White Etching

You may have seen this shot on the cover, but I liked this work (from Dayaks in Mexico City) so much that I wanted to feature it here as well — the blackwork with what I assume is whitework on top just looks amazing (although I may be mistaken and it could be cutting over blackwork).


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38 thoughts on “White Etching

  1. Hell yeah, Combichrist. \m/.

    I really like the look of designs done over blackwork tattoos… makes the design really pop out at you. Classy. :)

  2. Fucking Combichrist kicks ass. I like the white over the heavy black work, looks really good.

  3. i love blackwork like this! its exactly how im planning on having my arms :) as for combichrist yes they rock!

  4. Actually I always assumed that this kind of massive blackwork can be done relatively fast, just because it is so indiscriminate. Just fire up the machine and go. Detailed sleeves seem to take much more planning, careful shading and so on.

    The white looks nice! A question to tattoo experts: why does the white turn up under all that black, whereas on dark-skinned people the chances of it staying vibrant are quite slim?

  5. Bob, I think it has to do with the actual skin over the tattoo that contains the melanin, while the tattoo is under it. I may be completele off though.

  6. That’s really beautiful. I love white tattoos or scarification on blackwork. And I like his nose.

  7. ok, i have some old 1989-90 black wotk that im not to fond of now. would heavy blackwork like this fellas cover it, then can you tattoo white on top of it? or is it white and then tattoo black around it?

  8. you can generally black anything BUT white out succesfully though it may take a coupla hits,i had a few black tattoos one with a white line in it an i blacked my arm out practically knuckle to shoulder,no problem other than the pesky white line which is still vaguely there

  9. I really like the idea of large areas of black.

    In this picture it looks a little splotchy. Is that just a trick of the light, or is that something you just have to deal with due to the skin being different in different places?

  10. probably just needs rehitting in a few spots,havin said that i like the uneveness of the black it makes it look worn though on my own arm it pisses me off,go figure

  11. Those arms looks really cool, but I bet they look a bit out of place when he’s topless :D . CC are ok, but there’s much better industrial/EBM bands out there (in my opinion).

  12. #10 poem – Actually seeing this this guy the first thing I thought of was Lucky Diamond Rich.

    Well, not quite. That was the second thing. The first thing I thought was “huh? What white work? He just has one tattoo on the neck yeah?” because I thought it was an actual SHIRT!

  13. If the blackwork really IS splotchy and not a trick of light…I LIKE it! It looks like when you sponge paint with lighter and darker areas.

  14. kinda reminds me of the artwork that was in the X MEN movie X2 on the character Nightcrawler..he was a black skinned character with scarification that looked almost white in detail…
    looks very very nice though how it turned out

  15. Without emotions, I have to tell you that these sorts of things… well… This shit will fuck you up.

    You might think me a lying sack of shit, but just realise that everybody hates you.

    Happy Fucking Birthday

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