Sheena’s Musical Implant

Lane (who I’ll be posting an interview with hopefully this week) took this photo of Sheena, who had this note-shaped silicone implant done by Brian at Pure Body Arts (Brooklyn, NY) while he was guesting at Lane’s shop in Edmonton, Alberta.


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29 thoughts on “Sheena’s Musical Implant

  1. very nice, taking shape well, i love the placement, must look really cool when she is wearing a tank top! not to mention she is damn hot! but really, its healed beautifully, and i really love it

  2. EXACTLY what i want… except i don’t have lovely boobs like Lane, so mine will have to be more daintily sausage-sized ;)

    who did the implant mould? (or i’ll join iam soon enough and just hassle you there !)

  3. so an interview kinda like the one from the basement scratcher tattoo artist i see will be coming soon. i know shannon you don’t like people dissing your friend but if you only knew the truth in the industry and seen all the evil things this man has done to the industry in edmonton.

  4. I love the placement, weird at first, but after looking at it for a while I really like it. She’s very pretty, loved the pink and black hair too, either way she’s amazing and her implant too.

  5. Pink and black was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better, agreed. C’mon, you can’t go wrong with pink hair.

    Anyway, that thing rocks.

  6. Thank you all for you kind comments……….except for the “old lady finger” thing lol I am not an old lady but ewww it does look gross!!! hahahaha
    I love my implant so much, and I am so lucky to be working with and for Lane, he is a great man and with out him I would have never met Mr.Decker and had the chance to do the greatest mod I have done to myself.
    I am so excited on seeing it later this summer when fully healed, the beach should prove to be quite interesting!
    Later this summer one of our artist’s at the shop is tattooing a set of headphones plugging into the the note :) I cant wait to show you all :)

  7. it does look really defined… but i gotta say i dont really like the placement. itd be interesting to see what it looks like through a shirt though? pics?

  8. I will get Lane to take some shots of it with my shirt on, the tighter and lighter the material the more you can see it….. the placement I will admit is a bit akward as far as sleeping goes but other than that I think its a great place to put it, I wanted it to be put somewhere where it was a secret and unless you knew about it than it wasnt noticeable.
    I think in the next few months when its more defined you will be able to see it more under my shirts.
    I just have to add too that my parents and grandparents love it, they think its amazing and always want to see it and touch it :) Its great having family support!

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