25 thoughts on “Houseflies

  1. They look great. Microdermal doesn’t look half bad either, though I don’t think i’d much like being pierced in that location.

  2. Love, love, love. I’m thinking about adding flies to my own insect tattoo collection.

  3. I love that someone’s tattoos can make me see the beauty in something I generally find repulsive.

  4. These are very nice!

    I have a fly on my arm too along with a lot of other characters… He’s the freind of a bee on my arm.

  5. It is amazing that houseflies can make such a beautiful tattoo, they arent exactly a subject that springs to mind when i think of cool tatt’s. The shading work, and i suppose just the whole tattoo is phenominal… really impressed by this, and the microdermal just sits so well with them.

  6. they really remind me of isaac brock (lead singer of modest mouse)sleeve,
    very nice, excellent shading

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