23 thoughts on “Y-Incision

  1. You could go all authentic go to a coroner and get them to draw exactly where it should be on you haha.

  2. I know that chick through a mutual friend.

    Most of her tattoos are pretty sweet.

  3. I liked the idea of this until we had to watch an autopsy in class. now it just makes me think of the emotionless breaking of bones and ripping of fat and muscles and organs being tossed into bowls.. eeeep

  4. when did y-incisions become the new fad? I’ve seen at the very least a y-incision scarification and a y-incision microdermal project recently on modblog alone.

  5. I don’t mean to be a total nitpick, but technically, there’s no such thing as an autopsy scar. Dead bodies don’t scar. 🙂

  6. That’s why it’s funny to have an autopsy scar, as I do. It’s called a joke if any modblog commenters have heard of such a thing before. It always makes me smile.

  7. um. its unfinished. i did it in a mirror stick n’ poke style.
    its supposed to compliment the scissors.
    i think i mis-labled it too. its autopsy stitches.

  8. i’ve gotta say that i really like the irony of the phrase “autopsy scar”. i.e. you get an autopsy if you’re dead and if you’re dead you can’t heal/scar.

  9. Dosn’t look like a scar at all, just dotted lines for good measure…. haha… so saying her tattoo is one of a “scar” is confusing at best.

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