Sin-dustrial Piercing

I’m a little worried about the bottom hole in this S-shaped 12ga industrial, but in general I very much like the placement. It was done by Savannah Walker at Freaky’s Tattoo and Body Piercing in Glendale, Colorado. Whenever I interview piercers, almost every one says that their favorite piercings to do are “ear projects”… After the break are a couple more nice (but not over-the-top) industrials, these ones by the aptly-named Gauge at Golden Eagle Tattoo in Santa Barbara, California.




52 thoughts on “Sin-dustrial Piercing

  1. Large gauge CBR’S look SO good in lobes. i know the pics are for the other things but in pic. 1 that lobe looks so cool with the bigger gauge….

  2. Wow, those are all really pretty… I like the first one a lot, very interesting…I think the third one is my favorite though, I like the backwards question mark shape of the bar.
    How DO they get the jewelry in…? is it in two pieces maybe and it screws together? Especially in #2…

  3. These are so pretty! It makes me sad that I probably couldn’t get anything like this, as the only type of jewelry I can wear is titanium, which can’t really be bent without great difficulty
    (I am one of the approximately 1 in 4 million people who are allergic to *all* forms of steel, including surgical grade steel)

  4. I really love that “S”.
    They’re all very nifty. They’re sort of like these three-D puzzles in where you’ll have to remove a knot from a rope and it seems impossible.

  5. im with the others how do they get the jewelry in?
    thoes look awesome, i want more metal now…

  6. I like this style of industrial enough to consider having my own ears pierced with a sin-dustrial because I like uncommon and exceedingly rare piercings.

  7. ive been trying to think of a cool way to do an industrial, and this deffinatley gave me a direction and something to base an idea from, i had a similar idea to the second one already, but i didnt like it, but i love the way that was done. and i see how that could be removed, but im lost about the other two, no way to get them out easily, bu ti see how it could be done

  8. they all look great and i agree with SpeedoApe #2 about the large CBR’s (i have a cool pic on my IAM page with large CBB’s in my ears)….i’d have to say the third pic is my favorite.

  9. I am totally in love with the 2nd & 3rd ones. These make mine regular industrial look so lame. Like everyone else I wonder how they get these in & out. I can’t even get regular industrial barbells with the loops in the middle into mine. Nor can I do the zig zag ones.

  10. I am totally in love with the 2nd & 3rd ones. These make my regular industrial look so lame. Like everyone else I wonder how they get these in & out. I can’t even get regular industrial barbells with the loops in the middle into mine. Nor can I do the zig zag ones.

  11. I bet they just have to twist them in, The ear is pretty flexible I dont think it would be that hard to do. Very cool though!

  12. #8 me too. I can’t even wear the surgical grade steel Medicalert bracelets. I start getting a huge, burny, stingy rash on my arm from it.

  13. neat projects 🙂
    ear piercings is not really my thing, but these are original, and yeah i also like the 2nd one more.

  14. that S looks cool at first glance….but that’s totally a rejection waiting to happen. not to mention the likelihood of something catching on the ball ends, the top one in particular.
    goes in the “looks cool, bad idea” bin.

  15. # 24 – Actually I think the 3rd one falls into that camp more…I can imagine that curve at the top catching on things very easily indeed.

  16. I custom bend all those bars myself with brass lined pliers out of a straight barbell and then I polish it. The insertion is quite easy but I make them heal their piercings for at least 1 year before insertion of the custom jewelry and then we keep an eye on it for a few weeks after to see if any adjustments are needed which I haven’t needed yet.

  17. The bottom part of the first one looks as if it could rip out easy, But I really love the second one. The third one reminds me of a question mark!

  18. on the first one, the hypertrophic scarring (i think that’s what it’s called) kind of stands out to me, but all in all, very beautiful work 🙂

  19. definitely agree that the first one worries me about, mostly in the tragus section…However I’m worried the angles aren’t precise, due to the distortion of the tissue(possible scarring on every single path of the piercing)

    the other two though rather nicely done

  20. those are all awsome! i am kinda curious how they would come out though. . . oh well they look great

  21. the “s” shaped is a cool cocept but it look like crap and will soon , rejection looks like it’s on the way and some hypo-.
    the others are absolutly wonderful though

  22. P.S. i know this is probably a slightly ignorant question but how/where would you get the jewelry for the second one…would you have to get a piercer to like special order one for you and measure you? i really like it and would love to get it.

  23. I’d love to get someting like that done. But where, oh, where do I find bars like those!?!

  24. very, very cool. i actually really like industrials so this is interesting to see, thanks shannon!

  25. It’s actually not too difficult to get in… little uncomfortable for the piercee, maybe, but not hard. When my piercer did mine (4 point helix to rook to daith to conch), he just kinda…. wiggled it in I guess. I wasn’t necessarily paying too much attention as I was focused on pain control. That shit hurts!

  26. #8 I don’t know what is available in that metal but in principle Niobium is ductile and if you find a long enough bar to start from you should be able to have it custom fold to any shape you like.

  27. im kinda worried about the first one, the piercing looks liek its barely beign held in at the bottom

  28. check this link out. SOMEBODY ripped off SOMEBODY’S work. i dont know if savannah took gauge’s work, or vice versa, but the industrial – rook piercing and the industrial- spiral piercings are the EXACT SAME PICTURES.

  29. I did the top piercing! And yes the bottom piercing DID grow out! Unfortunatly I lost contact with my friend who I did this on and have not had the chance to fix it yet but hey it’s the first ear project I ever did so please don’t judge too harshly =)
    Thanx for all the compliments!

  30. Where would I be able to get an industrial bar with the spiral helix like in the second picture?

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