137 thoughts on “Elaine Davidson, still getting pierced!

  1. i just dont like this, i dont think it works for her, its just not attractive
    some people can pull off the full face pierced look, she is not one of them, and that arm tattoo REALLY needs to be re-inked

  2. lol i think she’s brill

    whats the jewellery in her arm though? looks very thin

    considering she has so many piercings, i’m suprised she doesn’t do them herself. Must have cost her a fair bit over the years

  3. The arm stuff made me want to vomit. But seriously, more power to her for being happy with all of it.

  4. #1..#5: Yeah, I don’t really like her work either, but boy, do I respect her.
    Just don’t be kkk, please 😉

  5. I would love to know the motivations behind it; she seems so happy– I love it! If i ever saw her I’d give her one helluva hug.

  6. Imagine her with all that taken off/out of her face. Just look at those eyebrows and the ridge of her nose. I wouldn’t be proud of it. But whatever 🙂

  7. I agree on the arm piercings, looks like one of them is growing out too. Still, gotta give credit where it’s due. INTERVIEW!!

    I just noticed, my sentences/clauses rhyme =]

  8. why is everyone so negative?
    I think she’d bold and brave to live the way she wants when society is so close minded (have the previous posts not just proved that).

  9. dont get me wrong, i am very happy for her!!!!!!!!
    and im very glad that she embraces it!
    its just not for me ^.^

  10. I see nothing wrong or unappealing about her look. I adore the eyemakeup as well. As a whole, she’s very eye-catching.

  11. 14, we’re here to express our opinions right? Well, some people dont like this kinda thing – we cant all just say “woah, that looks awesome” all the time, or this place would be pretty boring. Then again, these days every post turns into an argument…

    For me, I dont like the look, its just too overpowering. The arm piercing dont look too great either, looks like someone didnt use the surface bar method. Still, as people have said before, much respect to her for going against the grain and taking her image into her own hands.

  12. Do an interview for sure! I really want to know if that’s gymp in her arm…Haha.

  13. i love this woman….almost as much as angelina jolie… 😛

    just for the fact that she rocks this every day, and that she keeps doing what she loves no matter what…in a way i look up to people like her because seeing heavily modded people gives me the drive to keep piercing and modding myself….just seeing someone else very happy with their choices just keeps reinforcing my belief that I won’t regret these mods yeears from now…no matter what those around me may say. i love what i have, what i’ve done and i won’t regret it…its good to see living proof that you can grow older with mods and still be happy with them.

  14. are those stretched piercings on her cheeks? like, below the dimple areas.. i cant tell, is that flesh hanging ?

    this is just me, but all those piercings look like more work than theyre worth. id never be able to keep up with them all!

  15. Interview!
    I would love to know what inspired her to ‘become the world record holder’!

  16. most piereced person, for real? actually this doesn’t look so much to me and I think most of the “much”-effect comes from all the dangling stuff. I bet it would look less if she’d replaced all the rings with studs. but I don’t know what she looks like underneath her clothes 😉

  17. Interview = yes. I admire her dedication to piercings. She just WOWs me. It’s not my thing, and in some ways I feel it’s too much but the fact that she’s done it is awesome. Moreover, her makeup rocks!

    PS – I love her cheshire cat smile

    PPS – The mods in her arms look like they’re made of flexible material. Maybe like a plastic tubing with beads on the end.

  18. I actually think it’s hideous. not to try and be mean, i just really don’t like it.

  19. Seriously, how does she clean her face and how long does it take? I would guess that a washcloth would get caught too often. Do you think she created her own sponge or brush to suit her needs? It seems like a lot of care would be needed thereby taking a lot of time.

  20. Michelle: As someone else has pointed out its not negative to point out incorrectly done piercings on someone…At least in my eyes, from a professional stand point its not…But again there is an ethical way to do it and a non-ethical way.

    The ethical way is to be accepting of her decisions, because they are hers and hers alone to make. But personally in MY opinion, its overkill and does not properly give a “flow” between piercings and person…However that is MY opinion, which is definitely contrast to others, such as Elaine Davidson…Who its probably safe to say LOVES the way she looks. And just like others on here, absolutely LOVE the way she looks..

    I definitely agree that if there’s one person to interview, it would be Elaine Davidson.

