40 thoughts on “In Soviet Russia, Stapler Staples You!

  1. Wow, it’s definitely been A WHILE since something on here has got me.. but the staple on his hairline totally gave me a stomach twinge.


  2. having been stapled a few times, i can tell you those things could embed into your skull.


  3. HAHAHAHA, i dunno why i found that picture so funny, but i laughed my ass off….
    im probably just wierd, cool photo!

  4. is that the same boy from the post a few days ago? i loved that one. i couldnt take my eyes off of it.

  5. we did that to an old apprentice and we had to pull em out with pliers…lol
    they were bent crooked as hell from hitting his skull

  6. Oh wow, just gorgeous again! He is so very pretty.
    The staples look like they’d be fairly difficult to remove and cause more trauma on the way out than the way in.

  7. it’s funny, i just saw the “Human Floor” tonight, who has people staple money to him as a way of getting tips. He said he’s had to take some our with pliers that have really gone into the bone of his skull. He also said that people expect them to be deflected by the skull but in reality they easily staple directly in, considering it’s a powerful staple gun. and he’s bled like this and worse before, tonight was pretty clean.

  8. DO WANT. <3
    Also, this is something I want to do eventually, is there any place I could read more about stapling, so I could do it without, you know, dying? Cause dying would suck.

  9. о_О omfg…
    looks really crazy
    I wonder, how deep are the staples…

    чувак… очень круто)

  10. I remember when I accidentally put a staple in my finger, then added another to make it look funny. But I’d really have second thoughts before doing that to my head!! Could it be useful to hold hair extensions though?

  11. That looks… painful.

    I’m pretty sure I’d rather get the accidental Isabella piercing than attempt that.

  12. ouchies… reminds me of when I stapled both my thumbs in jr. high…. and they DO hurt more when removed than when they go in

  13. Reminds me of the fifteen staples that were removed from my ankle when I broke it.

  14. i’m sorry…
    this is kind of ridiculous,
    is he going to take those out ??
    because staples are hardly sanitary to have in your skull

  15. My classmates would do this to themselves (hands/ears though, not head) to shock everybody around them. We were about 11-12 years old.

    /STILL freaks me out.

  16. HAH this reminds me of a friend who stpled a peice of paper to his chest with i love you mrs (i forgot the teachers name) and walked into the room

    fuckin hilarious.

    it was a bitch getting the staples out, oen of them folded a bit and got stuck, ended up tearing skin

  17. is that that stud from the other day with the bloods?
    why do i not care if thats a guy or a girl?


  18. I love the 3 microdermals in his forehead. I love piercings in sets of 3. Staples are always fun, My brother puts industrial staples in his ass as a party trick. Yeah, usually drunk.

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