22 thoughts on “Datura Neck Piece

  1. thats puurrrdy!
    i think this guy would really suit a septum ring! a big fat one lol

  2. yep, this one is something special (:
    !X! Dredlocks and big lobes !X!, I disagree with you, buddy. I think he looks great without face piercing mods.

  3. personally i think he’d look cool with a vertical surface piercing on his forhead… just me though, lol

  4. Im not sure, but I think that most plants in the Datura genus are moth pollinated. They lack the characteristic pollinator syndrome of hummingbird pollinated flowers which are usually red and have a long thin floral tube.

  5. Datura also tends to be, aside from a hummingbird (or moth) species, more identified as the drug Jimson weed too…

  6. Those are gorgeous tattoos. I’m entirely biased as I adore blackwork tattoos and find very special meaning with the datura species and have them tattooed on my shoulder, but the way the tattoo flows on his body I think embodies a lot of the beauty of the flower.

    I’m also curious to know why this flower was chosen, as it’s kind of an unusual choice for a tattoo and yet has so many different meanings around the world.

  7. Dave: The plants in the genus Datura contains tropane alkaloids like atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine. Theres no DMT in Datura spp.

  8. never judge anybody on their choice of psychoactives, people.

    anywho, datura piece, fucking stunning. no facial piercings for you. you dont need them.

  9. Anyone else thinking that he sort of looks like a tattooed Gordon Freeman (protagonist from the Half-Life video game series)?

  10. #4 True that! Most Datura are nocturnal flowering and usually last about an evening…tho some will continue on if it’s not too warm in the day (the plant itself likes it warm). Some are day-flowering…I think the related Brugmansia’s are. I grow various Datura here in south Texas (a bit TOO warm for the pendant Brugs). Got species from Mexico and India and a few threw out double and triple flowers last year.

    Always loved nightshades. Never tried the high, tho.
    And of course I love LOVE the tattoo. Just beautiful *sigh*

  11. i would compare dmt too pcp about as soon as I would crack and acid..but everyone has their own comfort zone in life-
    His work suits him so well– I love to see that- it is inspiring work really.

  12. you wouldn’t want to eat datura as a narcotic, it’s extremely easy to overdose on even a small piece. apparently the best way is to boil it and then drink a small amount of the water. at least, that’s how charles manson liked to do it…

  13. The piece is multi-layered in concept as it is as well in the work. First off history, I have a large tattoo on my chest of the nazca plains ‘hummingbird’. Which was done early on in my ‘modding’ years by an apprentice. I had always dreamt of a fantastic work paralleling the hummingbird. I had ideas of a reverse root system, invasive species such as Japanese honeysuckle and species and habitat specific flowers. I decided to go with some hybridization and artist rendering of speciesspecific flowers on my chest and neck. To name a few off the top of my head would be datura (I was aware of the hallucinogenic varieties and thought it was amusing), fairy duster (patterned portions, which worked out amazing), trumpet creeper, columbine, random vines, leaves and so on.
    I’ve received many comments that it works well as anatomy(?).
    For me, I tried to fuse lightly Asian art themes, tattoo art and some kind of abstract metaphorical botanical guide (flowers are represented upside down, out of scale and take pattern form. The piece worked out superbly regarding layout, dimensional layering utilizing grey scale, graphically and conceptually.

    I am pleased with all the generous feedback and thanks to Shannon for finding my ‘vegweb’ profile… ha. How’d you come across that? I am working on my IAM page fyi. More to come, promise. Im dont ranting and tired.

  14. “Once upon a time a long, long time ago, a boy called A’neglakya and his sister A’neglakyatsi-tsa lived deep within the Earth. As often as they could they came up to the surface to go on long walks, exploring the land, watching and listening carefully to all and everything they encountered on their journeys. Upon their return they told their mother about everything they had seen. However, one day the twin-sons of the Sun-god grew suspicious of them and they wondered what they should do about the inquisitive pair. Soon after, A’neglakya and his sister were once again on one of their walkabouts, when they came upon the sons of the Sun-god. Casually the twins inquired about their well-being: “We are very happy” was the reply, and A’neglakya told the twins how he and his sister could make people fall asleep and have visionary dreams or let them ‘see’ the whereabouts of lost objects. Upon hearing this the twins decided that the two definitely knew too much and that they should put an end to A’neglakya’s and A’neglakyatsi-tsa’s doings. That day the sons of the Sun-god let the brother and sister disappear into the Earth forever. But lo and behold, two beautiful flowers emerged from the ground in just the same spot where the two had vanished. They were the same flowers that the brother and sister had laid on the heads of the people to give them visions. In their memory the Gods called the flower A’neglakya and their children spread far across the Earth – bringing visions to many people.”

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