    Piercer points I’d like to make…Definitely interested in finding out if the material on her arms are ASTM spec’ed PTFE or ISO spec’ed Tygon…or if they are the BioPlast that is being immensely rampant within the piercing community because they don’t know any better.

    Also the gloves look a bit thin, is she using vinyl sandwich gloves?

  21. :O i live round the corner from there, i got 2 belly bars during my lunch break at school ;D

  22. I wonder why so many people feel compelled to make sure everyone knows its “not their thing”. I understand not everyone would like her look, but why make a post about it?

  23. I think the people who don’t like this as an aesthetic hae missed the point. I don’t necessarily think it’s meant to be pretty, it’s just not meant to be about how other people perceive you, it’s a very personal journey.

    If you are only getting tattoos and piercings because of what your friends will think, you should really look at yourself and why you’re transforming your body. For me, and a lot of others (and my ink has been posted on this blog before), it’s something much more personal than what others think about me.

  24. Wow. It’s weird, but just looking at her makes me happy. Maybe it’s because she herself looks so happy.

  25. Jay: Why do so many people feel compelled to say it IS their thing and that they love it?

    Opinions…Everyone has one…and when given the option of voicing your opinion, that means everyones entitled to post their opinions.

    or would you rather us all just blindly go: “OMG TEH BEST PIC EVAR!!!!!” every single time and simply not discuss/debate (in a proper manner) the images/topics we are given here?

    Your opinions/views are valid, because they are yours to have…So not saying you’re in the wrong for stating that, but neither are the people who “felt compelled to say its not their thing”

  26. Dimlight: Exactly it’s Elaines personal journey, her views on it are obviously that its beautiful…But everyones journey’s are different.

    Some people want to get a lot of piercings, as its their personal views/journey…Others simply want a navel piercing or an ear lobe piercing…While others are more precise in placement,etc…Nobody is wrong in their own personal views when it comes to body modification…because we all have different views on whats too much or not enough,etc.

  27. no, I’m not saying everyone has to say they like it. I think Thumper sums it up best: “if you don’t have nuthin nice to say, don’t say nuthin at all.” saying its hideous or unpleasent looking is not a discussion or a debate, its just rude. thats all I have to say about that.

  28. I just googled her.. apparently she has 3 kilograms worth of piercings.. (700+ piercings)!

  29. Hey, you put yourself out there, you invite the comment . . .

    Anyway, totally not my style. I agree with whoever said that there was no flow between the person and the piercing – all aesthetic value has been lost in the sea of metal. But when you’re holding a record, I guess some things have to be lost to aesthetics sometimes, eh?

  30. Brilliant! When I lived in Edinburgh I would see this lady EVERYWHERE, and she always just made my day. She always looks so sunny and happy.

    And really, why does everyone have to be so down on the not-technically-perfect piercings, or so keen to point out how they don’t like X without adding to the conversation? Maybe we should just get agree/disagree buttons and cut out all the identical replies…

  31. i would like to know exactly how many piercings she has…and how long it took her to compile all of them. i definitly wouldnt do what she has done, but if it makes you happy, go for it. i wonder if or where she works too.

  32. I wonder if the yellow dots around her eyes are makeup or piercings/microdermals?… Eek, I cant imagine having my eyelids pierced :X

  33. i can’t decide if the piercings are what seems overwhelming or simply the jewelry choices. i wonder how she would look if she switched the hoops/dangling things for something more fitted-looking. does that make any sense?

    and obviously everyone is going to have different opinions and i think ALL comments, whether negative or positive should be accepted. i do think, however, that saying WHY you like or don’t like something is way more constructive for everyone. for me personally, i think this looks cluttered (which may just be the dangling things all over) which is one reason i don’t find it aesthetically appealing. if you like it, say what you like about it. if you hate it, say why. there isn’t one wrong view and i feel negative views on modblog are usually attacked.

  34. i think if she got the proper jewelry for the types of piercings she has it would look worlds better! the hoops just arent working for me

  35. Jay Prince: I agree saying something is hideous or disgusting,etc is not utilizing a means of proper dialog in a conversation…But by simply saying its not their thing, is much different then claiming it to be hideous or disgusting.

    Positive conversations not Negative conversations…When someone claims its disgusting/hideous they shoot the conversation right down to being negative and puts people on the defensive.

  36. her arm piercings look like they have twisty bag ties through them. that would suck a lot to get that caught on something!

