Tongue Web Tunnel

Speaking of stretching, Eric did this 7/16″ tongue web and was wondering if this is the biggest one anyone has done. He admits that the tunnel is too big for casual wearing and that it’s “pretty weird but feels neat”… Ah, to be sixteen again.


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41 thoughts on “Tongue Web Tunnel

  1. Nice!
    Hey is it just me or the inside of the mouth and the exterior looks tottally like 2 different pictures? i mean… looks photoshoped or something.

  2. 1# It could be seen as that however it is in-fact the light that is making this effect the shadows seem to reflect that truth here.

    That is really nice well done to you :)

  3. that’s the largest I’ve seen and that’s some mighty facial hair for sixteen.

  4. haha, yeah, if you look at the pictures on his page, you’ll notice that this one’s definitely been messed with. he has two of the exact same lips in this picture! ^_^

  5. no. its not the biggest. Both me and my friend mike stretched ours to 9mm and then cut each others to 13mm. I cut mine away though. Mikes is now empty. Uncomfortable but easy to stetch/cut. I also met some one with a 10 mm smiley very Impracticle though.

  6. no. its not the biggest. Both me and my friend mike stretched ours to 9mm and then cut each others to 13mm. I cut mine away though. Mikes is now empty. Uncomfortable but easy to stetch/cut. I also met some one with a 10 mm smiley very Impracticle though.

  7. ugh..right away with people saying it’s fake, its real, and eric is awesome.

  8. Uh, it hasn’t been “messed with.” I happen to know Eric and it’s legit.

    ::sniffs:: what’s that smell? Jealousy?

  9. haha, i didn’t mean the piercing! i definitely believe the possibility of something like that. i just meant that the mouth outline itself looked wonky! but i guess i could be wrong.

  10. ryann – You’re definitely wrong; it’s not mirrored or anything like that. You can see the differences if you look at it.

  11. It is indeed real, and definitely impressive. Congrats, Eric! A worthy modblog entry. :)

  12. Yep! I know Eric too, and it’s totally legit :)

    and #15, he usually doesn’t wear anything in it at all, because when he does it ends up stretching itself.

  13. haha, okay okay. my mistake. i tried for about five minutes to make my mouth into that shape. jealous!

  14. Yeah, I normally don’t wear anything in it. ^_^ It gets quite uncomfortable. Sadly, it’s back at 00g now. the flare on the 7/16″ plug started to hurt my gums. I’m hoping to get an earskin soon.

  15. I just had mine pierced 2 days ago :]
    Can’t imagine having it that big
    I just plan on letting mine heal and splitting it

    Looks crazy impressive though man

  16. Oh thats cool. I wish I even had tongue web. I had mine surgically removed for really no reason. I had some limited tongue mobility, but it didn’t affect my speech or anything.

    But now I can roll my tongue back to touch my uvula, so thats kind of cool I guess.

  17. This shit is FAKE, Dont looks like he’s even put effort in making this pic, you see the white lines i the topp of his mouth. big fat foney

  18. Wow, where do you think he got the photo of the inside of the mouth to use? Do you think there’s some poor bastard out there with a 7/16″ tongue web going unappreciated?

    Some of you people are such assholes.

  19. what white lines? do you mean the reflection of his saliva? god forbid he has saliva!

    congrats on being modblogged, eric!

  20. alyssa – your not blind, rigth?? this picture is a standar “cut” n “paste”, ok? i hate fakes.

  21. I don’t see how anyone figures this is a fake. Sure it’s been edited a little, but that editing was done by Shannon just like every other modblog entry.
    Anyway, congrats Eric. It looks good.

  22. I have never once even suspected that a photo on Modblog is a fake. And if I did, I could think of about a thousand entries that are way more outlandish then this.

    You must be new… Welcome!

  23. AWESOME. I’ve been stretching my tongue web (I’m only at a modest 10g, soon to move up to 8g) in hopes of snipping it / lengthening my tongue without true oral surgery, and this is brilliant. I love that flap of skin! Excellent! That pic gives me a lot of hope for my own mouth!

  24. People think its fake because his the space between his gums and his teeth appear to be a different colour then the rst of his mouth and there’s a small white gap across diagonally from his tonsils that looks suss (mainly because it’s “whiter” then any other part of reflected saliver) :)
    I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt since his friends vouched for him though.

  25. transdermal- i happen to KNOW eric, and am very aware that it is real. there is no cut-and-paste involved in this picture. take a gander at his iam page and you’ll see more pictures of the stretch. and it is “you’re”, not “your”. good grammar gets you everywhere.

  26. My tongue web got ripped out, and now I have a hole big enough for at least 8mm jewellery. But I never use it.

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