Marionette Suspension

January recently put on this marionette suspension show with Michelle as the marionette, costume and makeup by J-Chans Designs, rig by Mr. Chris at Pavlovia in Denver, and photography by Shawn Shell Photography.


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32 thoughts on “Marionette Suspension

  1. I sincerely think this is one of the creepiest and scary pictures posted here in quite a while. Metal bars through the balls? Voluntary amputations? Fine, but human marionettes?! Goddamn freaky. :S

  2. I don’t get freaked out by many things. That freaks me out. I think it’s only cuz it’s meant to be a little girl.

  3. That was fun. It was an idea I had bouncing around in my head for almost 2 years. I’m glad I found a willing participant that was just as excited as I was! Still have a few kinks (haha) to work out, but we’re looking forward to actually putting on a public marionette performance this summer. Thanks Michelle!

  4. That’s a nice idea, and you could do wonderful art (satirics to politics) with that. With some other clothings I really could imaging playing the marionette.

  5. Oh my god. That’s incredible… and really eerie. She even has lines drawn on her chin for where the puppet mouth would open! (or tattooed on?)

  6. thats really… creepy

    reminds me of that movie Dead Silence or whatever it was called

  7. Puppets usually give me the creeps and so did this picture at first. But I can’t help finding it amusing now and really ingenious too!

  8. the idea is wonderful but i think the girl looks kinda like a dude. a little bit of a diffrent hair style and diffrent clothes and shoes could change the whole thing.

  9. Ummm… Thanks? First of all the otfit is supposed to be like a traditional doll. Secondly, they aren’t the most flattering shots from the photoshoot. I wish the better ones had been submitted. But still. Thanks for the self-esteem boost, crystle.

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