  37. If she was a hot 17 year old girl i bet lots of people would LOVE her look..

    pierced people come in all shapes, sizes or ages. She looks happy in every picture of her i’ve seen, and that is what matters.

  38. wintermute, i don’t think anyone on here would alter their opinion of her piercings if she were younger. i for one would much rather see modifications to this extent on someone older rather than a teenager.

  39. That’s dedication! I’d love to read about the maintanance of her piercings and what type of jewelry exactly is in her arms. I’d also like to hear about her rejection rate as she’s got a lot of surface-type work.

  40. I don’t have any problem with people not liking how this looks, but I’m also really wondering if aesthetics is the point.

  41. like i said before, i love it… jewelry and all. they aren’t my choices but if she is happy, more power to her. about the red in her face…it seems like she has a lot of make-up on…i think even some red tinted make-up.

  42. Warren – Being “entitled” to post one’s opinion doesn’t always mean one should post it publicly. In an ideal world, all action should have a positive outcome, and while we don’t live in an ideal world, if we all sought out ideal actions, we would.

    Clearly she enjoys her aesthetic. She’s had enough piercings to understand the technical issues. Lecturing about technique or aesthetics is a little bit like telling an established punk rock musician that they should play classical music and wear a suit.

  43. The color around her eyes is makeup, she is always changing her eye color as well as adding other designs to her face and body.
    You can do a search and find a ton of beautiful pictures of her.

    I remember her from when I was a kid and seeing her in magazines.
    Always she has been interesting to me, I remember being totally shocked the first time I saw her.
    Now she is just pure beauty to me, and not because of her piercings but because she has lived her life not by the code of what others like or want from her, but by her own desire.
    Always she looks so happy in every picture I have seen.
    You always see her soul shinning through her eyes, and to me that gives me inspiration.
    I hope that I am that happy at her age.

  44. WOW.
    I just looked up on her a tidgy bit. Apparently she has over 3,920 piercings as of 2005 – 500+ of which are “down below”…..

    now thats dedication…
    Enough respect to her.

  45. ive always loved Elaine since i first saw her in magazines and stuff when i was younger

    definitely more then i would do but i think what she does is awesome

    i actually got the chance to meet her last year when i was in the UK visiting and she is probably one of the nicest ladies i have ever met, i hope to get to take her out to tea next time i am over there, she is a hell of a conversation artist haha and definitely super happy with what she has done

  46. I found her myspace ttp://a869.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/32/l_3ed061cce34fb441ed1a922b75a2bf3c.gif

  47. I met Elaine in Edinburgh, she was working on a street stall and she was fucking lovely. Helped me out with some cool places to chill and I’ve met loads of amazing people because of the tips she gave me. Sweet Chick… and quite a marvel to behold in the flesh I might add. Like a painting with eyes.

  48. Shannon: Agreed, which is why when people post about things being hideous and disgusting,etc those are posts that should just be kept to themselves..As it doesn’t promote a positive dialog.

    and yes unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world because so many people feel they don’t have it “in them” to make said positive changes…Countless times I’ve asked the BME group on MySpace to work towards it, by just asking people to THINK before they type and to try and not put words that could bring forth negative arguments,etc.

    Because really…what does anyones fighting online get us? nothing…where does it get us, nowhere…Granted I used to enjoy a good online fight like the most of us…I dunno I guess age is creepin up on me…But I just don’t think it helps ANYONE and we should just work to civil dialog that isn’t so quick to erupt into all out war.

    and man oh man a punk rock musician in a suit, i worked with one back in Toronto at the porn company and when he wore a suit…It made him look totally awesome! nothing like a punk in a suit I say lmao

    and there was no lecturing her on the techniques, materials used,etc…Although I wonder if she has done serious in depth research into materials, techniques,etc or if she’s just kept a blind eye to the concepts and just gotten work done anywhere and everywhere.

    the questions I posed were merely my curious nature involving what was going on in the picture 🙂

  49. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elaine_Davidson

    They say she has 3920 piercings, probably more by now. I think she looks great, although I don’t like all those dangly things, I’d be affraid to get it caught on something or someone (I get caught in peoples Ipod headphones on the metro, hapenned 3 times). If she’s happy with it, it’s the only think that counts and I find her breath-taking. And she’s just amazing. PS, I love her as a blonde, saw pictures of her blonde and WOW!

