Well Healed Hand Web Piercing

An old customer of Justin Sanchez’s — Miss Kat — came in to visit him at Ink Bomb Tattoo in Seattle, when she showed him her old hand web piercing. It’s completely healed and very solid — she’s had it now for over seven years. It’s one of my favorite piercings as well and seeing this example makes me want to go get it again…


30 thoughts on “Well Healed Hand Web Piercing

  1. That’s awesome. The hand web had always been my favorite piercing. It was the second one I got, unfortunately it rejected after six months.

  2. Sorry to potentially sound ignorant, but wouldn’t this get caught on stuff a lot?

  3. maybe lex, but youd prolly get used to avoiding stuff… like some navel and ear stuff and clothing.

    i think this would make a rad alternative sort of wedding ring!

  4. That’s lovely. An awful lot of patience and care must have gone into that for it to last so long. My piercer won’t a hand web piercing for me & I don’t want to go to anyone else, so I suppose I’ll have to keep trying to persuade him …

  5. i had a hand web piercing between the little and ring finger…
    it looked awesome, i took real good care of it, but it got infected and swollen and i had to remove it :[

  6. Gah, now I might ‘try my hand’ at it… I’ve loved the look since i first saw one.

    I always used to push needles ‘through the skin’ but not pierce, if you get me, in that area when I was really young too.

    Must buy tea tree oil first, though.

  7. This piercing ALWAYS makes my hand hurt just LOOKING at it. That is really well healed, though. But…OWWWWWW.

  8. When I was little I used to take safety pins and pierce my hand web with them. I’d wear them for a couple hours and then take the safety pin out and let it heal over.

    Incidentally, I’m not very fond of the piercing. I think it was just one of the easiest places for me to pierce myself.

  9. What gauge is that? It looks fantastic. Is it true that cbrs heal better in handwebs rather than barbells?

  10. Can’t say I really had a preference for this piercing before this post but I consider myself a fan now. Although I think the bead is a little weird I really dig how it looks with larger gauge jewelry. Thanks Miss Kat!

  11. I didn’t think about it right away, but if you think about how hard some CBRs are to get in… how the heck would you do that with one hand? I mean, you could just have someone change the jewelry for you… but dang… Looks really great!

  12. Now, that second one would have made a great “guess that anatomy” shot. We would all have bent over backwards trying to figure out how it’s a cock, that nobody would have recognized it! 😉

  13. For some reason i cant get the thought of “holy shit that must hurt” out of my head… yet i dont think that about any other piercings :S

  14. Oh wow…I’m jealous. This one looks absolutely fabulous.

    Mine lasted ten days…it wasn’t as much infection as fistula/scar tissue forming that made me take it out. It started to hamper my thumbs’ ability to move freely.

    Now I got a microdermal there, a bit further into the hand, n everything is fine n dandy 🙂

  15. I want this so much!

    I think gloves would interfere with it though, at least while it’s healing, so it’s a no go for now…

  16. whats the secret to getting it to heal??

    my friends have had theirs done and none of them lasted more than a few month,s if that.


  17. and this I believe is one of the best viable ways to heal a hand web piercing…Sadly most piercers are using gauge sizes like 16ga or 14ga,etc…But this is clearly a much larger gauge size, which gives it a lot more stability and viability.

    I believe I remember once talking with Blair about hand web piercings and he explaining this to me…Although he also suggested that the thumb and index finger idea isn’t always too great but in the index and middle finger webbing is the more ideal option…

    The story is a bit foggy though as that was around the time of getting my finger brands done so I was a bit “in the zone” from being branded lol

  18. I have my web for two years now. First year was HARD. It was pierced too high so got rejected more than half cm and fortunately stoped. Now there’s a scar leading to my web piercing. i’ll try to uploade pic soon.

  19. I’ve kind of always wanted one, but I would go crazy without being able to play my guitar while it healed.

  20. I pierced this myself once and got bored of it so cut it then it healed up pretty well.

    I’m going to do it again in the future.

  21. wow thanks for posting My lil ole hand web piercing… the ball (bead) is to represent Ice… My nick name of many years.. it took about 4 months to heal completely.. and yes hurt like hell.. but its painful to have beautiful body mods.. I deal with it.. thanks to every that posted and contact Me or Justin if Y’all are ever in seattle and want it done.. ps.. its an 8ga..
    ~Miss Kat

  22. What size gauge is thus best to have done with? I had mine done but don’t think the piercer knew what she was doing, I only had it in for 2months :’( really want it again. I showed a different piercer and they said they should have used a bigger gauge otherwise (like mine) it causes a cheese wire effect…any ideas? I can’t find any info anywhere, please help, I think it’s the gauge that makes the difference.

  23. I just did a ten gauge in my hand web I honestly think from past piercings it is all about location, care and jewelry material The body is meant to reject all foreign objects in the skin so in reality you could have it for 6 years and the piercing could still get infected and reject I will keep you updated on mine 😉

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