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  1. I’m fairly hopeful that if your trying DIY surface piercing your gonna understand the slightly elevated risk of that happening

  2. i just dont understand why people fight to keep the surface piercing when they body doesent want it.

  3. DeadyPoison- I think it does matter whether you get them done professionally or DIY, all of yours might have been rejected but there is a lower chance of rejection if you get it done by a professional than if you just do it by yourself.
    I firmly believe that all piercings or anything should be done by a professional it makes things so much easier

  4. acid- some people prefer the diy method for the experince…
    for me doing it myself is much much more rewarding..

  5. I agree with Acid. but I don’t see the reason to keep that piercing. I would have got rid of it a long time ago if it start looking like that. but well thats me..

  6. wouldn’t it be worse to just remove it and have the risk of healing some infection or some other nastiness inside of the skin? i mean that looks to be on an arm so i’m sure if this person took it out they could clean it pretty easly, but still. it’s not the same as getting a scratch and not putting a bandaid on it.

  7. A friend of mine had a surface project n a star form, knowing it would probably reject and planned for this as she wanted the scars that it left so she left them in for longer than people would say was healthy to achieve this. She was very pleased with the results. It didnt come out a perfect star (well, one side of) but it was what she expected and wanted. It depends on your reasons.

  8. @ Acid: mine were all professional and rejected within 3 months. surface bars were used on all but one.

    and as isaac said, some people do it for the experience, most of mine are DIY, and ive had very few problems.

  9. #3 Meg – Exactly my question (unless I suppose the scar is the point).

    I mean, it doesn’t look good with the bar stuck out showing, and even if it healed it’d be really shallow like that, yeah? I suppose then he could get a shorter bar, but… color me confused.

  10. That is really horrid!!Surface piercings really should be done by a professional. Next time, try microdermals.

  11. Here’s my curiosity. Is DIY advisable if you’re a piercer AND you have experience doing punch and taper? Just curious since it seems that most comments on modblog here think of DIY as purely amateur.

  12. Where abouts is it?? It looked like a hairy man nipple at first glance but I presue it’s a hairy man arm? Or chest maybe?

  13. Oh these photos make me really uncomfortable. I’ve had all my surface piercings go wrong and they were all removed before it ever got bad, except one that got infected and just blew up on me.

  14. I did a DIY surface piercing, and it’s healed and looks healthy, when my body had troubles healing lobe piercings.
    I think it really depends on the person of how well someone can heal surface piercings.
    However, i would take mine out waaayy before it looked this bad :/

  15. Um…duh. I can’t comprehend how people could look at that and not realise a LONG time ago that something was going wrong.

  16. I am completely disgusted by the hair but that’s an OCD thing.

    Anyway, I think it’s the method rather than the fact it’s a DIY.

  17. Deadly Poison, before you said that you did DIY and professional and they all rejected now you said your DIY are fine, which is it?
    If i am not understanding something im sorry, English is not my first language >.<

  18. Acid;

    You’re right, that’s what he said. He was being contradictory, and it didn’t make sense.

  19. I don’t think its that crazy.

    Yeah its sorta gross that that ptfe/somewhat flexible material was used, but sometimes people keep piercings that are rejecting cos they like the scars they leave or because they CAN.

  20. it’s soooo hard to understand how in the day and age of MASS information and education just a few clicks away that people still do this sort of shit.

  21. IMHO the problem with this person isn’t that they did it themselves – as pointed out DIY piercing *can* be rewarding and have good results, and even if the results aren’t what were desired it’s still a learning experience. The problem is that they let it go this long without waking up and saying “okay, this isn’t working.”

  22. So far my DIY nipple has been going along fine since December 16th. I had the other one done professionally December 17th. They are both healing fine, TYVM.

  23. Skod: Most piercers that I know of, often do indeed DIY piercings. Hell the last piercing I got was my 4ga PA that I self-did…

    The main problem I have with DIY mods is that quite often they are done in a not so quite aseptic technique nor are properly sterilized tools, jewelry,etc are utilized…Nor is the body properly prepped accordinly,etc…Just procedural techniques are lacking severely…Not saying that’s ALWAYS the case but quite often it is.

    This means when DIY procedures always come with a variety of risks…

    This is why when it comes to DIY interested people, I’d rather them come to me and bring up the concept in person…Now this might be a liability for some shops…But I don’t really see a problem with helping/aiding someone doing a DIY piercing…The costs of the procedure and jewelry will still need to be paid but if they want the feeling of self-piercing, they can definitely do so if they wish…With me there providing insight, help should they require it.

    The only problem with that is the DIY’ers mostly are doing it themselves cuz they think they’re “saving a buck or two”…At least when its all boiled down that’s the answer I get from more DIY’ers…They couldn’t afford to go to get it done properly,etc so they just did it themselves.

    To me that’s stupid you either should do it properly or not at all…That means either have a professional do it, or do it properly…Which usually means going to a shop and doing it with a professional aiding/guiding you.

    Also in regards to the picture I might be wrong, but I’m not seeing much of a “rejection line” of scar tissue…Which to me means the DIY’er pierced it too shallow/incorrectly and it was virtually that shallow to begin with…Looks like they’re either using something like Bactine or other BZK enrinched aftercare or was using a very Hypertonic solution(too much salt) as it looks very dry and flakey…But that’s just speculation, maybe I’m wrong. *shrugs*

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