    If someone comments that they dislike it, or “it’s not their thing”, they allowed to express their opinions as much as the people that “love it”. Saying someone doesn’t like something is not really negative, it’s their personal taste and they’re allowed to post it as everyone else. It’s like going to a restaurant and not liking your friends dish, it’s not negative, just not your thing.

  50. As the same with Snap Dragon and Pauly Unstoppable I remember seeing her in magazines through out the years and its nice to she her still doing what she loves and living the way she wants. I have nothing but respect and admiration for her.

  51. I really love how dedicated she is. She looks amazing, and seems so happy. The first thought I had was, “god, I’d love to meet her.” she must be so sweet.

  52. I am not really sure, but I think she is too in MTV program called Senseless… Dating program in dark, where contestants must difference hotties from notties and creepies. She is one of randomly selected creepies, along with Samppa von Cyborg and some other pierced dudes/girls. So much for stereotypes and reinforcing them.

    But yeah, interview would be exciting, so Shannon, just cut off the foreplay and ask her for one 😉

  53. I find it worrying how thin a lot of the jewelery she’s wearing is! Such as the rings on her chin and her arm…

    If it were me I’d make everything at least 1.6mm 🙂

    And yeah, I definitely wouldn’t do this myself… I’m just thinking, “what if it gets caught on something?” or “What if I walk into a wall?”


  54. I would absolutely love to see a picture of her before any of the piercings, or at least a minimal amount. I always enjoy “before and after” makeover pictures, and it would be totally awesome to see a before all of the piercings. Maybe even a baby photo? Those are always good too 🙂

    I also think an interview would be great, and a lot of people have put on here a lot of great potential questions. I would really be interested in reading an interview with her.

  55. I have enough trouble healing one piercing at a time… lord. what exactly is she getting done in this picture? nipple?

  56. I like the idea and I’m glad she’s happy because she looks like a really cool / nice person but I just don’t dig the aesthetic.

  57. Nice to see elaine on modblog, I have a couple of 35mm pics from 1998/99 at at tat convention (Motherwell in Scotland I think) of her genital eork, at least 75 piercings there back then. I ought to scan them and submit them to BME!

  58. Who gives a crap what it looks like, or if it “suits” her. She did it because she wanted to, and good on her for having the gaul to do so! Most visiters to this site have a mod of some description, and hell, I bet most of your have had the “That looks stupid” reaction, I know that I have, I wonder how often she gets it? Shannon! Interview, swiftly please.

  59. Have now scanned and submitted to BME and also my Iam page. They are a ta grainy but thats history for you! I remember Elaine being facinated by my then fresh 3.2 mm PA it would be good to catch up with her again sometime!

  60. nope,
    I don’t know, there seems to be an aestetic that modified women have to be skinny and hot. That, not the age, is what i think is causing the hostile comments.

  61. Yes and no…
    Yes: I admire her for fullfilling her dream and for beeing capable of healing thousands of piercings!
    No: it is not beautiful in my point of view. (not really ugly, no, but not beautiful, it does not ac as jewelry)

    Doing a bit more planning… less “natural growth: of the project, more planning before even start the first poercign, and you could do wonderful things.

    You could use 100ds of piercings in the face, only to intensify natural lines, think somewhat about a facial tribal tattoo, but made of steel, surface piercings.

    or a cover of the fase with very regular attached piercings, looking like a bit of a chain mail hood, body lines accentuated by different jewelry size or color.

    You could do really good artwork, and that is what am missing on the pic, it looks patchy, some parts done nice, very exact, some parts done like by chance, out of line, out of regularity, sometimes like a spot, were by chance there are more, then beside… The same starts to develop with her arm.

    Ok, if she likes the patchy style, looking like created by chance – Ok, I feel well with her beeing happy. I would have other ideas…

    And yes, please, interviev!!!! i would really like to know how she heales that?! what problems occur, what kind oc care she applies, how to wacsh, dry the face, how to overcome probably extreme ressentiments in allday live (maybe there are good ideas to learn), what are the future plans, can she heal even more, what will be the future style….

