Heart Implant Procedure

For those who come here to see someone get their face cut up, here’s a silicone heart being implanted into a cheek — the incision, which you can see after the break, seems quite large. Hopefully I’ll follow this up with a healed shot later.



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21 thoughts on “Heart Implant Procedure

  1. That looks like a pretty large, jagged incision… And it looks like it goes right into her hairline. And is that dried blood around her earlobe… Sheesh.

  2. as long as she’s not prone to big lumpy keloid scars that should look bitchin when it be all healed :)

  3. If the scar is meant to be under her hairline, shouldn’t the hair be shaved back a bit before the incision is made?

  4. It’s not the neatest cut I’ve ever seen but I’m not experienced in performing implant procedures, the suturing could be tidier too in my opinion.

  5. I don’t know much about surgery but isn’t hair slipping into an open incision like that a good way to cause an infection?

  6. I just have to ask – who thinks this might cause problems with the parotid gland over time? Also, I have to say that I feel a bit iffy about the location of the incision – like some people have pointed out, this is not hidden, and it would literally only require a cm move (or so) for it to be hidden by hair. Nope, this is not the highest quality modwork I have seen.. Just my negative two cents..

  7. It’s so close to the hair anyway it seems it would’ve been just as easy to shave it back and hide the cut there. But I’m not doctor or mod artist-just seems like common sense.

  8. i have a heart implanted under my eye in that area and its a pretty big heart

    we didn’t have to make that big of a cut and it wasn’t hard to put the incision a little into my hair like so you could barely see it

    people ask me all the time about them cause you cant tell at all where i had them put in

  9. i have a cross implanted right in that same place, but the inscision was made on scarification that already existed!

  10. Pauly: same right here dude. I have multiple facial implants, same location.

    We took a lot of care to not have any hair near/around the location and we also made sure that it was just inside the hair-line (which is nicer tissue and easier to hide the scar).

    It’s a little frightening to see a wad of bloody-hair that close to the incision, but I’m assuming that the artist took care in the silicone insertion and checked for hairs afterwards.

    Here’s waiting for non-blurry fresh pics of the implant, healing pics and healed pics.

  11. I think hair surrounding implant sites has been discussed before in modblog – doctors/surgeons dont think to seem it a problem…

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