Buddy Tattoos

Kels says, “you rock”, and Sourlikewhoa says, “you rule”! The tattoos were done for them by Jimmy at My Tattoo Shop (appropriately, “the home of the 2-for-1 tattoos”) in Hollywood, Florida.


Along the same lines, these “Sweet” and “Dude” Dude, Where’s My Car inspired buddy tattoos done by Jay Jay at Canvas Tattoo in Prior Lake, NM…


14 thoughts on “Buddy Tattoos

  1. awww, I love the “you rock”/”you rule” one. So sweet and nice and a little bit geeky to – appeals to me on so many levels!

  2. Adorable! Although, I have to ask: why isn’t the rock looking at the ruler? It’s talking to Sourlikewhoa’s butt instead.

  3. Aww, fully digging the rock and rule tat. I feel so jealous, I wish I had a buddy…

  4. Oh that’s great, I really like those tatts 🙂
    They’de be great even for lovers, I reckon, just very playful!

  5. I’m sourlikewhoa & the inside joke with the rock looking down is because Kels constantly looks at my butt & she says everyone does too, so both the ruler & the rock are staring at my tush, not so much at each other.

    I’m so excited about being modblogged!

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