BME Logo Scar

Newwound has just opened up a studio of his own, Third Eye Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia, and recently did a DIY cutting on himself of the classic BME logo — this took him four hours to do. There’s a finished photo after the break. Because of all the curves and linework, it can’t have been an easy piece to do DIY with good consistency — from his post on it:

I nearly passed out a couple of times — I’ve never actually passed out… It hurt a wee bit, and I all most didn’t finish it. I was shaking for the last hour or so, but still, I think I did good… Some lines aren’t finished I’ve only really just noticed and a few dodgey bits, but hey. I learnt a lot like — what a four hour session is like, and tight curves are hard and need to be done kinda slowly, the inside for your leg really really hurts, and I’m in control. I’m pretty sure the bigger part of me was telling me to not do it, do it smaller, do two sessions and please stop.



36 thoughts on “BME Logo Scar

    GRRRR **manly face**, well done! definately well worth it, looks amazing!

  2. Wow, impressive!! Especially with all the detail, and from his point of view he’s cutting it upside-down… that can’t have been easy… major props to you, dude!!

  3. Oh ke bueno. Yo me hice un skin removal de sepultura en la pierna y tarde komo 5 horas. Le verdad ke se aprende mucho haciendotelo tu mismo.

  4. It looks really good, and wow, I could never ever do a DIY on myself. I mean, I would want to, but yeah, it’s one thing to let someone else hurt you, but to yourself.. eeeeeeek.

  5. This just makes me wanna get a classic logo tattoo….and maybe thats just what i’ll do. =]

  6. i could never have done that. seriously pushes ones limits and what one can accomplish! well done timb! very awsome!!

  7. I have 600+ photos of me doing it thanks to Brentley Frazer. I did intend to remove the whole tattooed part of the face but I was seriously over it at 11pm. I’ve got a bad back thanks to do it. Thank you every one for your comments. I won’t be doing it again any time soon…

  8. Hey newwound, the cutting is really good, i dont think i could watch a cutting for four hours let alone do it myself..
    I’m from melbourne, and wondering if you can give me any more info on your new studio, thanks!

  9. I looked before I read.

    I thought, wow, those are some crappy lines.

    Then I read…and well, I’m impressed! That would be VERY hard to do on yourself without anesthetics. I wouldn’t be able to do it.

    Hats off to you.

  10. i read the quote before the explanation (why i have to do things ass backwards i’ll never know) and couldn’t figure out why he was so proud of making it through, and then i realized he was doing that to himself. hot damn, he’s the coolest ever! i think it looks really good.

  11. compared to the other scarifications ive seen on here (a few!) this one looks kind of inflamed. weird.

    talk about mind over matter!!

  12. inflamed?… nope healthy as. Maybe it’s the picture… I don’t see what you mean… There are a couple of deeper cuts which happened when I was trying to work through the shock.

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