The Mystery Orifice

Continue reading to play another round of “Guess That Anatomy!”


Not that my title didn’t give it away, but click through if you want the answer.


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53 thoughts on “The Mystery Orifice

  1. Ahh you can see the beginning of the clit hood in it :P Is that a horizontal hood? I hope it’s the way her legs are that makes it look crooked..

  2. errm, not meaning to be rude, but are you sure it’s an anal piercing?

    The position, the surrounding hair, the anatomy, it all looks a lot like a vagina to me, I’m struggling to see it otherwise.

  3. i totally thought it was a vag and a poor effort at a guess the anatomy. until i clicked through. i’m amazed it has the equizalent of inner labia

  4. #4 its an anal piercing on a guy, the hair is located in that area because he is holding up his balls.

  5. I’m pretty sure its an anal piercing on a male… those fingers are pretty masculine, as is the pattern of hair around the ass.

  6. as per my usual guessing skills, I was oh-so-wrong. I’m just convinced that you’ll eventually trick us with an obvious one so I keep going for the most likely :)

  7. Finally, Shannon has unearthed a piercing rarer than the hymen piercing- rarer even, than the cervical piercing…

    The hemorrhoid piercing!

    (I know, that was in bad taste- don’t all jump on me at once- I keed, I keed…)

  8. I’ve looked several times and I still can’t figure out if its an ass or a vag. XD

  9. Well, I don’t know what picture the rest of you are looking at, but THAT is an ass. Last time I checked my vag was not that bumpy and circular… or that small.

  10. Last time I checked, my anus didn’t have strangely labia-like protrusions around it that formed the shape of a clitoral hood…

  11. Oh wow I didn’t click through…it looks like two different pictures to me (not saying it is).

  12. where is that inner-labia-esque skin coming from? I don’t think my ass does that… Also, is this on a male or female, and is there anything else going on in their nether-regions that would make everyone so confused? Because I, for one, have no idea how that works anatomically.

  13. wow. i still thought it was a vag after reading all of the comments. the hair location confused me until i clicked. impressive.

  14. wait. HOW did that guy get his ass to look so much like a vag? that’s amazing. i’m serious, he should have his own movie. wicked.

  15. If it is a mans ass…Why the feck do all these anatomy/orrifice games have to involve split wang and manginas? These games need more femginas and side boob.

  16. honestly.. i couldnt see it was an anus and i thought like the others that it was a vagina..

    cause that is one oddshaped anus if it really is :\

  17. once i clicked through it was still a little confusing because the 1st pic does look a like the inner labia, while the second just looks like a poked out asshole

  18. I’m guessing he can fit some seriously large items up there, and has, judging by the aforementioned labia-esque protrusion of his anus.

  19. i like the thought that shannon sits here laughing at all the comments because i don’t think i have ever once seen him comment in these forums and if he has then i don’t believe he has ever given out a straight answer on the ones that were hard to guess which there was the rare one back when

  20. That bit’s not meant to be on the outside, right? That totally threw me. I wonder if the labia looking bit has always been like that.

  21. At first I thought “thats a dude”, then click through and thought.. “oh wrong gender” ..then clicked the final click through.. and now I’m very confused. Although I see it’s actually a dude.

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  24. #8 (MissDev) Ummm, unless he’s reaching across his body or has amputated and reattached his left hand on his right arm, there’s no way the hand in the pic can belong to the orifices owner.

    Sure looks like a vagina in the first pic. Done purposely for increased visual appeal during bisexual man-love? Would be cool to know more about this.

  25. after careful re-examination of my own anatomy, I’ve found that it /is/ possible to wipe with my left hand. I feel silly now…

  26. wow never would have guessed that one! it looks like a serious vadge

  27. The vagina would have larger folds. Plus the skin is bumpy, and the top is stretched, so you can tell he is holding his balls up.

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  29. def thought it was a vag…that was tough, i had to look multiple times to see how it could be a guys anus. i think i can see it now though since hes pulling his balls up…

  30. It really does not look at all like an bum if you ask me :/ looks more like a vagina :/

    but never mind :)


  31. I have never been so confused by a picture on modblog. Before the click thru I was totally convinced that it was a vagina with a horizontally pierced hood. Even after the click thru I had to analyze (ha-ha analyze) the picture for awhile to figure out exactly what it really was. :|

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