A typical BME afternoon

Travis in the blood…


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80 thoughts on “A typical BME afternoon

  1. I like the fact that it looks like a tool shop with all the pliers etc in the backround, hee.

  2. Is he using a cut up milk jug to catch his blood? How unsanitary and disgusting. I love tongue splits, but I also love sanitary shops and non-biohazards.

  3. It looks like some serious fun too! Lucky guy, he’s got so much blood in his mouth!

  4. anybody ever try the tie off method? Of course there are tools on the wall every chop shop needs some.

  5. I remember someone commented on the dude with the horn upgrade asking why in the picture they both looked unhappy – this is like the opposite, its great, they both look like they’re really enjoying themselves =]

  6. he’s way cute. just curious, but how long/badly does a tongue typically bleed? i know people have said that they heal quickly, but i can’t imagine spitting blood for an hour. just curious!

  7. LeeHO: I started on a tie-off a few months ago but my tounge swelled up and the pain was just insane..I couldn’t talk or eat + I didn’t have any painkillers or such at home so I removed it..now I have a gashthingy in my tounge..though I am gonna cut it soon =D

  8. >>anybody ever try the tie off method?

    Yes. It was wonderfully painful but not as deep as I wanted so will get the rest cut through.

  9. There’s so much wrong with that picture.

    1. Why have a lid on the contaminated tool bin if you aren’t going to use it?
    2. Why put a porous dental bib on top of a non-porous surface (under the contaminated tool bin)? Where’s the logic there?
    3. Why are there non-sterile jewelry-manipulating tools hung on the wall?
    4. Why is the customer’s shirt and pants protected with bibs but his hands aren’t?
    5. Are those paper clips holding his bib going to be sterilized? What’s with all the swabs? Swabs? SWABS?
    6. You know, you CANNOT wash your hands correctly, nor don and remove gloves correctly with loose bracelets and watches on.
    7. Sharps container directly OVER the contaminated tool bid that’s inches from a hand sink with nothing to prevent cross contamination or other dangerous accidents.

    I’m done now. Sorry, I’m such a dick when it comes to such obvious stuff.

  10. …and I’m SO GLAD I can’t see what’s on the “set-up” shelf? behind their heads.

  11. I have now seen a lot of tongue splites and it looks like almost everyone bleed, when I did mine it didnt bleed at all, strange…

  12. Hot guy. AHH to the mod, though… I wanna get it done, but… ah! Not gunna happen. Lol. Very cool, though. :D

  13. Kelli: JLo has valid points. Sterility and cross-contamination are serious issues in body modification.

  14. Nobody’s cool when they’re hooked up to a dialysis machine because they didn’t seek out a qualified artist and ended up with Hep C & D.

  15. I didn’t nosy into the aseptic-ness of the room as JLo, but the bib thing did get me.

    And I also don’t trust the black gloves. Never have and never will!

  16. With hepatitis, I would be worried more about liver failure. And the bibs might not be porous. We have some at the hospital that have the same material on each side (to absorb blood) but have a non-porous core.

  17. Horseshoot: I can almost guarantee you that the majority of piercing and tattoo studios do NOT carry proper non-porous sterile drape sheets,etc….although they SHOULD.

    solocard: gloves are gloves, so long as they are proper medical examination gloves….hell you can get proper med examination gloves that have rainbows on them, whatever you want if you got the right kind of money.

    My main concern is that they ARE medical examination gloves and not proper sterile gloves, which are what SHOULD be used every time one does an surgical based modification such as tongue splits, implants…Heck even when piercing ideally sterile gloves SHOULD be worn.

    Ps: JLo….You’re awesome dude…Thank you for pointing out ALL those flaws in the pics, they definitely needed pointing out *nods*

  18. I didn’t do this for myself. And I didn’t do it to cause trouble for the guys in the photo either. Hell, I did some pretty crappy stuff early in my career. By pointing out the problems, both piercers and customers might think DIFFERENTLY the next time they go to work or to a shop. That’s all. I think critiquing photos is a GREAT teaching tool and opportunity to discover.

