Homer Simpson Escapes

When Madelyn‘s best friend moved to Florida, they had her boyfriend James Buey do matching tattoos on them. Because they used to sit around quoting Homer Simpson, that’s what she decided to get — I’m posting it because I like the take on the old “[insert tattoo cliche here] ripping out of the skin” theme, with Homer eating his way out of her leg.


28 thoughts on “Homer Simpson Escapes

  1. i like it alot! its very well done. havent seen many “eating their way out” tattoos that were this well executed.

  2. not something I would personally have done, but I have to say it does look very cool and it did make me smile when I first saw it.

  3. i’m the girl with the matching tattoo! the artist is James Buie from Inksmith and Rogers!

  4. hehehehe comical yet cliche.
    #8 its called a high/prenounced arch (cant remember medical name) basically where the bone on the foot well it arches up lol. You can also see it on the foot closest to us as well. tis normal.

  5. I do have a very high arch. I have to wear special orthotics or I get terrible back and knee pain. I’m assured its very common.

  6. when my best friend moved to florida we got matching tattoos, too.
    though i way prefer ours to homer simpson eating my leg.

  7. hehehe… That big toe is made of donut. 🙂
    And I think I’d be okay with Homer time-space tearing through my ankle.

  8. Homer is awesome, but I’m absolutely in love with her mermaid tattoo. Is there any chance of seeing a larger version of that one??

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