You’ll have to look quite carefully to see the accent marks in this eight piece microdermal project by Adam at Psycho City Tattoo in Lancaster, CA.


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33 thoughts on “Hollywood

  1. hah, at first I counted some of her beauty marks as microdermals, but then figured it out with a closer look :D

    I’d also love to know who did the script :)

  2. See, this is the stuff I don’t really understand. Sure, it looks interesting for a photo, but going around with a couple disks on your jeans-line and bra-lines? You’d have to be careful wearing anything and everything. Seems more annoying and impractical than it’s worth.

  3. For some reason, as I scrolled down through ModBlog, it looked to me as if this was a photo of someone holding the girl up in the air above them. When I was a kid, my Dad would lay on the ground and hold me up in the air over him like that, and man it was awesome. I saw this pic and couldn’t believe someone was holding this full grown woman in the air like that. heh. I feel silly now.

  4. I’m going to have to agree with #8 – why Hollywood? I’ve never quite understood that one.

    However, it looks amazing, and I still haven’t figured out which ones are mircodermals and which ones are

  5. I’m also wondering about the practicality when it comes to the braline and panties.

  6. What’s the deal w. the permancy of microdermals? Say I need an MRI or I decide in 20 years that my sparkly face piercing is getting buried in my laughlines? Would I be able to remove it?

  7. Beautiful work! But I also wonder about the practicality of the microdermals. I would like to try getting one at least but I’m concerned about snagging it wherever it may be.

  8. looks great- but i wonder about how well they can heal- as a piece it is pleasing- but realistically- the wear and tear will hopefully not include much tearing.

  9. this is me! rad hahaha thats exciting, and hollywood is something i know the meaning of and thats really what matters, besides its way to much to write here haha

  10. Whiskas, yes you can remove them if you go to a piercer, but it’s quite painful since tissue has grown through them to set them in place. And also, you shouldn’t need to remove them for an MRI if you went to a piercer that knows anything (i.e. used titanium since otherwise you WOULD have to take them out for an MRI)

  11. anyone else notice it says HollyWood.
    Maybe thats her name? or theres a refernce im missing

  12. looks amazing! wearing pants is gona be a bitch though I think she should just walk around naked from now on. yeowww

  13. ok, since no one understands ill explain the best i can, Hollywood means to me, to me its a place where you can be anyone you want and no one will judge you, that town can make or break you, thousands of people move there each year with the hopes of their dreams coming true, and only a handful even come close. yet those with no intention to make an entertainment career for themselves, get discovered on the street. its the land of endless opportunities, where people love you for being you.— thanks chelsea (hollywood red)

  14. Bendtheglass-
    I had a friend whose doctor didn’t allow her to keep her microdermals in for an MRI. It seems that some doctors won’t let you get away with titanium (no matter if it’s easily removable or not) unless it is doctor-implanted (ie. rods in broken bones).

  15. I noticed the micro dermals straight away boo yaww ;)

    and och i like the meaning behind the tattoo.

    very nice and great body

    iv stars in the exact same place just got them redone..yeowzors

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