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  1. The slash goes before the word in the close code>_> So that should be . So yeah, that was all I could think when I saw the picture.

  2. Vicky, I’m with you on that. Unless that’s written in a language that is not HTML (and my knowledge of HTML is really only rudimentary).

  3. This is meant to be XML and the slash after the word makes it an empty-element tag, not a close tag.

    So er… yeah. fail.

  4. are the letters meant to be a little imperfect? i like the effect, but i wasn’t sure if it was a computer thing i didn’t get.

  5. Actually, the slash at the end of the tag is correct syntax. A tag that doesn’t enclose anything, such as <br> is not technically correct; it should actually appear as <br />. See XHTML 1.0 at w3.org.

  6. Hey, good to see the ol’ hometown on ModBlog! I got my first ink at Redline Tattoo in Fresno- anyone know if they’re still around?

    Like the tags!

  7. Not being a web design nerd, can someone explain this to me? I love these sort of code jokes but I never get them. XD

  8. I love it when people (a la “swift”) make comments in which they think they’re showing off how smart they are, but actually end up doing the opposite.

  9. Since everyones focused the writing I thought i’d point out that the placement is really cool for a simple text tattoo.

  10. I have no idea what this means but I think its cute with perfect placement.Wish my stomach looked like hers 🙂

  11. I love that people are getting arrogant when there’s a nice little link up there explaining it.

    but, now, will someone tell me what an “terminated empty element” is…?

    and to make sure, the tattoo is saying: “begin creation, end destruction”, right?

  12. #24, Begin creation is right but interpreting is a bit tougher. In literal code it means apply destruction but its not applied to anything specific but it doesn’t mean end destruction.

    To be honest it would be cool to hear what Julie wants it to mean as it could mean a lot.

  13. 1. that tattoo is really, really wonderful.
    2. LOVE the placement!
    3. my inner geek just went *glee* for a few moments.
    4. i want to kiss her belly.

  14. Phro… My interpretation of this tattoo is that creation is an opening tag with no ending in sight, whereas destruction is a singular tag with a clear ending, rather than the two tags being implicitly a single statement as you’ve suggested. But I’m not sure if Julie would agree.

  15. I read the same as Shannon, roughly… creation is a beginning with infinite possibilities, but you can only destroy something once.

    I’ll also join the ranks giggling at the “hey, that slash is in the wrong place!” comments, even though my own xhtml is half a decade old I got this!!

  16. #10.. yes Redline is still open and a great shop…

    I love the tattoo and just wish that the piercings that come out of Eternal were as good as their tattoos.

  17. thats clever. i just had to wrap my mind around the start tag and the empty element tag, at first glance i read syntax error

  18. maybe the empty element tag is there as a symbolic meaning that destruction is empty or leads to emptiness as a whole or soemthing idunno, i odnt knowwhat im saying here, carry on

  19. Dookie – Um, so if someone comes to a forum and insults the person in the entry and by so doing shows their own ignorance, that somehow makes me the bad guy? You really think that the “ethical” thing to do is to support someone’s “right” to insult people without being questioned? That’s completely ridiculous.

  20. You really think that the “ethical” thing to do is to support someone’s “right” to insult people without being questioned?

    Um…….no…..but saying

    I love it when people (a la “swift”) make comments in which they think they’re showing off how smart they are, but actually end up doing the opposite

    I’nt quite questioning it now, is it?

  21. Dookie – “Swift” came here and insulted the person in the photo by bragging that they were smarter than them. However, instead they showed that they were not smarter, leaving only a stupid person who came here to insult someone. I feel ZERO responsibility to support that.

  22. In that case……let the person IN THE PHOTO…stand up for themselves…..its not your responsibility to fight their fight shannon……i assume that they, or someone they know, know about modblog, and i also assume that they know they’ve been blogged so i assume that they would see for themselves….so THEREFORE i assume that they would stand up for themselves, and if they dont, thats their problem. NOT yours

  23. Hey guys thanks for all the comments. To explain my tattoo, it kinda goes with two quotes:
    “The opposite of war isn’t peace, its creation.”
    “An it harm none, do what thou wilt.”
    To answer your questions, the tattoo means that creation is a definable element, while destruction lacks substance, if you will. The fact that the slash is on the end instead of the beginning means that it is an empty element. So what the tattoo is trying to say to people is that creation is stable, defined, and has values attached. Destruction is an empty element, with no values. It exists as a concept and title, but contains and creates nothing (in life). Kapeesh? 🙂

  24. Archetype- seeing as how your not expressing your view point on what shannon and i are talking about, you can “shut up” yourself and just comment on the tattoo….otherwise express your viewpoint then mayyyyybe ill talk to you

  25. Honestly I think there are so many hidden meanings that can be gathered from this tat, but not one interpretation of those meanings change this simple fact: Geek tats on chicks are hot.

  26. At first I thought the tattoo was wrong (XML wise), but we could interpret it as:

    Creation begins, but never ends.
    Destruction is empty (or finite).

    Which makes a whole lot of sense 🙂

    What I remember is “” for “Begin love, end hate”, which is syntaxically incorrect. Either way, big geek that I am, I would not get XML inked on me. But that’s just me 🙂

  27. this is very cool!
    I wish I could come up
    with something creative
    like that!

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