    Viral hepatitis (swelling of the liver) can result in the need for dialysis too, not just kidney failure.

    J-Lo is ugly and her music sucks…my music doesn’t suck. LOL

  19. what people need to understand is a few things here…
    1. im not really a random customer, i work there..know and trust him…
    2. the bib on my shirt was not held on by a paper clip and there would be no need to sterilize them if theyre going to be thrown immediately out
    3. this picture was taken a bit after the actual procedure so his gloves have been changed by now although i do understand and agree with a few of the things that have been said about this picture..
    4. the reason there were so many swabs on the tray is just because… no real reason and they were never used
    5. the milk jug was used because we saw no problem with it, it was cleaned sprayed etc. before and thrown out after

    im fine, no problems, no complaints..

    BUT i do understand and agree with alot of what was said

  20. I do thank you tho, JLO for all of that because honestly some of the stuff can be dealt with and i will deal with it…rearanging and shit like that…
    so thank you

  21. I can’t wait to get mine split. I’ll have to travel though because it’s illegal in CT (so i’ve been told) This will mean a good amount of searching for a great shop.

  22. yup thats twitch I tattoo him, Thats one of the guys he works with at the shop in philly… and christ its ok for someone to hack their dick off with a steak knife and these two try to be clean about it and you give them shit….

    Douchebaggednes… check

  23. Sombody said it was unsanitary to use an empty milk jug to catch the blood? It’s not touching his tongue, If you’re worried about that, you should be worried about the fact that they’re wearing clothes! The piercer could have been in those same clothes all day! OH MY GOODNESS ME!

  24. LOL. The thing about changing his clothes…I’m tired and for some reason I think in 10 years piercers are going to have to wear full body biohazard suits…talk about mobility issues like screwing one of thosedamn balls on in a full suit? Just funny right now :p

  25. DTM: you’re honestly comparing two different situations.

    “someone hacking their dick off with a steak knife” is vastly different to someone who is qualified and should be knowledgeable enough to do things in a proper aspetic technique,etc.

    In my opinion that’s like comparing apples and oranges.

    Personally I would say its never ok for someone to hack their dick off with a steak knife…and as was pointed out there was definitely some improper things pointed out…Which as people who work in shops, are piercers,etc…they should know how to properly do something like this.

  26. I think people need to realize that JLo was offering creative criticism and that it served a purpose. Studios that preform mods that have high risk have to hold themselves to a standard similar to a hospital imo.

    i.e. I had a cut open up on my foot. This was a minor small wound but now my foot is infected and if I hadn’t gotten it checked out and gotten on antibiotics it could have gotten very serious incredibly fast. This was a small cut on my foot never mind cutting a tongue in half.

  27. no need to get hostile guys…also to point out there are quite a few studios that require the piercers/staff to wear certain uniformed clothing that are specifically have them laundered nightly properly. That way they are not wearing street clothes when they are working on people. Not so much as haz-mats suits, but in my opinion is a lot nicer than having someone who’s got holes all in their clothes, wearing watches, rings, wrist bands,etc,etc.

    You can still express yourself artistically and what not, yet still maintain some type of professionalism.

    also jesse compare this picture to the other pictures posted…even video…go back enough and you’ll see a procedure performed by Russ Foxx, where there was virtually zero blood loss….So in my opinion if it can be done without filling up a cut up milk jug with blood thus reducing in bio-hazardous waste, why not do it the much cleaner way?

  28. Most tongue splits I’ve seen first hand are pretttty much drip-free when it comes to blood.
    There’s a risk of bleeding ANY time you open the skin let alone cutting the tongue in half, but having blood drooling out in the open into a container is a little excessive.
    I’d pack some gauze between there for a few minutes and switch it out till it starts to clot let alone allow it pour down someone’s chin into my studio. .

  29. Twitchard, I’m glad you’re not offended. I need to learn to type in a less confrontational-sounding manner. Probably would have prevented a lot of the hostile comments.

