.
    Copyright (c) – Ilona Rankovic -Trademark ™ Sava’s friends
    Do not steal, copy, reproduce or use without permission.’

    I wonder if she got permission. It’s downright cute, but I’m not a fan.

  16. thanks! I knew I had seen it before :]

    I was a bit startled by the placement at first glance, but it’s really grown on me. I love it.

  17. Very cute, not my favorite. Is it me or the lines are a little bit shaky? Or maybe just a bad picture. Not a fan of the placement either, wonder if she will continue around it, might be an interesting piece.

  18. #18- It’s work done by a fairly well known DeviantArt artist who goes by ilona. Her style is pretty unique. Nice to see another piece done of her work, though I do wonder what she thinks of it. I know I’d be flattered.

  19. *shrug*

    I like it a lot just where it is, thank you!
    It’s the center for what will eventually be a good chest piece.
    Getting it on the forearms might have been good but they’re full! 🙂

    Thanks for the nice comments, guys!

  20. And yeah, the scorpion doesn’t really fit *blush*

    I think we all have one of those though. 😉

  21. “Personally I would have put it on my forearms or calves.” What I meant was the giraffe on one arm and the elephant on the other. See, I’m full of good ideas 😛

  22. That reminds me of how I feel being tall and how nice it is when somebody dismisses it and hugs me ^.^

    Such a sweet tattoo and it’s good as it is ^.^

  23. that’s the loveliest tattoo ever 🙂
    and it kinda reminds of me and my boyfriend

  24. You know, I really like the placement. Besides the adorable design that was one of the things that appealed to me about this tat on first sight. The chest area kind of imposes it’s own shape and frame on any tattoos that get placed there, and as a result so many chest pieces have similar shapes, familiar profiles.

    This is a tat that defies what convention wants to “see” as the shape of a design that “should” be on the chest, but I think scale-wise it fits the space nicely and such a sweet design is really well shown off over the heart like this.

  25. I really don’t understand this image at all
    a) Why does the giraffe have no legs?
    b) Why is the elephant so small?
    3) Why is it in such a visible place?

  26. Does it matter that it’s in such a visible place?
    When I wear a t-shirt it’s completely covered.
    Like I said before, I really dig the placement. It’s going to be a good full chest piece eventually.

  27. I think the placement is terrible. Unless it becomes a full blown chestpiece…
    The imagery itself is really nice, but the shapes aren’t complimentary to the shape of that body area and it’s a little jarring.

  28. I think it’s lovely.. the placement did surprise me too, esp with that ol’ scorpey still there, but it’s a unique piece in design and placement too, and very well done.

    As for the giraffe having no legs.. well it’s a cartoon, they’re not usually the most anatomically correct illustrations now, are they?! lol.

    What else are you going to get done, Jen? I rather like it on it’s own, the design might become lost amongst others were they added. Not sure what could be done with scorpion though.. :S

  29. i dont get the whole proportions/anatomicaly correct argument. ITS A CARTOON. RELAX. i personally like the placement, and I think it will look good once its a full chest piece. Are you going to add a background or more ‘characters’ for lack of a better word

  30. I’m planning on a background mostly. Something with a day scene on one side and a night scene on the other.

    Two animals from two different worlds, still seeing eye-to-eye.

  31. im defiantly not feeling this. i don’t like that its not an original, and that it possibly is just ripped off without any credit going to the original artist that made this. the placement is a little… questionable. and with the other tattoos on her chest (i.e. scorpion) i think that ruins any flow that this tattoo could possess

  32. You’re seeing things, Rachel. 😉
    It’s just the edge of my tank top (being a little too low.)

  33. the elephant being so small makes me twitch, regardless of how whimsical or whatever it’s meant to be. and while all the tattoos that are linked have been changed so as not to be a direct reproduction, i think they are all WAY too similar to not be a copyright violation. if it were me, i’d offer the original artist compensation seeing as it’s too late to get her permission – but i’m a little biased. as an art major, i’d be pissed if someone stole my work or ideas. as the person who payed to have it originally commissioned, i’d be downright angry.

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