  62. The Wikipedia picture shows she like the patchy style – and that pic (even when it is not my style) looks much nicer than that one here, as her hair are fitting well to her face in the Wiki – pic (here they don’t), and simply, the fotography (light) IS SERIOUSLY BETTER. i think a lot of negative comments would have never been written if that photo here would be a good one, showing the benefits of the piercings.
    This photo here does the opposite. Picture-google for here name and you will find dozens of much better pics.

  63. She had more facial piercings when I met her in London a few years ago. It seems she took a few out in this photo.

    She was gracious to all who waited to take pictures and speak with her and genuinely smiling the whole time. She had this really infectious positive vibe going.

    Would love to read an interview with her and get her outlook on life and how she keeps that going in light of the negativity she inspires from many.

  64. Yo thats freakin insane! I really really don’t dig on the million facial piercings. But hey, if it makes her happy then why not, right?

  65. I met Elaine very briefly at a tattoo convention in Derby 2004. She spoke to a few of my friends and looked at the brand on my back, she seemed to be truly happy and positive person who’s more comfortable in her own skin than so many people I’ve met before.

  66. I saw her at a street market last year when I was on a trip to Edinburgh. I really wanted to go up to her and say something but I couldn’t think of what to say and plus, her mate on the adjacent stall was bawling her eyes out and oh dear, it just didn;t seem appropraite.

    I personally don’t like the look, but I often really like it when people are that dedicated to a certain aesthetic. Take my university’s new Union president. He’s a history student and dresses and styles himself in full Edwardian-era garb every-bloody-day. Had I remembered to vote in the SU election, I would have voted for him just to reward him for doing something different (i.e. not Topman) and doing it so well and with such…I dunno…chutzpah???

  67. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being this pierced; I like the number of piercings, but hell, some of the jewelry she’s got in there looks none too healthy. Especially her arms.
    However, I think an interview with her would be pretty interesting.

  68. in my opinion, that is ugly. im simply saying that its not attractive at all. shes probably a very nice lady, but i dont like it. but thats just an opinion of a 16 year old with 10 piercings.

  69. Warren;

    what’s wrong with BioPlast? I thought it was a pretty safe material to be using, I only ask because I wear it in my cheeks but I find that I have to replace the jewellery every 9 months or so because they get sore for no reason other than the jewellery seems to get a bit “rough” feeling.

  70. i want to meet her someday! i guess when you come to think past what people think of you and focus mainly on how happy you are on yourself, you would always present a lovely demeanor. i mean, how could you not? youd be doing exactly what you’d want to, and life would be too damn awesome not to be nice to everybody.
    at least, that’s how i see it.

    my first thought was, how does she deal with the smell? or is she one of those people who don’t get the funkgunk piercings? i don’t except for stretched piercings, but still! having that many must make cleaning difficult yet VERY necessary…

  71. thats alot of metal….and i cant help but wonder if she stuck that much metal in her face what does the cooch look like? now THATS what i want to see!

  72. I wonder how the people that are saying how this is “ugly” (in their opinion of course) would feel if I came up to them and said “in my opinion, you are very ugly.” Just because its your opinion doesn’t mean its not a hurtful opinion. Its not always a bad thing to keep it to yourself. I’m not saying people aren’t allowed their opinion, because that should always be the case. But try not to be so judgmental of whats ugly and whats beautiful.

  73. her surface jewlery is tygon
    its flexible and more comfortable to wear than a surface bar.
    true story…. and as for the whole she’s ugly thing
    who cares, you get piercings for youself, because they make you feel better, and make you feel more beautiful
    nots not anyones place to judge.

    i enjoy body modifications because they make me feel more attractive and make me more confident
    same for most everyone i feel.

  74. her surface jewlery is tygon i think
    its flexible and more comfortable to wear than a surface bar.
    true story…. and as for the whole she’s ugly thing
    who cares, you get piercings for youself, because they make you feel better, and make you feel more beautiful
    nots not anyones place to judge.

    i enjoy body modifications because they make me feel more attractive and make me more confident
    same for most everyone i feel.

  75. her surface jewlery is tygon i think
    its flexible and more comfortable to wear than a surface bar.
    true story…. and as for the whole she’s ugly thing
    who cares, you get piercings for youself, because they make you feel better, and make you feel more beautiful
    thats not anyones place to judge.

    i enjoy body modifications because they make me feel more attractive and make me more confident
    same for most everyone i feel.

