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  1. awesome. in the fourth photo down there is someone in the mirror who looks really cheerful about what is happening!

  2. Haha, that person in the fourth pic is my little brother. He wanted to be the one that cut my earlobe off, but I wouldn’t let him. I’ll be sure to post healing pics. I’m taking a few every couple of days.

  3. oh my gosh, the amount of blood makes me feel slightly dizzy. it’s amazing he could perform that on himself. does he have both lobes stretched, and at what size is he?

    also, is any one else slightly concerned that they appear to be just ordinary scissors/he’s not wearing gloves?

  4. Uh, I just tried posting a comment, but it dissappeared.

    Um, anyways. The person in the fourth picture is my little brother. He wanted to chop of my earlobe, but I wouldn’t let him.

    I take a new picture of it healing up every few days, so I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated.

  5. ouch!.
    i shrunk down my lobes from a 5/8″ to about a 2g. mostly because my ears hated me when they were bigger. they were always always dry and cracked and peeling no matter what i did to them.

  6. Daniella – When you’re doing home procedures on yourself, there are cleanliness issues, but you’re not facing cross-contamination or major foreign bacteria like in a studio setting. Personally it doesn’t concern me.

  7. Wouldent be my first method of removal; im at one inch i guess id just do the old “splinter” technique. Friends have done it worked fine.

  8. Eeh that 4th pic goes straight through me.

    I love the last one, and his chest piece though.

  9. the scissor pictures made me go, “uhh nuhhhhh.” out loud and shudder. they aren’t even medical scissors. they’re craft scissors. ow ow ow ow ow.

  10. What keeps me from being squicked out about the pics is the fact he’s smiling and shit. It looks like he’s having a gross ol fun time haha!

  11. Shannon- I never thought about it like that. I suppose, but the prospect of doing such a procedure with scissors (surely they’d be blunt? D:) scares me.

  12. Wow,he’s got balls,most the blood seems to come from the second snip,he looks dead chuffed,i suppose having no lobes is a mod in itself…
    as for the scissors ppl are moaning about,the seem shiny clean,i really like the bloody reflection on the 4th pic 🙂

  13. i, for one, would rather cut off my own earlobe with scissors rather than a scalpel – it seems like it would require less effort and control? maybe i’m wrong, which is fine because i don’t plan of cutting off my own earlobe any time soon.

    i remember in an art history class we watched a clip from a van gogh movie where he slices off half his ear – which was fine and dandy until he licks the blade! at least this kid is smiling and licking nothing 🙂

  14. Why not get a scalpel? They are very cheap and are easily accessible. Hell my biology course in University gives a new blade to us every week for our labs and they are guaranteed sterile until removed from package. Scissors just seem too blunt to be a good cutting tool. Even though you made a good point about major bacterial being in the vicinity of a studio, there is still the chance there could be some household bacteria on those scissors that have in all likely hood been in the person’s house for awhile. Which CAN be considered harmful and dangerous.

    It just seems silly to use scissors to me :/.

  15. Well, so far I’ve got no creepy crawlies living inside of my ear. I’m keeping it really clean too, with a sea salt soak, before I go to bed to get rid of any nasties that might be living in my ear, and with some anti-bacterial soap while in the shower.

  16. am i the only one who thinks the last one of him and his sexy tattoo with all that blood running down his chest is hot?

  17. It makes my ears hurt just looking at it. Damn.
    Well, as long as he’s happy!
    Looking forward to seeing healed pics though.

  18. Id also like to know the “splinter method”. I need to close my ears down to a more professionally acceptable size (im in school for Radiation Therapy and I need to do all I can to keep patients comfortable and trust me)

  19. When someone told you to grow a pair, I guess you grew a whole bunch!

    Kudos… I really want to try this now (and that’s not sarcasm.)

  20. I doesn’t seem it would look to good healed, being hacked off like that. but I may be wrong.

  21. fire penguin!! im so glad you’ve been modblogged. but really… scissors? c’mon. scissors. tsk tsk.

  22. Speaking from personal experience, a DIY usually is done with whatever tools are on hand. Sometimes pain is half the fun? I give major kudos, though. Like others have said, it takes balls.

  23. Between scissors and scalpel, surely there’s “X-acto knife”? Certainly enough people I know (myself included) have done unintentional self-injury with those…

    But yes, this had me cringing a bit. Hopefully they were at least nice sharp quality sewing scissors. Friend of mine cut the end of a finger off with those, not a whole joint but enough to look funny long term. Snip!

  24. Why is it that so many people lately are removing their lobes?!

    Not that people shouldn’t if they wish, of course, but I’m curious.

  25. Wow, this is funny to me because yesterday my husband made a joke about how if someone got tired of their lobes, they could just snip them off with scissors! I don’t think I could inflict that kind of pain on myself.

