What is it with unicorns?

So way back in the early days of ModBlog I posted the unicorn with a hard-on. Then I posted the so-called “white power” unicorn, and then the unicorn shitting a rainbow. Jake saw this and wrote in,

“I figured I’d send this one along your way. I had this created for the logo of my band Children of the Unicorn and it was so fucking fly that I needed to get it on my arm, and then this shot ended up as our album cover… funny how it works sometimes. Enjoy!”


29 thoughts on “What is it with unicorns?

  1. @ Dave:

    …shit concept?

    I don’t think we’ve been even told what the concept is. Care to explain?

  2. I would have at least taken a picture that wasn’t bloody if I was going to use it as an album cover.

  3. OMG, I saw your sticker on the lid of a trash can in Washington Sq. Park! I thought it was awesome so I took a picture.

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