  76. her surface jewlery is tygon i think
    its flexible and more comfortable to wear than a surface bar.
    true story…. and as for the whole she’s ugly thing
    who cares, you get piercings for youself, because they make you feel better, and make you feel more beautiful
    thats not anyones place to judge.

    i enjoy body modifications because they make me feel more attractive and make me more confident
    same for most everyone i feel.

  77. her surface jewlery is tygon i think
    its flexible and more comfortable to wear than a surface bar.
    true story…. and as for the whole she’s ugly thing
    who cares, you get piercings for youself, because they make you feel better, and make you feel more beautiful
    thats not anyones place to judge.

    i enjoy body modifications because they make me feel more attractive and make me more confident
    same for most everyone i feel.

  78. There are many people in many places who would find my few piercings and tattoos unattractive, however normal they are here in Seattle. I always try to keep this in mind..some would say that my stretched lobes are revolting.

    I have always dug this lady, what ambition!

  79. if i wanted to be pretty for other people – i would bank the money i spend on modifications and head to Walmart- While I would hesitate to call another human ugly- i assume she not only knows people may hold this view- but her choice to alter herself to this degree may be a comment saying she doesn’t give two thoughts to what others think and it is about how she views herself.
    That is my mods. I’d say it is probably fairly easy to be pretty to the masses- I just can’t think it would be very fun.
    She is great- and i think she is *so red* cause she wears a lot of decorative face paint and makeup??
    as well i read online (how ever reliable that is) that she has something like over 500 genital piercings up to date.

  80. I don’t know what’s more amazing…the piercings, the makeup or the hair. She’s walking art and self-expression. And just like art itself, some people “get it” and some people don’t.

  81. We were in glasgow,absolutely slaughtered after a gig…and we went for a Dominos and she was outside having twos with some hippy guy…
    Yeah she ordered pepperoni…

  82. the piercer is fit too…quickly to glasgow!!!3 hours on a bus chyeah right!

  83. You know, it’s not the piercings that bother me at all. I actually admire them quite a bit.

    It’s the godawful makeup that gets to me.

  84. I just can’t help but wish she would trim the tygon in the wrist and arms and shorten her eyebrow barbells. There is a bit of extra length/diameter on almost everything she wears, which will lead/has led to scarring.

  85. Trying on clothes in a shop would be interesting with that many exposed piercings…

    I can just see the shop keeper now:

  86. is that makeup on her face?
    honestly I’m a big fan of piercings… but this is just redicilous.. it does not fit her… its way over done..the hair is nice though…

  87. I have a badge with her picture on it I got in Edinburgh 🙂 I see her whenever I’m out in the city and she seems so nice! She always chats to the tourists. <3

  88. Wow, I wonder how much it has cost… I wouldn’t do that, but if she wants to, it doesn’t interrupt my life. She seems happy, good enough for me.

  89. Awesome! Good luck to her! It’s not my personal style but she seems so happy – who cares if others don’t like it? She’s doing what she wants and thats the best thing ever. This made my day.

  90. Holy fuck! She’s the reason I started wanting to get pierced as a kid. I remember seeing her on Riply’s,or some other show, and thinkging, “wow, that’s horrifyingly sexy to me!”

  91. Thanks to her i dicovered BME… i was searcing her pictures on web.. but thats not what i wanted to say. I just love her look 🙂 hoottt.. 😛
    Hey, Shannon, i would be very happy if you ever get to interview her 🙂 I bet many would like to read it too ^^

  92. might look a bit better if her jewellery actualy fit the piercings..he eyebrow bars aggitate me there so long…
    must be annoying

  93. Every time I see this woman around town, I wonder how she cleans all her piercings, and if she can get through airport security without taking them all out!

  94. Hey, wow – I used to see her practically every day when I lived in Edinburgh; she always made me smile. I was working up the courage to go up to her and say hi. Go her!

  95. & possessed > I was wondering if I’d get stopped going through airport security on my way into the US – not a beep going through the metal detector! I know I only have ten holes, but still. 🙂

  96. I know her.
    She is a lovely person and has had most of these piercings for years, so rejection isn’t really a worry for her. She will just get them re-done.

  97. #74 I don’t think this is a flattering picture, everything looks jumbled, but in that video it looks like it suits her face. Pretty!

  98. Love that sunshine smile. 🙂

    Some of the comments had me double checking the site was BME not Town & Country.

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