Nala’s Piercings

Nala has an interesting genital piercing, which you can see after the break and at full resolution on BME. All of her piercings are DIY and in 12ga, and of the genital work she explains, “my genital piercings pass through my labium majora and converge into my vagina,” so they’re sort of high/deep outer labia piercings.



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41 thoughts on “Nala’s Piercings

  1. That just doesnt look safe(or comfertable)
    power to her for the guts to experiment though!

  2. DIY? That’s hardcore! I’ve seen picture of hers before and always wondered how it works… I had assumed some sort of surface/microdermal.

  3. They do look uncomfortable or like they would possibly snag often on clothing, but they’re very unusual looking and intriguing. I like them, but I’d like to see a closer view of where the inside beads sit. Kudos for the DIY piercings, it’s pretty bold and must have been difficult to get them both lined up so well since they are so deep. They look great though. A VCH would make a nice triangle from the sides too!

  4. I know I will probably be vilified for even mentioning it, but she has an amazing body! I really like her piercings, and am very curious to see the other ends of those barbells, but on a whole, she has absolutely fantastic breasts and a body to match. Yum.

  5. sooo pretty :0
    but i agree, the navel looks shallow, wonder if it was pierced that way,or migrated like mine?

  6. She is absolutely one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen! I really want to know how she did that piercing too. :)

  7. I totally think you need to get her onto IAM, that looks like the Vag version of my Horizontal tongue and i’ll bet just as rare to see healed :)

  8. She’s gorgeous and props to her for being DIY. I’d also like to know just where the beads sit inside on her genital piercing.

  9. ooh she was always one of my fave SG girls. Liked when she had violet straight hair… those are some crazy piercings look great though!!

  10. Hmmm….16g nipples Meredith? Not really the best choice there. Can anyone say cheese grater? Owwww!

    If you are gonna DIY (I do), you should research your anatomy! IMO 16g is too small for a nipple…what do others think? I would even consider 14g pushing it!

    But on this subject matter…..these piercings look fantastic! The genital ones are so interesting, they look really healthy too. The nipples look perfect, awesome DIY! Kudos! :)

  11. I LOVE the genital work! It kind of gives the impression you’re looking at two off-centre christinas. I seriously dig this.

  12. damn love the genital piercing. wonder what it feels like?? but it feels great.

  13. the old school tattoo and the sorta unique piercing are a neat-o combination..

  14. The genital piercings are neat.

    This may sound odd, but the nipple piercings are exceptionally well placed.

  15. Oh, yum. She’s INCREDIBLE. I really, really want to touch her boobs. I’m sorry. :( :D

  16. I remember going to local SG parties years ago and seeing her around. Very nice girl, and I was always struck by the fact that she’s absolutely as gorgeous in person as she is in any and all of her photos.

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