Do Webbed Toes Always Get Pierced?

Speaking of Gauge at Golden Eagle Tattoo in Santa Barbara, they also sent in these shots of a webbed toe piercing. It’s really quite remarkable to me just how many have been posted. With these being common, I wonder why I’ve only seen one semi-permanent behind-the-knuckle hand piercing (ie. a “crucifixion” piercing that travels from the palm to the back of the hand, through the sweet spot right behind the knuckle), done about fifteen years ago by Mark Pantalone if I remember right (does anyone have the issue of, I think, In The Flesh magazine that featured it?)…


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22 thoughts on “Do Webbed Toes Always Get Pierced?

  1. I wish I had webbed toes just so I could get one of these… I love the look of them! May have to settle for a dermal anchor on my foot I guess :P
    Maybe there aren’t as many of the piercing through the hand because that’s a lot more tissue there than a webbed toe, I would imagine…that and feeling around my own hand, my ‘sweet spot’ isn’t very big. Seems like it would be a pain in the ass procedure for all parties involved… I’d like to see a picture of one though, is sounds cool.

  2. I feel sorta bad, I have webbed toes, but I’d imagine that this wouldn’t be very comfortable. I wish I could give someone who wants this done my toes!

    Actually, I enjoy the way they look, but do they get infected easily? Are the bothersome? I run around barefoot a lot so I don’t know if it’d be too safe no?

  3. *wants webbed toes so she can have pwettee piercing*
    I think that if it’s pierced with the right jewelry n in the right spot, it nests in a sort hollow on both sides without much sticking out…you wouldn’t feel it too much, then?

    Shannon or anyone, I’d also looooove to see that/a picture of that sort of permanent crucifixion piercing.

  4. The girl who did this has had it for about 4 months now and it’s healing great. Obviously for bacteria purposes she never goes to the beach or even wears sandals but that was all part of the consultation in figuring out if it was going to be a play piercing or if we were going to try and heal it. Ill send in a picture once it’s healed . . .

  5. This makes me proud of my webbed toes! I run around barefoot too much to get this done (and mine aren’t as impressively webbed as this persons, so there might not be enough flesh anyway). I love mods that enhance unique body traits.

    By the way, MR.C, stfu! Our toes just connect a couple joints down from yours, why is it gross? I’d expect a more mature reaction to unusual body configurations in a community whose whole purpose is to make your body unusual.

  6. Webbed toes are alot like ear lobes- there is very little vasculature, no muscles, tendons, or ligaments, and very few nerves. Despite the location, it’s a very straightforward spot to pierce, and is easy to do DIY.
    The palm of the hand has a lot of vasculature, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and a lot of nerves. I would imagine that that, along with the amount of bacteria the average hand comes into contact with daily, would make a palm piercing very difficult to heal and less common.

  7. I think webbed toes are sexy as hell. Perhaps it’s my joy of water?
    Honeslty, I have no idea but I love the shots of the web piercings.

  8. I have webbed toes! I just don’t think they are webbed enough to pierce. I’ve always wondered though, wouldn’t socks and shoes irritate it?

  9. Had my toe pierced in brighton 6 weeks ago and its healing nicely. People really motice my webbed toes now. I love it

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