Hardest “Guess What” yet?

Continue reading to play what I hope will be a stumper, finally.

And no, “stumper” is not a hint!!!



For the answer, click here and here for a couple more photos of it which will reveal the mystery. Quite impressive! The cuts on the left side are from a separate procedure by the way. More are of course in BME/extreme, assuming you’re a member.

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80 thoughts on “Hardest “Guess What” yet?

  1. Holy damn cock O_O I actually have a hard time imagining what it’s like to have a PA or a ladder and do not want one, but that certainly is way past my imagination! Certainly hope it’s fun to play with! ;)

  2. I was right on with this one! I think you should put these into a set of BME flash cards. Maybe you could run them by doctors and see how well they do.

  3. Excuse my ignorance but what is the white stuff on the kitchen quirl inside the body of this person?

    Seriously – what am I looking at in terms of holes, caverns, insruments and fluids?

  4. i was wondering if he could still have sex too. very interesting. i wonder how different it is from both ends.

  5. He’s got WHISKEY DICK! Poor fellow, we all have to go through that once in awhile! :P

  6. .. I was Quite wrong. I figured some male genital stretching or the likes (cant really explain it right, sorry)
    Anywho, this was extremely surprising & .. plain WHOW!

    I wonder if anyone considers having children in planning such a mod. A split penis probably doesnt really do that good a job in delivering the sperm. I’m guessing it just squirts out of the base? Interesting :)

  7. ok, but i am still wondering about the last one…anyone? what was it?!?! (the one before the foot lol)

  8. Woah, I sort of had an inkling…

    Is this the same guy that had the MASSIVE subincision a couple of weeks ago?

  9. did this guy have a video of him masturbating that i saw quite a while back? otherwise, i’ve seen a guy with the same thing.

  10. killbot – I don’t think it’s the same guy either but I posted a clip of that of a German friend either here or on my personal blog that showed a closeup ejaculation from the base which was interesting…

  11. Young Teen- “I woke up this morning and my penis and vagina were touching.. Is that normal?”

    Grandma- “Whaaaat?? You have both???”

    Young Teen- “Yea doesn’t everyone?”

    Grandma- “No!!!”

    Ahh yes. Good old Family Guy.. This guy looks like he implanted a vagina inbetween his balls…. Owch..

  12. I´m confused. In the second picture that is linked (the one with the whisk), what exactly is that space he is stretching? I assume not the anus from the first link but what? The urethra? And if it is, how come he don´t get really serious infections all the time? It´s like the anatomical mystery hour! ;)

  13. hmm…I was partially right. I guessed the part, but not the totality of the mod. Nor was I completely sure of my guess. You know BME has been deeply imbedded in your mind when you can guess these things… >.>

  14. Six months ago this would have freaked me out. Now I think it’s a huge turn on. I need to spend less time on BME. ;-)

  15. Wow. I was convinced it was some kind of weird sadistic speculum type thing in a vagina…but…yeah…

  16. I guessed urethral reroute, looks pretty much like a scrotum… with a vagina… never wouldn’t guessed the split dick….

  17. Is this guy in the middle of gender reassignment?
    Looks sort of like the procedure for turning a penis into a vagina, but I’m only going by what I’ve heard on the transgender grapevine.

  18. Ooooh.
    I was so certain there was scrote, but the larger pic threw me. I also didn’t expect a split dick, just a ..hole into the scrote, but I suppose it makes more sense.
    That’s really impressive! The first “explaination” photo looks like he’s ripping his dick in half, which is pretty interesting to view, conceptually.

  19. i was ALMOST right for once!

    i thought it was a whisk in a vagina or something

  20. I thought it was going to be a cervix piercing or the elusive hymen piercing. Boy was I wrong…

  21. I’ve NEVER had anything on this site make me cry… until now

    I try to keep an open mind.. but…. why??

  22. WOW.

    that’s possibly the most disturbing thing I’ve seen here for a while.

    that’s bloody impressive

  23. the primary question in my mind still is “Is that a whisk? Why a whisk?” Very nice mod.

  24. He is the man!!!! I have a subincision 3/4 of my shaft and 1/2″ halfadravya piercing strectched from a 12 ga. the sensations are out of this world, so I have a taste of what he and his mate must feel during sex. I never imagined these mods would feel so good.

  25. Whoa. I just guessed scrotal tissue, I was pretty much clueless as to what else was going on.

    That is definitely impressive. But I need to brush up on my anatomy. Did he just turn the bifurcation into a sort of scrotal subincision and the opening is the stretched space in between his testes?

  26. hell, i don’t even bother thinking about it before clicking through (even if i had grilled my brain on it, i would’ve been waaaaay off.)

    if these trends in extreme body modification continue, soon people will be turning themselves inside out … wheee!

  27. How is that not infected all the time? Isn’t it more or less an open wound, to the extent that it’s an opening that anatomically isn’t meant to be there?

  28. i was expecting something oral – i thought there were enough strange penis things on modblog. what could possibly be more extreme than a spit penis? well, how about a split penis and some sort of gaping hole…

  29. I actually guessed it correctly! And then thought to myself…scrambled eggs, anyone? ha!

  30. How do you do this sort of thing without a medical degree?! That’s straight up surgery!

  31. Has anyone ever attempted to “penetrate” him through that hole?
    Not something I’d do anytime soon but it’s still pretty cool.

  32. i’m wondering how it doesn’t get infected…it’s amazing how far people can push their bodies.

  33. i was almost for sure it was an asshole, but some nice shots either way. looks satisfing.

  34. Wow, now that’s extreme!!

    Ok, ok, I get it. The guy get’s an orgasm from out of this world from having his genitals modified like that… BUT let’s be real, he has just eliminated 99% of the female and/or male population from ever having sex with him. I honestly think I would pass out if I saw something like that in person. I definitely wouldn’t be sleeping with him!

  35. AMAZING ! ! ! Wuuuhhh. . . How did he do that!!??

    It seems that his prostate is showing off.

  36. This is fantastic what a great penis cutting wish i had the bottle to that sort of thing but to much of a coward more pictures would be greatly appreciated

  37. I was seriously hoping i wasn’t right on that one



  38. That little “bulb” that’s being revealed beyond his scrotal sack, is it?….no, can’t be….his….prostate gland? PLEASE tell me that isn’t his prostate gland, for fuck sake.

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