    If anyone wants my input on shop set up or room set up, feel free to send me pics of your work areas and I’ll offer my opinions. [email protected]

  30. I do tongue splits start to finish, fully sutured, with 6 or less pieces of 3×3″ gauze and no blood spillage at all. I always wonder if other people just let the bleeding go just for gory pictures. Seems silly to me.

  31. #13, would it be more sanitary to let the blood drip onto the floor?
    Its not like he’s going to re-use the bloody milk carton, is it?

  32. #57, i wanted to bleed, it was my request simply because i have never bled like that before and wanted to experience it..last mintue decision so we chose a cleaned out bleached out milk carton to catch it since it would never be used again

  33. That’s what i’d hoped. I’ve seen tongue splits done with blood everywhere and never understood why people didn’t learn how to do them more cleanly. My problem with publishing the really bloody pics. is that’s what will help medical professionals and legislators decide how dangerous it must be.

  34. i know little about tongue splitting and less about legislators, but i do know i’d rather look at his bloody mouth in all it’s glory than his tongue packed with gauze :)

  35. damn looks super rad..i wish i could have that done…but i have a super short tongue, it was a huge hassle to have my dual tongue piercings and had to remove them. i’m sure this procedure would be a hassle for me too.

  36. I have to agree with you xPUREx…afterall it is illegal to split a tongue in NYC and other states…and of course the gory blood shots aren’t helping the cause.

    #59: that’s ok that you wanted to experience,etc…However the individual who did the procedure should have pointed out health protocols and that it was not a good idea, especially to document said bleeding everywhere.

    Since it was pointed out in the comments section, as to where this was done…I just hope the Philly health department doesn’t catch wind of this…As far as I know, Philly has some of the more strictest guidelines for piercing studios,etc. I forget their rules in regards to Tongue Splits,etc though….But by finding this type of picture, could definitely put the situation for future tongue splits in Philly, to be non-existent.

  37. warren, i had to laugh when i read your post. i’ve never been pierced in philly, but i was shocked they are so strick. every time we visit i notice how grimy and grungy alot of the places are – my grampa doesn’t call it filthy-delphia for nothing! and still i love it dearly – fatness and dirtiness and all…

  38. we went over how it could have been a problem wit hthe bleeding and such, i still opted to bleed knowing my body and trusting i would be okay..and i was

    and danny was mistaken with the citties, its not philly

  39. I got mine done today! I’ll be doing a “journal” of the healing process (with a schnitz load of pictures) and send it to Shannon when it will be completed, hopefully he’ll post it around here…

  40. I really like this picture…not only are they both adorable, but the entire feeling of it is great. They both look so happy. :) Super cool.

  41. I don’t normally like ths sight of blood (what am I doing on here?!?) but oh my god that is hot.

  42. Tongue splits are for those who want them, but not for me. In fact, I find it ironic that I bit my tongue in half as a teen (lengthwise, baseball accident) and went out of my way to make it heal. Still, though, there’s an obvious scar along the center of my tongue where the bite (tear?) used to be. And though I didn’t really think about it until I started spending mucho time on BME, it’s almost perfectly straight (the tip is a teensy bit offcenter)- just to ask, would any of the modders here say that occurred because the muscle of the tongue ‘pushed’ my teeth to bite where the tissue was weakest naturally?

  43. Whoa. Both way too hot.
    The blood is hot, too. Ugh…I need to be left alone for a few minutes.

  44. Anybody know where I can get a scalpel-n-suture in the Eastern USA? Preferably, but not exclusively, from an oral surgeon? I live on the Eastern shore of Maryland, but will travel hundreds of miles if necessary. I’ve been trying to get a safe body mod here, but it’s proven very frustrating, and I don’t want to resort to doing it myself (which I would do before going to some unsterile place like the one in this pic; at least I know there’s no hep-C in my house). Even help on where to get a self-made cut sutured would be a major break. Thx :)

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