  26. I find the photos to be very sexy. Just wondering what the lobe will look like afterwards though.

    Also, I noticed that the outer edge seemed to not bleed much, whereas the inner one gushes. Interesting.

  27. the removed lobes actually look really cool, is there any history of that as a chosen mod?

  28. @ Pen Di’Panda: are you worried about once its healed and not having a “normal” looking ear lobe? my cousin had the bottom of one of his ear lobes bit off by a large dog and i think it looks a bit like yours will do LOL.
    Love your chest tattoo BTW looks amazing.

  29. Wow I would have bled so much more than this. I love it when people get all “omg health issues” over diy stuff, seriously, you’ve never done anything stupid in your bathroom with sharp objects before?

  30. Well, I went and looked at these pictures again today and have come to a conclusion. He is still absolutely gorgeous with and without the ear lobe. Just less for anyone lucky enough to nibble on.

  31. Wow, I would not have the self-control for that! Seems like scissors like that would be a lot more painful than a sharper blade would be, but he looks pretty happy!

    And, btw, the second picture and the last picture are totally hot.

  32. good god, that’s pretty amazing considering that the earlobe is really heavy on nerves, especially in dudes. my question, did he box up the cut-off earlobe and give it to a prositute named rachel, or paint an impressionistic portrait of himself with a bandaged head?

  33. id love to have seen him keep that piece hanging and pierce a nice ladder all the way up it with tiny barbells:) haha you could swivel your head and have tiny propellers twirl around

  34. I would definitely use sissors, even they aren’t sharper. The difficulty of cutting it with a scalpel on yourself would be quite high I’d think (I have enough trouble just putting a bar in a hole in my ears!) I am sort of a bit squicked out by this though…think its the pic where I can actually see it being done!

  35. I love the cheeky grin and thumbs up! I’d have thought a scalpel would have been a cleaner and less painful cut.

  36. @59. I’m totally not worried about what it’ll look like. I’ve already done this once before to my right ear, I just neglected to get any pictures taken of it that particular time.

    I think it looks totally ok.

  37. Damn I know when I had my lobes scalped from 5/8″-1″ it felt like my ears were being ripped from my head and I arced my body up from the table I was laying on in agony, and that was done with a sharp scalpel.

    I can’t even imagine how that would feel with a pair of scissors!

    I wonder if he used an anesthetic?.?.

  38. Shannon… someone… anyone… what the heck is the “Splinter” technique??? never heard of it…

  39. Like OMG, the viscosity on blood is way off.

    Kidding aside, quite a gutsy DIY. Hope it turns out well.

  40. Ouch!And with scissors!
    Fucking cool pics tho.
    You pretty much did what my mother has been threatening to do for years =P

  41. when i’m done with my earlobes, they’re going this exact same way. maybe an exacto knife instead, but i’m doing them. i don’t understand the cleanliness problem, i’m sure he knows what his body is capable of stopping.

  42. oh maaaaaan that last pic…your neck looks so beautiful and long and the blood just completes it 😮

  43. While I love the blood on this, I’m feeling some serious sympathy pains in my ears. Gotta know… how’d it feel?

    cardboardfrog – I’ve seen earlobe removal not related to stretched ears before. Typically those wanting the animal type ear. Lobe-free and pointed.

  44. #31 lindsey, I agree. And then I felt wrong for just looking and thinking “mmmmmm hot” and not actually looking at the other photos properly.

  45. At first I thought he was doing it for shits and giggles, but I see in one of the pics where he’s got one side cut and the other part still attached to his ear, there’s a bit of lobe death going on. Like how it’s funky looking in the middle? It would have to be done sooner or later I think. As for the DIY, if you can take it man, props to you!

  46. that was kinda dumb… he could get an serious infection by doing that, not to mention the scar that will appear with time. a plastic surgeon is very handy when u want to fix that… oh well, fuck it. its no my ear.

  47. What’s the spilinter technique?

    I think the ear looked awesome without the lobe!
    Makes me want to do that myself in a couple of years, and make the top(cartilage) really pointy, like an elf 😀

  48. Why the hell did I click on this?!

    The stupid shit people do is just unbelievable.

  49. Yeah I did this yesterday with a fresh pair of hair cutting scissors…it works as long as you hold some gauze over the wound till it stops bleeding and then cauterize the open wound. It really sucks with no pain relief meds…but looks much better than a huge floppy torn earlobe 🙂

  50. as long as you sanitize everything and cauterize the wound after you snip it and let it stop bleeding(it’ll take about 40 minutes to an hour) there is no chance for infection…unless you’re a jackass that can’t leave the messed up ear alone until its healed

  51. Oh. My. God. Isn’t this really dangerous? Dangerous and painful? Why did he cut off his earlobes? What’s he going to do with no earlobes? I’d really love to see what they look now and how they’ve healed! He looks like he is enjoying the pain a tad to much in the second pic..not going to lie, even with no earlobes this guy is so hot!

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