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  1. When i look at the first photo, i just miss a sign saying welcome to hell boy!
    a little bit creepy, but absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I don’t particularly find horn implants attractive, but the size of it makes it more appealing to me, more horn like and less lump like. It goes very well with his facial structure, and I think it suits him perfectly! Good job!

    How far is it possible to go, does anyone know? Esecially with teh spa, how sharp can it get without putting immense pressure on the skin? Is it possible to slowly upsize so much that it can handle being more horn shaped?

  3. Looks like he has tiny tits on his head. That’s my first impression. My second is fucking awesome beard and they actually look better as they get bigger.

  4. That second picture is truly amazing. I love it. Its so tranquil, yet so intense at the same time.

    The horns look great, I think they give an excellent ballance to his face.

    How big are the Mexican Mutant’s horns? Surelt they are close to the biggest to date.

  5. To me, there seems to be a great number of people that such facial modification just doesn’t look quite at home on,but both of these gentlemen look great.It all looks so complimentary. Wonderful!

  6. hes starting to have a very reptilian look to him now – anyone know what gen they are?

  7. what happens if you want them out? or downsized? do you just have this glob of skin hanging around that sags? or will it go back to shape at all?

  8. It’s looking really interesting!
    But i’m interrested for the futures healed pics!

    Shannon? would you think about that? 🙂

    I think the fresh pics are all the time interresting, cause they’re showing how a mod can be swollen, or red, or strange just after they’re done!
    but the healed pics are the ones who’re telling you if all is ok… like a > They lived happily ever after..haha

    ( sorry for the bad english )

  9. I like them I think the size fits his face better .. but I cant help but think he looks kinda goat like especially with the beard

  10. Yo that dude looks intense. Less because of the horns and more because of the bags under his eyes and the black eyeliner (unless thats tattooed on).

  11. Why do people always looks so angry when the pose (like in the first picture)? Shouldn´t they be happy after performing a very nice body modification?

  12. wasnt Emilio Gonzalez on Miami Ink? the horns are awesome, with the dark eyes, it makes him look demonic.

  13. I wasn’t saying they looked like they hurt because ModBlog is going mainstream, (God forbid!!!) I was saying they looked like hey hurt because they look like they hurt.
    Then again, he already had horns, so upsizing works just as easily as gauging, yes?

  14. Oh, Enso, I guarantee you they hurt… My forehead implants were definitely one of the most painful things I ever did (for the first few hours anyway). Intense, terrible throbbing pain.

  15. Aww yay I actually really like them on him, like someone else mentioned they actually look like horns and not just lumps on your head.
    Big ups to him for getting it done, I’m sure it was an interesting experience.

  16. 25: I think people look so intense in these pictures because right after a procedure (especially one like this), they’re obviously going to be really pumped up on adrenaline. I don’t know about you, but I always get the same intense look when my body’s full of adrenaline.

  17. Louies horns are 6th gen, this guys looks about the same i would say

    i love those horns on him and emilos forehead work

    i am going to be getting my double small set of horns turned into one big set soon i am stoked

  18. Those look hurty but purty.

    Random thought: What would the skin look like if he decided to take them out when they were fulled healed? I have this image in my head of deflated horns.

  19. actually pauly, i am pretty sure they are 7th gen.

    and jonnycore i told louie if he gets bigger ones im making him wear a bra 😉

  20. jonnycore: its actually kind of hard giving a set rate for many of these modifications as many modification artists will have a slight variance in price. I know some artists that charge $150 for tongue splits and I know others that charge $500, so the same thing can be said about subdermal implants,etc.

    and I totally think someone should get boob head implants a la bood head guy from Lil Nicky! lol

  21. ps: I gotta say I find it sad that there’s all these questions about: “do they beat this persons horn sizes” and so on an so forth. I mean really does it matter? Is it a “Horn Race”, a race to see who can go the biggest,etc?

    Last I recalled Body Modification is a personal journey and you should not really be worrying about anyone else in terms of the modifications you can do.

    Although I guess some people are just purely competition imprinted and thus have that instant need to out do or go bigger, better, badder than the other person. So its kind of a nice confusion toss up…Personally I say lets squash the whole: “does he beat” or “is his now the biggest”,etc comments. Afterall there’s no prizes obtained, no title belt to be won,etc.

    #25: N0ir, as Shannon said per his post of #29…I can guarantee you that exactly right after a procedure like that is done, very few people will be smiling haha it’s not the GREATEST feeling to have your skin cut, separated and have something inserted underneath. It’s actually quite uncomfortable for most people.

    Then again when you got horns, its all about lookin like the baddest mamma jamma on the planet…and for realz yo…how you gonna look like the baddest mamma jamma if you got a shit eatin grin on your face? lmao

  22. wow very nice. he looks very diabolic with his beard and the horns. teeth implants/manipulation like vampire teeth would suit him, too.

  23. Warren – as soon as someone mentioned bras I thought little nicky 😛 pure sex. This guy looks awesome w/ his horns, I don’t know why my brains making the connection but looking at him makes me think voodoo?

  24. Warren Hiller: I can surely understand if one doesn´t smile because of the pain having his skin stretched with foreign bits placed under the skin, but I still find it peculiar that the piercer also want to look like an bad ass… I don´t know. I just find myself depressed that they didn´t seem to find any joy in this modification (even with the serotonin rush I assume is released even during implants) of his body but instead feel the need to picture themselves like (as you so graphic describe it) “bad mamma jammas”.

  25. haha, look at the guy in the background of the first pic. he’s like what the fuck is going on here?

  26. I’m always amazed at how much the skin on your forehead can stretch. That guys looks intense!

  27. i adore his lip piercings!

    the horns just really fit him…he looks demonic…very sexy!

  28. I hope those horns last a long time. Ive seen some people with amazing horns that were a really nice sized and they eventually got complications and had to be removed 🙁

    Its too bad they dont always last. IAM _Stigmata_ had some great horns but I think he had to get them removed eventually too due to complications.

  29. I hope those horns last a long time. Ive seen some people with amazing horns that were a really nice sized and they eventually got complications and had to be removed 🙁

    Its too bad they dont always last. IAM _Stigmata_ had some great horns but I think he had to get them removed eventually too due to complications.

  30. on the last pic,the one on the right looks like a nose…chuckle,chuckle,not funny? SHUDDUP!

  31. #27, i think he was on miami ink, he wanted something lighter for a tattoo and ended up with a lotus or something on his foot.

  32. ése es el pana Emilio, uno de los mejores tatuadores de Venezuela!!! saludos man.. sí lees esté peque mensajes, desde Caracas Venezuela!!!

  33. I did two horns a small one in the eyebrow so is not a blow-out you see is a 12 mm horns in his eyebrow.
    I will change soom for bigg horns.
    and yes I was in miami ink.

    change your mind I”LL change your body

  34. meatcircus – yes the tape is use to help keep them from shifting till the tissue can reconnect itself.. its often used in the arm spine implants aswell, you’ll see rows of tape going all the way around a persons arm..

  35. Emilio is a great person and a great professional. It’s amazing to always see his perfect work.

    Keep the good work comedor_de_salshicha. And take care brow.

  36. NO, Kaitlin, Louie’s are 6th generation. I thought you’d know this considering, well…you know everything and all.

  37. oh please tell me he is going to tattoo nipples on those…oh god someone needs to photoshop that!

  38. Ouch, but I cant help but think of Little Nicky, “are there boobs on my head?”

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