20 thoughts on “Polynesian-style Scalp Tattoos

  1. Cute! What a way to overcome balding. I was just having a conversation about balding a few minutes ago!

  2. Why is it that this is called “polynesian styled” but when anything remotely looks Maori-like and is on someone’s face, you call it “moko” (which they invariably aren’t)?

  3. This is absolutely stunning… the tattoos aren’t bad either 😛

    But in all seriousness, the work is stunning (regardless of what it’s actually called).

  4. y’kno how people always say “think of how thats going to look when you’re old!” well…he can jus grow his hair cant he? or put on a hat. lol.
    its very pretty. (Y)

  5. Is he bald or does he shave? My follicles are still active — bad luck for me — so when I’m done with a razor you can see what portion of my head would have hair if I wanted it.

    I see much the same thing in the lower picture. In its upper-left quadrant, the border of the follicles above the fish’s head suggests that he’d have a widow’s peak (similar to mine actually) if he let his hair grow. The follicles are especially apparent in the lower two quadrants, inside the circular ink.

    I may be wrong but I think he shaves.

  6. i like that he has a huge head tattoo and we can’t even see any ‘regular’ spots tattooed! nice way to start

  7. I think this is a great tattoo. It’s so neat and clean. I do find it a little strange that he doesn’t have any visible tattoos on his body. I just seem to think there’s a natural order to tattooing. Like the face, neck and head are the last things that get covered. But I’m all for breaking the rules. 😉

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