Regrets? I’ve had a few…

I got an interesting email from a reader that describes themselves as an “executive professional” who has to hide his tattoos at work, so he’s never shared these with almost anyone in his life. Ever since he was small, he felt an overpowering drive to become heavily tattooed, and, without feeling socially able to visit a tattoo studio, he took matters into his own hands with india ink and a needle. He’s now looking to have the tattoos professionally repaired, but here are a couple photos from the journey so far.


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25 thoughts on “Regrets? I’ve had a few…

  1. i wonder what it’ll look like after the tattooist repairs it.

    i think a lot of black work and white ink would be great

  2. I wonder why he felt he couldn’t visit a studio. Did he think he was too clean cut to be accepted? Was afraid of ‘outing’ himself (doubtful)? It’s just hard to imagine why, and I’d love to find out.

  3. I have a few hand poked india ink tattoos. My first tattoo at age 22 (I’m now 42) was done with india ink. I was never poisoned, but the ink quality was crap. The black looks blue now, whereas professional tattoos I had done around the same time are still black. I have also hand poked with tattoo ink, and it remained black. YMMV.

  4. I’m glad he’s gotten at ease enough to see a pro and get the work he’s always dreamed of =)

  5. i really hope he gets what he’s after – and that is by far not the worst at-home tattoo job i’ve ever seen… for india ink, a needle, and no real clue, i think he managed well enough.

  6. Yeah, I agree with #8, I’ve seen much worse. It’s not great, but not nearly as bad as it could be. I can understand why he’d want to fix them though.

  7. I’ve seen worse, done in a crappy studio. Hope he gets some great work done. Besides, a long sleeve shirt and no one will ever know it’s there as long as he doesn’t venture to face/neck and hands.

  8. i really like how organic it looks, like the patterns are in line with his body. i did my first DIY tattoo when i was 11, and while it’s smaller and easier to cover up, it doesn’t look that ugly/beautiful.

  9. I understand and like the idea behind the tattoo on the left picture, if he’d used a circle stamp to “line out” before starting to poke it could have been a very nice tattoo.

  10. I actually quite like how both of these look. The circles on the left almost look like they’ve been done in crayon and the mottling effect on the right is lovely.

  11. I really like the first one, I think the uneven circles does nothing but add to the charm of it. But that’s just me.. Good luck with getting it fixed up anyways Mr, if you read this.. :)

  12. yea.. actually what happened between the 2 pics?
    it faded and smudged overtime or he added more ink himself?

  13. i think he added more ink and kept working on it. i thought the two picks where just a part of his “evolution,” you know?

  14. isnt india ink just carbon black in a water-based medium?

    either way it sucks that he feels/felt unable to go and get professional work. some white ink over that would look pretty cool.

  15. I feel like this just goes to show how a desire to modify yourself is really innate in some people regardless of everything else going on in their life.

  16. i think obviously those tattoos don’t really look that great abstractly compared to photos of other people’s flesh on this site, but I bet if you saw the dude, it would be a whole different story. I think it’s great that he did this to himself and anyway it’s a lot more interesting of a design than a lot of pros come up with

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