27 thoughts on “Jawline Spikes

  1. Actually, that sort of thing isn’t that bad. I have labia rings (lots of them!) and they’re not all that difficult to shave. I’d actually be more concerned about sleeping than anything else.

  2. That must look cool when he eats/talks as they’ll move above and beneath his jawline and flap up and down.

  3. @7: That’s the major reason i took almost all of the metal out of my body; dangly metal bits + full contact martial arts = teh fucking sucks. :/

  4. #10 – I am slack lazy but wouldn’t replacing 6 pieces of jewelry be a pain in the ass!

  5. I know that guy, when I met him he only had one side done. I like the visual effect, but cant help to think that this particular mod can get a little too uncomfortable.

  6. yeah! i was hoping this got modblogged when i saw the horns posted by emilio the other day!

    i think this looks soooo fucking cool! and its so hot on him too!

  7. It would be cool to put little LEDs on them in a club. Or at night in a dark street, and scare the tramps.

  8. My real worry would be falling on something and getting stuck, I mean it’d take alot of force to drive those into a piece of wood, but once they’re in it’d suck. Nice idea all the same.

  9. lol @ 21. that’s brilliant! What about like getting pushed hard into a plasterboard wall hahah brilliant.


    2nd Gen. Tico here. Glad that CR is being represented on Mod Blog.

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